15 Hall Of Famers and Counting: Who are going to be the next Niners in the Hall Of Fame?

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Thirteen players(Joe “The Jet” Perry, Y.A. Tittle, Joe Montana, Steven Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Dave Wilcox, Charles Halye, Fred Dean, Hugh “The King” McElhenny, Bob St. Clair, Leo Nomellini and, Jimmy Johnson) one coach(Bill Walsh) and one Owner(Eddie D) are inducted as Niners in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Ten more players(Larry Allen, Richard Dent, Chris Doleman, Kevin Greene, Bob Hayes, Rickey Jackson, John Henry Johnson, Deion Sanders, O.J. Simpson and, Rod Woodson) in the Hall have played at least a year for us. That’s tied for 6th among all NFL teams. The latest being Owner Eddie DeBartolo who went in August 2016. With the Hall Of Fame ceremony happening this Sunday I have decided to go over some Niners that I feel should be in the Hall Of Fame either already or will soon be eligible that should go in when they are.

Terrell Owens: In his prime there was no better receiver in the game than T.O. He used his rare combination of size and speed to torch defenses. He had the power to change the way a defense would play whatever team he was on. You better have your popcorn ready, because at any moment from any spot on the field he could make a play. His Touchdown celebrations either pissed you off or made you love him even more (I was the latter) but no matter what it got you to watch you just had to see what he was going to do. He’s 2nd all-time in career yards with 15,934 8th all-time in receptions with 1078 and 3rd all-time in receiving touchdowns 153. It’s not The Hall Of People Who Were Choirboys it’s The Hall Of Fame  numbers are what get you in and when your number 2 in most Niner record books as far as receiving  you needs to be in The Hall Of Fame.

Patrick Wills: When you think of Niner Linebackers you think of P Wills. He was the most feared hitter in the game in his era. He even hit someone (Brad Smith) so hard they threw up on the field. He was the player that gave the pregame speeches and would get the crowed fired up when he would walk out the tunnel. I could still close my eyes and see the play ageist the yams when he not only ran down a player that looked like he was gone but also punched out the football. In his 7 full seasons he was selected to the Pro Bowl every year and was a First Team All Pro 5 out of 7 years. He led the Niners in tackles the first 4 years of his career and was second every other year and was Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2007. He also stated every game he played in since his rookie year in 2007. He finished his career with 950 tackles 20.5 sacks 16 Forced Fumbles 8 interceptions and 2 touchdowns. All numbers that few players in his era put up. He’ll probably not get in in his first year of eligibility (2020) but should get in one day because he truly was the best linebacker in football in his prime. 

Frank Gore: Frank The Tank whatever you say about #21 will still be an understatement for what he meant to this franchise. He is the Niners all-time leader in rushing yards (1173) 100 yard games (39) most rushing yards in a season (1695) rushing yards in a game (212) 1,000 yard seasons (8) and Second in rushing touchdowns (64) For most of his career HE WAS the Niners offense. Teams would put eight in the box to stop him all the time close all the running lanes and Frank would squeeze through and still make a play (I still think if we would have given the ball to Frank we would have won the super bowl). He is the NFL leading active rusher and with 108 rushing yards he will pass Tony Dorsett for the eighth most rushing yards in NFL history. And with 1,037 yards will pass Curtis Martin for 4th all-time. Whenever Frank deices to hang up his cleats he should be a first ballet fall of famer 5 years later.

Roger Craig: Roger Craig famous for his unique high knee running style changed the position of running back forever. He was the first player in NFL history to have 1,000 yards rushing (1,050) and receiving (1,016) in the same season in 1985. He finished his 11 year career with 8189 yards and 56 touchdowns rushing and 566 catches and 17 touchdowns receiving. He is a 3x Super Bowl Champion (84, 88, 89) 5 x Pro Bowler (85, 87, 88, 89) and was a First Team All Pro in 1988. He was the first player to score 3 touchdowns in a Super Bowl (Super Bowl 19). He was been snubbed the past few years and need to go in.

Bryant Young: In my mind when I think of Niners D linemen I think of “B.Y.” He played 14 years all for the Niners was a 4x Pro Bowler, All Pro (1996), Rookie of the Year in 1994, and a Super Bowl Champion. He was leading the entire NFL at the DT position in sacks with 9.5 prior to his season-ending injury suffered in week 13 of the 1998 season having a metal rod put in his leg. Then year after in 1999 he had 11 sacks winning Comeback Player Of the year. He finished he career with 89.5 sacks 11 forced fumbles 6 fumble recoveries 29 passed defensed and 3 safeties. He ranks 4th all-time in sacks by a DT trailing Trevor Pryce(91), and Hall of Famers John Randle(137.5) and Warren Sapp(96). I think he was snuffed a lot of years for the Pro Bowl. If you look and he overall career and what he meant to the Niners  and his comparable numbers to  Hall Of Famer Warren Sapp he needs to be in the hall.

I know there are many more players that I could have named, but to me these are the ones that should be slam dunks.

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Terrell Owens: Hall of Fame Bound. 


Terrell Owens: Hall of Fame Bound.

Terrell Owens. If you’re a football fan, you either loved or hated the player. Perhaps both, as I did. The flamboyant, sometimes volatile, but dangerously elite wideout was a long and colorful NFL career. Owens was the type of player to obliterate your team’s secondary and dance on your team’s logo with a wide smile under his face mask. Again, you either love him, hated him or both.

Drafted in the 3rd round of the 1996 NFL draft by the 49ers, Owens’ rise to stardom didn’t come until the 1997 NFL season after Jerry Rice went down early in the season with a torn ACL. His first NFL touchdown came on October 20 against the Bengals, and it was off to the races for T.O.

There shouldn’t be any question of whether T.O is Hall of Fame-worthy or not. The controversy might fog it up, but the numbers make it a no-brainer.

We can focus on his meltdowns in San Francisco and Philadelphia. We can talk about him wearing a Michael Irvin throwback jersey while heading to the Eagles’ team plane in 2004, RIGHT after the Eagles suffered a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Or his public bashing of the Eagles’ organization over their failure to acknowledge him eclipsing the 100th TD mark of his career. Or the alleged hydrocodone “overdose” in 2006 while in Dallas, which the Dallas Police Department later determined to be an accidental overdose. And not to mention the numerous… flamboyant… touchdown celebrations that many would consider “disrespectful”. But what (should) overshadow all of this: the numbers. There’s no denying that Terrell was one of the best wide receivers to touch the field. If you have any doubt about my last statement, this is for you:

5 time NFL First Team All-Pro.

3 time NFL receiving touchdown leader.

153 receiving TDs, ranking him 3rd overall in NFL history.

15,934 career receiving yards, ranking him 2nd in NFL history behind Jerry Rice.

Currently, the only player in NFL history to score a touchdown against all 32 NFL teams.

Consecutive seasons with at least 5 or more touchdowns, 2000-2010 (11 touchdowns) tied with Marvin Harrison, Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Tim Brown and Don Hutson.

Nine 1,000 yard receiving seasons, including 5 consecutive.

Third all-time in regular season receiving touchdowns behind Jerry Rice and Randy Moss.

Second all-time in regular season receiving yards behind Jerry Rice.

I can continue, but won’t. Those statistics alone can’t be disputed. Love him, hate him or both, there’s no denying that Terrell ‘T.O’ Owens will be sporting the golden jacket one day in Canton. And we should all agree that it will be well-deserved.
(Written by Micheal Hester)