Kirk Cousins: Is he worth what it will take to get him

kirk-cousins-112016-getty-ftr-usjpg_18lb9v64c7nvr1rxwgob83qkmzBy Niner Faithful

Monday at 1pm PST was the deadline for Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins to come to terms on a long-term deal. That deadline has come and gone so he’ll play out the 2017 season under the franchise tag and make $23.9 million doing so.

Now what about next year? Well Washington could use the franchise tag again for the third year in a row, but is Washington going to pay him the $34,478,784 doing so would cost? They could use the transition tag that would only cost $28,732,320. Unlike the exclusive franchise tag Cousins could negotiate with other teams but Washington would have 7 days to match any offer from any team and then could keep him at the term the other team negotiated with Cousins. If they refuse the offer then Kirk Cousins would become a free agent and Washington gets nothing for him (unlike the nonexclusive franchise tag where the team that signs him would have to give up 2 first round picks).

They could trade him either before this season or after, but the problem with that is Washington has no leverage teams know that Washington won’t pay use the franchise tag again so, they can just wait to see if Washington uses the transition tag or if Washington just lets him walk next year. And that brings his trade value down. Both sides have said they are both open to a long-term deal but it has been 3 years and they are still so far apart and Cousins has come out and said he wants to reunite with Kyle Shanahan. But is he worth what it would cost to get him to play in red and gold?

Kirk Cousins is entering his 6th season and has been Washington’s full time starter for the last two seasons posting a 17-14-1 record and a 0-1 record in the playoffs. He’s completed 785 out of 1149 passes (68.3 completion percentage) for 9083 yards, 54 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. Not bad numbers I think Niner fans would take those numbers over what we got the last 2 years.

The story with Kirk Cousins goes beyond the numbers Washington was underperformed the last 2 seasons. Football is a team came but franchise quarterbacks (at least ours) overcome that and find a way to get it done. I’m not saying that he wouldn’t be a welcomed improvement, but if you look at what we would have to pay him (look at Derek Carr’s contract) that’s a lot of money for a quarterback that has only made it to the playoffs once despite having loads of offensive talent on his team.

I’m the type of person that judges a quarterback on when it counts the most and you have the ball in your hands with a chance to win the game do you come through.  He does not he seems to shrink in the big light most of the time. I’d like to see what he does this year with far less talent and the pressure of knowing that he might be show casing for a new team. With all the Niners have to get him. They have given Kyle Shanahan a 6-year contract. They are invested in the long-term future of the team has a lot to do with him. He believes in Kirk Cousins he wants him so like Bill got Joe and Steve you must give Kyle Shanahan he guy.

The Niners are in a good position they have Brain Hoyer under contract for this year and next year plenty of draft picks in next year’s draft and plenty of cap space. They were smart not to give away the farm to get him this year. Not when they can play Hoyer this year draft someone next year and try and get him next year with no draft compensation attached. My guess is the Niners Sign him to a contract next year Washington decides that it’s not worth the headache anymore and let him walk because he has little trade value. Or worse case Washington matches the offer Hoyer is our quarterback one more year and he becomes a Niner in 2019 but I don’t see that happening. I just hope Kyle Shanahan is right. How he’s looked on as a Niners coach will depend on it.

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Tag Or No Tag

The Washington Redskins are faced with a hard decision this offseason. They have ample of cap space because they don’t have any one player taking up a lot of their room except for Josh Norman who will count for almost $18 million against the cap this season. The cap killers are usually the quarterback and the linemen but the Redskins don’t have their quarterback locked up for the long-term.

Last season Kirk Cousins played on the franchise tag after wanting to sign a long-term deal but the team was not convinced that he was the man to lead the team so they wanted him to prove it. He played on the tag and he lead the team to finish 3rd in the NFC East and a winning record for the second seasons. They had a chance to get into the playoffs but in the usual fashion, Kirk Cousins didn’t show up in the big game and threw an interception at the end that sealed the deal of the Redskins going fishing for the summer.

Once again, the franchise tag is available for the team to use on him but it will cost even more money this time. The tag will be $24 million for one year and Kirk Cousins has stated he will sign the franchise tag but he will not sign a long-term deal unless it’s the dollar figure that he wants. This man wants Aaron Rodgers type of money and he is not on Rodgers’ level of play. I love the Redskins but I don’t think they should tag this guy. He has shown he can’t get it done and he reminds me of a watered down Tony Romo.

Kirk Cousins had a bad defense this season and Tony Romo has had a bad defense for years and just over the last few years got an offensive line. Yes he choked in big games and only has two playoff wins but at least he has a playoff win. Kirk Cousins has only been to the playoffs once and they lost bad at home against the packers in 2015 season. This man can’t get it done and its time to move on and grow with someone else.

Written by Melvin Jackson III


Kirk Cousins

This is another embarrassing moment in Redskins history. We have had our chances to make the playoffs thanks to our rival, the Dallas Cowboys beating teams down the stretch that we needed them to beat to keep us in the hint for the playoffs. When it was our turn to continue on beating teams, the only one we could beat was the lousy bears which,is nothing to brag about.

We had the Giants Week 17 and all we had to do was win the game and we were in the post season for the second straight year since the 90s. Well we went out and played like pure trash can juice and we have nobody to blame but ourself. The defense was bad yet again and Kirk Cousins did not live up to all the hype. We were driving down the field late in the 4th and he threw an interception directly into the hands of the Giants. On a lateral pass, Jordan Reed threw a pick six to end the game, which made the lost more embarrassing. Our fans deserve better then this and we deserve to be sitting at home and watching all the other teams in the playoffs.

I am not sure if we should sign Kirk Cousins to a long term deal. I think he is a poor mans Tony Romo and thats being nice. He just doesn’t have that killer instinct when it matters most. He can only kill bad teams and he rolls over a dies for the good teams. We need to fix our defense and draft some good players. I’m starting to believe in all the hype of our GM because we are making the same horrible mistakes and looking like the Skins of old times. We have the 17th pick in the draft and we need to make it count and use our cap space well.

Written by Melvin Jackson III

Kirk Cousins Put Up or Shut Up!

By Brandon Thomas

My how the landscape of the Redskins has changed.  Just over a year ago there seemed to be a divide amongst the Redskins fanbase, there were those who strongly backed the teams Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin lll and then there were those who believed Kirk Cousins, the teams fourth round draft pick, was the right guy for the job. Then there was training camp and preseason and then in a game against the Detroit Lions we saw RGlll take a beating (while only completing two passes) and ultimately leave the game with a concussion. Finally, in comes Kirk Cousins who would lead the team on a scoring drive all while running the offense much more smoothly and efficient. Cousins would follow that up with a strong showing against the Baltimore Ravens, which subsequently led to head coach naming him the starter for the entire 2015-16 season.

The decision was met with mixed emotion. There were some Redskins fans that thought RGlll didn’t get a fair shake, there were others that fully supported the move. Cousins would later get off to a shaky start but would catch fire and break several Redskins passing records along the way. Cousins threw for over 4100 yards to go along with 29 touchdown passes to 11 interceptions for the season.  Cousins was arguably one of the hottest quarterbacks going into the postseason. 

This offseason the Redskins had a big decision to make, yes Kirk Cousins had one of the best statistical quarterbacking seasons in Redskins history, however it was his first full season as a starter and many Redskins fans feel the body of work just isn’t enough to be paid big money like the other elite quarterbacks in the NFL. 

Kirk Cousins can change all of this. He’s now had a full season as a starter, he has the same head coach, the same offensive coordinator, and he has more weapons. The Redskins added what many scouts called the best receiver in the draft in Josh Doctson, he still has the speedy DeSean Jackson to go along with an emerging superstar tight end in Jordan Reed. A follow up season to the one he had last year would ease the minds of a lot of Kirk Cousins naysayers and thankfully, we will find out soon enough.

Redskins Repeat


By Joe Burgess

9-7. Kings of the East? Or product of a washed season?  Either way the Washington Redskins have a lot to prove to the rest of the NFC East. Kirk Cousins showed that he can lead a team that didn’t seem to have faith in their last QB. The addition of Josh Norman is a scary thought considering his ability to shut down some of the league’s top WR’s. Being in a division with the talent that the NFC East has to offer in Beckham and Bryant he will have to show he’s the real deal. Washington’s history of getting in their own way can prove to be fatal in recent years, but this could also be the beginning of an uprising. Scott McCloughan is no fool. He has shown that he would rather build a team with young talent and looks to build off last season.

The loss of a steady workhorse in Morris puts a question mark in the backfield, but teams have shown that with opportunity comes a chance to prove your worth. Thomas Rawls took over in Seattle and is one of the hardest backs to bring down.  A few running backs like Karlos Williams, Dion Lewis, Devonta Freeman, who have shown that with a small opportunity you can shine. Matt Jones, Silas Redd and Chris Thompson are being given this same opportunity.

The division is a whole lot stronger now than what it was a year ago with Romo, Dez and Scandrick healthy and Elliott looking to show his value. Cruz is healthy which means a double threat in NY. Jackson and Garćon can be a great combination if they can stay healthy. And with the sudden surge of Jordan Reed teams will have to answer to the threat that this team brings.

Kirk Cousins has the weapons he needs to solidify his place on this team. The Redskins gave him a prove it to me deal that could backfire in their face or prove to be a genius move. But let’s be real, the guy has been 0-26 against teams with a winning record. The players have his back, but he’s going to have to step his game up to show he’s worth a long term deal. If the Redskins fail to repeat winning the division this year it could put them right back where they have been so many years past. Redskin Fans who are so loyal to this franchise are chomping at the bit to see what their team who they love so much is going to do. “Hail” or “Fail”?

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