NFL Weak 11 Powder Rankings: *All around the world same song*

By: Will Stevenson

What an NFL Sunday! Well, I only watch the Redzone Channel, so I don’t know what bad football looks like at the moment. As they say, ignorance is bliss. All in all, there is no way to avoid these bad teams, and as the season wears on, teams and players are falling off one by one. This week I can’t ignore the bad play, even if your team has some W’s in the win column; Bad is Bad! Alright, let’s look at the usual suspects and a few returners in NFL Weak 11 Powder Rankings.

  1. Cleveland (0-10)

The Browns are bad, but they aren’t super terrible. They have had six quarterbacks start this year and there is talk of another regime change. Last Thursday we were able to witness their Powderness. The thing is, it was Thursday Night Football, and I refuse to subject myself to such malarkey.

2. Green Bay Packers (4-5)

Have you seen their defense? I know their secondary has been banged up all season, but that performance against the Titans had me checking the ESPN scroll to see if Ted Thompson was going to let Mike McCarthy go. With the Vikings on a slide themselves, and the Lions being the Lions, the Packers could still win the North. Regardless, they suck right now. P-A-N-I-C.

3. New York Jets (3-7)

Even as I root for the Patriots, I refuse to delight in the misery of other fellow AFC East contenders. It’s tough because Bryce Petty is as bad as Ryan Fitzpatrick, and he’s as bad as Geno Smith, and they’re all as bad as Mark Sanchez and whoever was there previously. The defense is suffering, they are -65 in point differential, and have only won one game at home. They have a bye week coming up, so the y might as well go to Petty.

4. Jaguars (2-7)

Blake Bortles sure does overthrow his receivers on the deep ball. It’s getting worse in Jacksonville as the Jags have not forced a turnover since Week 4; It’s Week 11. Turnovers are a bit of luck, but there is strategy in forcing them, just ask the Chiefs. Another regime change in Jacksonville, I’ll stay tuned to the Espn scroll.

5. Buffalo Bills (4-5)

Remember when the Bills were riding high? Yeh, neither. The season will tell you who’s good and who’s not, and with Rex Ryan at the helm, they surely will suffer. The Bills are +34 in point differential, but have lost three straight games. Looks to be another marginal season for Rex and the Bills.

6. Bears (2-7)

Alshon Jeffrey is gone for four games. Jay Cutler is the quarterback. I don’t know what we expect form a John Fox coached team, we know what it looks like when the ship goes down. The Bears will start anew, again after the season.

7. 49ers (1-8)

Colin Kaepernick looked good yesterday. The 49ers didn’t allow 800 yards of offense, so that is a plus. They’re so bad that this feels like moral victories, even though it seems that nobody will be back for this team next year.

8. Rams (4-5)

I wasn’t going to put the Rams on here, because they won, but they still are a bad team. As long as Jeff Fisher is here, they will be average, and they are. Yes, they beat the Jets, but beating a bad team 9-6 isn’t something that excites me.

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The Buffalo Bills Are Coming in Hot!

Written by Ralph Uriarte
Twitter @

The wait is almost over and football camp is right around the corner. 

Ready or not here come the Buffalo Bills. They’re hungry and after coming so close last season the team can taste the playoffs. This year will be different, this year they have a secret weapon. 

Motivation is the secret recipe the Bills will use to get over the hump this season.  Death brings sadness. Death also makes you look at your own life and accomplishments. Recently the great Buddy Ryan unfortunately passed away. Ryan is father to two coaches on the Bills staff. Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan. The motivation of cementing their family’s legacy will drive them this season. Legacy defines one’s sense of self. The Ryan’s family legacy is not yet complete. The Bills organization has massive shoes to fill with the loss of Buddy and the Ryan twins are ready to fill that void.

Questions still remain whether Shaq Lawson will be ready for the season. Will Sammy Watkins be 100%. These things matter, but in the grand scheme I think Rex will figure it out if it doesn’t go according to plan. Karlos Williams is suspended for four games. That just means LeSean McCoy has to step up and the Bills are searching for a cheap veteran minimum player as an insurance policy. No big deal.

Rex will find a way to win this season. Somehow or some way. The Bills will make it to the playoffs. The Bills will fight for what they believe they deserve.

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Why it’s Playoffs or bust for Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills

Fans are restless in Buffalo New York and it’s time for Rex Ryan and company to deliver or they might be left out in the cold

Written by Ralph Uriarte

Twitter @RUriarteJR

Not long ago amid much fan fare waltzed in head coach Rex Ryan, full of brovado and promises. Buffalo Bills fans were excited and optimistic.

A year later and fans might stop to rethink there initial warm welcome.  Ryan has not coached a team above .500 since 2010. Bills fans watched as Ryan brought his brother Rob Ryan into the Bills organization this off season to assist him in the defensive side of the ball. Rob was fired by the Saints for his inability to get positive results from the defense. 

Will two Ryan’s be better than one? We’ll have to tune in and see.

Rex may have left the circus back in New York, but he needs to prove he can compete. Last seasons 8-8 season was admirable, but fans want playoff wins, fans want divisional titles. Can the Bills win in a division with the New York Jets and New England Patriots? Can Rex build a great defense, yes he can. Can Tyrod Taylor light up the score board? Yes he can.

Rex’s success this season may rest in the hands of his offense led by LeSean McCoy, Taylor and injured Sammy Watkins.

One major blemish on Rex and General Manager Doug Whaley was the selection of Shaq Lawson in this years draft, knowing full well he would need shoulder surgery. Fans were told Shaq could play the season and have surgery next year, but Shaq couldn’t even participate in not contact drills before aggravating the injury and needed surgery this off season. Fans don’t like being lied to. The Bills knew full well how bad the injury was, at least they should have. If they didn’t, they have bigger problems. 

With some lucky charms, horse shoes, fairy dust and unicorn hair Sammy can heal one hundred percent and play an entire season at the top of his game, in that scenario,  Bills have a great chance to pull the division from the clutches of defeat.

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