Serena Williams: Enjoy Her While You Can.

By Shawn Buck   (@buck4peace)


Oftentimes an athletes’ greatness isn’t fully appreciated until after they have retired.  Looking back and realizing what they accomplished, we see what we missed out on.  Serena Williams falls in this category.   With UFC 200 and the buzz of the Kevin Durants’ decision to join the Golden State Warriors,  Williams’ win on Saturday was taken for granted to some degree.


Williams at 34 years old, captured her eighth Wimbledon singles championship and 22nd Grand Slam singles title.  She is two major titles away from tying the record for most single women’s championships.  At an age where most tennis players start to decline she has consistently won.  When she loses, it’s more news than when she wins.  Her body shape and her show of emotions has often been criticized but her greatness on the tennis court can’t be denied.


Grand Slam tournaments, also known as majors, are the four most important yearly tennis events. These tournaments are where the best in world compete and are good measuring sticks of showing how good a tennis player is. They consist of the Australian Open,  French Open,  Wimbledon and the US Open.   Serena Williams has won six Australian, three French, six US Open and seven Wimbledon singles titles. She also has 14 Grand Slam doubles titles, most recently in Wimbledon this year, playing with her sister Venus Williams.  Serena has won two mixed doubles Grand Slams as well.   


Serena Williams has had a remarkable career.  She deserves to be mentioned in the conversation as one of the greatest athletes ever, male or female.  Chris Evert, another tennis great, was asked if Serena is the greatest female tennis player ever and she said yes. Who are we to argue?   We should appreciate Serena and her game before her run is over.

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