Welcome to Summer: Where “Stick to Sports” has no place to hide.


By Will Stevenson

Oh Summer, why doth thou forsake thee? If I were into baseball as I once was, then the sports calendar wouldn’t be a bottomless pit full of coach talk hypothetical lists. What I have noticed during the “off-season” is sports fans grasp for anything to talk about, and when the major sports aren’t on television, their true colors come raining down. Opinions, or reactions have used to be marred back in the day before social media. Even if your co-worker told you Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest player of all-time, you may counter with Bill Russell, and then that would be the end of it. Now, that conversation can and will be had around a million times a day, every day. The comment section has become America’s fine dining establishment where anyone can go to be heard. Never mind the fact there are hired commentators for every website and Facebook as well. Nevertheless, we are drawn to any story that can give us substance, and if it doesn’t have any, we will hypothetically make something interesting out of it.

The summer months will now be known for domestic violence allegations, NBA Free Agency, NFL Minicamps, draft stock, front office movement and League posturing for the upcoming seasons. The News Cycle comes and goes so quickly, it is hard to keep up with what is new news, and what is old news. Remember the OJ Simpson coverage? Ezekiel Elliott? The continuous Kyrie and Melo trade rumors. Remember when Phil Jackson left the Knicks? How about the Mayweather/McGregor pre-fight world tour? Lavar Ball? Almost every one of these stories has been covered in the past month or two, or even a few weeks ago, but now they are old news. The current media conversation revolves around Colin Kaepernick, Josh Rosen, NBA trade rumors and the obligatory “Top ‘insert number’ list” for the sports we love.

The ‘off-season’ sports cycle brings about something different inside the sports fan: Real Feelings. Each topic in the above paragraph brings out conversations that most are not comfortable with in an open forum. All you have to do is click on a Colin Kaepernick link to see what America thinks as a whole on the topic. No longer are “X’s and O’s” the end all be all to our sports allegiances. During the season we will all watch the Redzone Channel, pregame shows, follow fantasy leagues and forget all about what Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe were debating because there is now a box score to look at. During the summer months, there is no place for “Stick to Sports” to hide. Honestly, there are other things we could pay attention to, but what fun would that be? I don’t mind a conversation on any of these topics, nor do I mind to read up on the many debates of my fellow Bookers and Tweeters. I have one question: Are we evolving through these topics, or do we just want to be right? I always wonder what the agenda is of a post about Lavar Ball, or a “Kaepernick is not being blackballed” thread. I wonder if people even care what is going on, or is there only goal to ruffle feathers, and are they being paid to do it? From what I have witnessed, more people have equipped themselves with knowledge on these topics, while others continue to say the same old ignorance.

Not only have the commentators been open to the non-sports topics, the media has jumped into the pot as well. No longer do fans have to sit around and wonder if the people they see on camera feel the same way they feel. More and more commentators are freely putting their stamp on their message about topics that go on outside the realms of actual game-play. I enjoy it, even Will Cain. There can’t be a Ray Lewis without a Shannon Sharpe. There can’t be a Will Cain without a Bomani Jones. For my selfish reasons, I want all the opinions to be out there, running rampant as closeted PCers race to find a boring monologue to post in response.

It is weird how the sports world is portrayed against the entertainment world. Many of us are old enough to remember Beavis & Butthead, SouthPark and StickDeath.com, but somehow a player flipping a bat after a homerun, or a player high-stepping into the endzone is cause for uproar. More people are tuning in to politics, but do not want politics near their sports.

Maybe it will never change. Maybe those who post things will never concede to racism in sports, college athletics being a non-competitive industry, or the need to treat athletes as humans like us. Maybe people still believe marijuana should never be used, but Oxycontin is just fine. Who knows. All I know is I love the summer months, because Stick to Sports has no place to hide.

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Knicks Summer ’17: The Longest New York Minute Ever.

carmeloamareBy: Will Stevenson

“The Knicks are Tristan Thompson, and Scott Perry is Khloe Kardashian.”
… “it looks as if Scott Perry is Lane Kiffin’ing his way through the NBA management hierarchy.”

The New York Knicks have been abysmal by every stretch of the imagination for more than a decade. They went from a franchise that was neck and neck with he Chicago Bulls of the 90s, to a team that has done nothing but suffer through coaches, players and upper management since their loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the finals of the ’99 lockout season. The New York Franchise has been waiting for that one star, or stars to save them from their demise on the court, and have been searching for the right front office moves to rescue them from the incompetence of their owner, Jim Dolan. For the fanbase of the Knicks, they have been conditioned to look towards the future, and once that future arrives, they again condition themselves to look towards the future again.

So here we are, the Summer of ’17, and the Knicks have done it again. After another season of consistent disappointment and landing in the lottery, the Knicks had a golden, well golden’ish opportunity to actually get it right. Spoiler Alert: They didn’t.

  1. Get rid of Phil Jackson as soon as the season ended
  2. Trade Melo
  3. Don’t shell out money for Derrick Rose
  4. Trade up in the lottery, or draft a future point guard
  5. Do not sign any free agents that will clog up salary cap space
  6. Look for a veteran point guard on the free agent market
  7. Do not move any future first round picks
  8. Re-establish front office mindset towards building the future

Get rid of Phil Jackson:

The Knicks did part ways with Phil Jackson, but they waited until Phil had his turn in taking down the Knicks one last time. Not only did he devalue Carmelo once again, he put Kristaps Porzingis on the trade block right before the draft. He allegedly fell asleep during draft workouts, and continued to drill the notion of the Triangle as the offense for the upcoming season. The Knicks did part ways with Phil Jackson, but not before he was able to draft Ntilikina as an 18 year project instead of Dennis Smith Jr who has caught the eye of every GM during Summer League. The Knicks did part ways with Phil Jackson, but not before he was able to opt in for the final two years of his deal. Just a reminder: The Knicks did part ways with Phil Jackson.

Trade Melo

Melo is older, less explosive and still the focal point of the Knicks offense. Some want him to go, while others want him to stay. The Knicks brass has been trying to get rid of Melo for almost three years now, but nothing has come to fruition. You may notice Anthony has a NTC (no trade clause), given to him during his extension he signed. So, the Knicks decided to resign him, knowing he was aging, give him a NTC while knowing they wanted to get rid of him: Got it. The rumor mill has had Melo going to the Rockets for about a week now, but nobody wants Ryan Anderson. This is very similar to nobody wanting Kevin Love around draft night: See something similar here? None of these teams want an aging stretch-four that cannot guard his position, or any other positions to say the least. As of now it is Saturday, July 15th, and the Knicks have pulled back on their fervor to trade Melo. Go Knicks.

Don’t Shell Out Money For Derrick Rose

They didn’t, but they have done some Knickery in Free Agency.

Trade up in the lottery, or draft a future point guard

The Knicks could have traded up, but that would have cost them Prozingis or Hernangomez, to big men that have blossomed last season. The draft went as expected, but there were players on the board that seemed to give the Knicks a more immediate boost than Frank Ntilikina, notably Dennis Smith Jr. Look, we booed Phil when he drafted Porzingis, and even though he lucked into that decision, it has turned for the better. Maybe, just maybe this draft choice will be the same, in the future.

Do not sign any free agents that will clog up salary cap space

They almost made it, almost. We watched the Kings shell out money for veterans, the Knicks held tight. We watched the Nuggets and Clippers make sign and trades for 28 and over players, the Knicks held tight. We watched the Nets sign restricted free agents so other teams would bite, the Knicks held tight. We watched the Miami Heat resign their own free agents to multi-year deals, the Knicks held tight. Even as the Knicks did not have a President of Operations during Free Agency, nor could they wash their front office for David Griffin to bring in his own guys, the Knicks the did not do any Knickery as they did last offseason. The Knicks signed Tim Hardaway Jr. to a 4yr 71 million offer sheet. A player they once drafted, then traded, then traded the guy they traded for him. That’s right, Knickery. They didn’t shell out money for Derrick Rose, they didn’t give long-term deals to JJ Reddick, Shabazz Muhammed, Gallinari, or make another Noah deal. The Knicks were doing it right for a week at the least. As usual, it did not last long. The Hawks did not match, of course, and now the Knicks are back to Knickery, again.

Look for a veteran point guard on the free agent market

They didn’t. They resigned Ron Baker.

Do not move any future first round picks

They haven’t, yet. There is still time with this possible Melo trade, or if they want to get rid of the Noah contract, or the Courtney Lee contract.

Re-establish front office mindset towards building the future

The Knicks are Tristan Thompson, and Scott Perry is Khloe Kardashian. Not only was Scott Perry part of the Sacramento Kings, he was only there for a few months. He was with the Orlando Magic before he joined the Kings. Perry goes from the Magic, a lottery team in disarray, to the Kings, a lottery team in disarray, to the Knicks, a lottery team in disarray. We already know the things that you can’t turn into a housewife, and it looks as if Scott Perry is Lane Kiffin’ing his way through the NBA management hierarchy. Now that Perry has arrived, the Melo trade talks have been put on pause, but that’s because Perry has a great track record of getting deals done. For the culture, Perry will report to Steve Mills who is in charge of the Tim Hardaway Jr. signing, so don’t anything to change.

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Niners training camp competitions: Iron sharpens iron


By Niner Faithful


Competition it’s a word being thrown around Niners headquarters these days. Both Head coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch have said there is competition at every spot on the roster no one is going to be handed anything. So, as we get ready for training camp later this month I thought I would break down some of the key position battles that I think are worth keeping an eye on in training camp.

Tight End: Probably one of the spots that has the most Competition is tight end. The Niners went out and sign veteran Logan Paulsen drafted Gorge Kettle signed undrafted free agent Cole Hikutini and still have Blake Bell, Garrett Celek and Vance McDonald from last year’s team. Gorge Kittle has been a name that has been getting a lot of attention in the Niners OTAs and different minicamps. He was singled out both by GM John Lynch and Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and some point this offseason. John Lynch saying on an interview on KNBR last week that the rookie “really flashed” and that he “catches the ball extremely well.” (I believe that was a shot at Vance McDonald) and said he could possibility be a “play maker near the red zone” something that the team didn’t have till he was drafted. It’s hard for this position to get worse so I expect improvement from last year in my opinion.

Defensive Line: Pass rush was a big problem for the Niners last year they tied for 19th in the league with 33 sacks. The Niners have spent the last three drafts on the D-Line they drafted Solomon Thomas with the 3rdoverall pick this year to go along with Deforest Buckner (7th overall last year), and Arik Armstead (17th overall in 2015). Returning from last year’s team are Aaron Lynch, Ronald Blair, Tank Carradine, Quinton Dial, and Chris Jones.  We signed Earl Mitchell, Elvis Dumervil, and Noble Nwachukwu in free agency while drafting D.J. Jones, and Pita Taumoepenu to go along with Thomas. They say that the biggest jump a player makes is from year one to year two so, with Buckner entering his second year and Armstead basically playing his second year I expect the picks we have spent on the D-Line to start paying off. Add that to the fact that it’s a contract year for Lynch and Carradine. We have a staff that understands 1008 snaps for Buckner is too much and Dumervil has a lot to prove after a subpar year last year I expect the pass rush to make great strides over last year.

Linebackers: Last year the season turned when NaVorro Bowman went down in week 4 he is our best defensive player and looked to fully recovered from his devastating knee injury in 2014. Besides losing Bow we lost Ray Ray Armstrong (IR week 3) and Shane Skov (IR week 12) which forced players who shouldn’t have been starters to start. This was one of the positions in need of an upgrade the most.  Besides NaVorro Bowman the Niners have brought back Ray Ray Armstrong, Ahmad Brooks, Eli Harold, and Aaron Lynch (although he’s moving to the D line). We signed Malcolm Smith, Brock Coyle, And Dekoda Watson in free agency. We Drafted Reuben Foster (I believe the steal of the draft) with the 31st pick overall along with Pita Taumoepenu (although he is also going to move to the D line). We also signed undrafted rookies Donavin Newsom, and Jimmie Gilbert. It’s clear that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan saw this as a position of need and addressed it. As with most of the team I fill this is a position that can only improve over 2016. And Thank God that got rid of Nick when my friend Mary can see you suck it’s time for you to go. You can’t keep 10 linebackers so the competition for spots on the 53 is going to be intense with a big factor with must players being can they play special team. These are just a few of the battles that will be going on in training camp this year and it’s going to be fun to watch.


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NBA Offseason 2017 – Eastern Conference: It’s going to be a while.

NBA-Eastern-ConferencePLAYOFF TEAMS

Boston Celtics
Cleveland Cavaliers
Toronto Raptors
Washington Wizards
Atlanta Hawks
Milwaukee Bucks
Indiana Pacers
Chicago Bulls


Miami Heat
Detroit Pistons
Charlotte Hornets
New York Knicks
Orlando Magic
Brooklyn Nets
Philadelphia 76ers

Listed above are last season’s Eastern Conference playoff teams and the lottery teams that did not make the playoffs. If you have been paying attention to this year’s offseason moves, you’d notice that none of these teams has made a move to improve upon last year’s team. It’s only Day 3, I get it, but if any of these teams are looking to challenge the Warriors, and to a lesser extent the Cavaliers, then Top-Tier talent is needed to finally keep us interested. To no fault of their own, other than the Celtics, some of these East teams had All-Stars that were coming up on free agency. If we’ve learned anything from Lebron James leaving in 2010, a team cannot let th at prize walk away for nothing, even if it means becoming irrelevant for the next couple of years. But who would’ve thought those East All-Stars would be going West, and two of them would be traded to the West?

Look at those Markets!

As the “destination market” has dwindled over the past decade, more and more players are going to where the players are, not where the destination is, excluding the Miami Heat of 2010, and even then there was a sense of organizational structure. While Lebron was going back and forth between Cleveland and Miami, and then back to Cleveland, many of these East teams hovered around relevance, racking up on awful free agent signing, rookie extensions and Front Office mularkey. Anybody looking to play in Detroit, Philly, Charlotte, Orlando or Brooklyn? Pew. Even places like Toronto, Atlanta and Indiana aren’t even destinations, although the local fanbases of said teams are committed.

Front Office Turntables

As most NBA fans know, the best way to build is through the draft, developing those players on cheap contracts and then extending them so they don’t leave via free agency. As we look at these lottery teams, many of them have traded away their assets, or haven’t built up any equity in the player development category. With coaches and general managers switching teams like an Eyes Wide Shut reboot, the talent and front office both seem ordinary due to unrest in each organization. The Pistons once looked like they would climb up the East standings, but with little cap room, a Josh Smith signing that was a complete disaster, injuries, and players such as Andre Drummond and Stanley Johnson plateauing in today’s “Pace and Space” NBA. With Stan Van Gundy as coach and president, the Pistons are already pressing luxury-tax land and haven’t even signed Kentavious-Caldwell Pope yet and have used up most of their Mid-Level Exception (no apologies for the nerd talk). The Orlando Magic are in reboot mode, again. Who would’ve thought Victor Oladipo and Domantis Sabonis, both drafted by the Magic and traded to the Thunder would net Paul George? So the same two players that brought in Serge Ibaka, also brought back Paul George for the Thunder? Then they traded Ibaka to the Raptors for Terrence Ross and a draft pick that was then traded to the 76ers for a future pick? No wonder the Magic are bad at this. The Magic are on another coach, another GM, and another lottery season with free agent money wrapped up in guys that are borderline starters. The Charlotte Hornets are in the predicament the Magic are looking at now: Having to extend average/roll players, while not having enough money to sign a free agent. The most the Hornets could net is a player the caliber of Nicolas Batum, which even in the East is not consistently good enough. They have the coach, an All-Star caliber player, and even in the East it’s good enough to make the playoffs every so often, but not enough to acquire more than a Dwight Howard. The Brooklyn Nets have become the Sacramento Kings of the East: A terribly run team with cap space, but only enough to get restricted free agents paid for other teams. The Knicks are, the Knicks. I’ve done enough with the Knicks this year. Even the Pacers and Hawks have let go of their contending days. Those two teams, along with the Bulls have made some questionable front office moves that have pushed away their All-Star players. So that leaves the Miami Heat and the 76ers, two teams that have revamped their image in less than a year. The 76ers now have Jerry Colangelo at the helm, and the Heat of course have Riley, so both, even in losing have the cache to bring in a free agent or two. The 76ers have drafted high, it’s the drafted well part that is yet to be seen. The Heat have made lemonade out of fallen rain: Developing 2nd round talent, D-League talent, and fringe players on one year deals.

Some Teams said, “No more”

We’ve all watched Lebron and company go to the Finals every single year. While it’s been a constant, it’s more impressive for all the teams that have given up chase in his pursuit of greatness. We watched the last piece of Chicago go to Minnesota, Paul George is in Oklahoma City, leaving Lance Stephenson in command, and Atlanta is turning into the pre-Joe Johnson era (Shoutout to Josh Childress and Salim Stoudemire). That’s three playoff teams seemingly falling into rebuilding mode, while having All-Star talent under contract just a week ago. While those have given up, the Raptors have dug in deeper this offseason. They brought back both Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka, even though neither showed face in the playoffs, and their offensive philosophy once again mimicked the 1990s. Unlike the Raptors, the Bucks and Wizards are a bit younger at their core positions, but like the Raptors, don’t have enough cap space to sign anybody knew of importance. That leaves the Celtics, a winning team, with draft picks and cap space.

The Celtics are in a horrible game of double-dutch

The Celtics are a NBA 2k17 match made in heaven. Like the Trailblazers of 2015, they over-achieved to skyrocket to the top of the East. Not only were they a one seed, they also capture the first pick in the 2017 draft via the Nets, and all was well with the Boston world. Funny thing happened, Isaiah Thomas got injured, they lost to the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals, and everybody forgot about the Celtics prowess. Let’s just go in order. Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley are free agents in 2018, and Boston has the first pick of the draft which happens to have 2! point guards. They take neither, trade down for more assets, and take Jason Tatum, OK! (in my best “Story of OJ” voice). Jimmy Butler is available, and sources say the price is too high, but he goes to Minnesota for a pick swap, Kris Dunn and an injured-extension ready Zach Lavine: OK! Paul George was available, and sources say the price was to high, but he went to OKC for Oladipo and Sabonis plus no picks: OK! Now, planning for the future is fine by me, especially in the NBA when you’re only an injury or free agent departure from moving up the rankings. The Celtics have Cavalier potential, (I’m stretching, but there’s nobody else to compare them to) with the 76ers draft stock and cap space to boot. I really hope they don’t screw this up, but if Gordon Hayward does not sign, the Celtics fanbase will watch the same team next year while they compete and rebuild on the fly.

What is next for the East?

So the East is filling with young talent, mid-level players with big/un-tradeable contracts, and destinations in which no player wants to go, other than Miami and Boston. So what can they do? For now, nothing because they can’t. They’ve already invested into their rosters, as well as their coaching staff, and with the on-court game changing, they have to roll with what they have, or attach a future 1st rounder a contract and ship that player way. These East teams must rely on player development, draft picks and consistency in the front office as well as their coaching staffs. Injuries, player surges, coaching vacancies, and player busts happen all the time in the NBA, but for the near future, the East must become precise in their efforts to regain relevancy.

NBA Free Agency 2017: So your team acquired an All-Star, I thought you hated that sort of thing.

nba-free-agency-692x360By: Will Stevenson

I would first like to start off by saying I’m sorry. I must give my most sincere apologies to the Golden State Warriors for their formation of a “SuperTeam”. I thought their swift dominance of the Regular Season and Playoffs was a terrible thing for the league, rendering all other teams useless and unwatchable. Even with the Salary Cap higher over the past few years than before, I figured most teams would stand pat and look to get younger and wait out the Warriors dominance, especially when we figured Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant would resign. I figured there was no reason to add minor pieces, knowing the end result would be a loss to the Warriors in 5 games, or 4 if you’re lucky. In my mind, I thought the Spurs would make a run for CP3, the Celtics would make a run for Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and/or Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap would sign to an irrelevant team, and Blake Griffin would take the Clippers money. Well, I was wrong. We all were wrong, and we should all apologize to the Warriors.

So: A Show of hands of all those still mad about SuperTeams? I’ll wait…

The Warriors brought something out of the rest of the GMs and owners that I thought was not possible in this day and age. We see it with players, as they don’t want to tank the season, and even win games late in the season when they should be losing. With these Front Offices, they saw the opportunity to not be embarrassed and looked as a bunch of stepping-stones by the Golden State Warriors. I always thought the luxury tax penalties and the thought of renting high-quality talent would scare off teams from going for the title, especially when a team like the Warriors would be standing in the way. I was wrong, once again. The Rockets, Timberwolves, Nuggets, Thunder are a few teams that will not go into next year begging fans to watch the same old product, but rather re-energizing their fanbase with new additions. Other teams, such as the Atlanta Hawks, who have lost two all-stars the last two years via free agency, are rebuilding on the run. We haven’t seen the Celtics make a move of any significance as of yet, and with the talent and money pool beginning to dry up, it seems as though a few Eastern Conference teams, and the Spurs may be running out of 2nd tier options (It’s 5:41pm on Monday, Gordon Hayward has yet to make a decision).

Without the Warriors running through the NBA, maybe the Rockets, Wolves, and Thunder don’t have the opportunity to make those moves. Maybe those Eastern Conference teams decide to hold on for one more year to fall to Lebron and company again. But with the rush to either get something for an All-Star, or watch him leave for free in the offseason so apparent, teams decided to sell to teams who were looking to buy.

As it stands, the Lakers, Kings, and Suns look to be in rebuilding mode while the rest of the Western Conference has launched itself into contention for NBA relevancy. I would count the Trailblazers, but they were struck by last year’s free agency-salary cap-spike swindelage. When it looked like the Warriors would yet again cruise to another title ad water-down the league, they actually built the league back up in a watchable sense. Next year’s Christmas Day games should be one to watch. Those Saturday and Sunday showcase games will be all the rage, and even the TNT games will be worth the watch. The Eastern Conference won’t be much to scream about, with the Raptors doing what the Raptors said they wouldn’t do, the Wizards being capped out, and the Celtics still trying to re-create the Celtics-Nets trade from years ago.

The teams are more marketable, more exciting, and aren’t conceding to the Warriors as champions next season. I like it this way, and whether we like it or not, acquiring all-stars isn’t so bad after all.

Now would anyone else like to join me in this apology? There’s room for many more, all are welcome.


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The Empire Strikes back: The belief in something special coming


BY Niner Faithful

The last game of the 2016 season ended like so many others for the Niners with a loss. A 25-23 loss to rival Seattle to be exact. Trent Blake had already been fired (which was known because of another leak coming out of the building) and soon after Chip Kelly would be out the door as well. The search had already begun to rebuild not only the team but the image of this storied franchise. Jed saw the planes flying over the stadium that he had worked so hard to build and he didn’t like it. It was clear from pretty much the beginning that Trent and Chip wouldn’t work well together. Chip wanted to go full speed all the time and didn’t care about time of possession were Trent wanted to run the ball grind out the clock and keep his defense off the field. The two couldn’t have had more opposite football philosophies. So, it was clear that he needed two men who shared the same views or at least work well together. Would he go with youth or experience? Who would want to work with him? After his firing of Jim Harbaugh and hiring of yes man Jim Tomsula he’s credibility was shot with fans before this year now he had none. On January 2nd, the day after the season ended he gave his yearly press conference and it seemed like the last few season took their toll. He seemed humbled. He gave a short opening statement in which he apologized to fans and gave the normal we are going to bring back a championship culture speech. Little did we know that this time he might get it right. Right away Jed went to work interviewing Anthony Lynn, Josh McDaniels, Kyle Shanahan, and Sean McVay, Tom Cable and Sean McDermott for the head coaching position and interviewing Eliot Wolf, Brian Gutekunst, George Paton, Jimmy Raye III, Brandon Beane, Louis Riddick, Terry McDonough, Trent Kirchner, Scott Fitterer and John Lynch for General Manager ultimately deciding on John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan to be our new GM and Head Coach. Step one complete.

Now I’m not going to set here and pretend that I was sold on the John Lynch hiring right away. After all the people who we had years of experience we went with a man who spent the years after his retirement from football in a broadcast booth. It’s one thing to know football it’s another to be able to spot talent, hire the best coach, pick a roster, and run a draft. Then I heard him talk and more than that I saw who he hired and the fact that he wasn’t scared to put people who had more experience around him to help guide him in teach him in what he doesn’t know. Now this was done before Kyle Shanahan was hired as the head coach, all though once Josh McDaniels withdrew his name it was clear who they were going to hire. So, we get to the day where the Niners have John Lynch’s and Kyle Shanahan’s interdictory press conference. And you could just feel the energy in the room changing. These men had a plan, a vision for how they wanted to build our roster, what kind of players they wanted and, the best part about it was they both had the same plan. They laid it out all right there on the table for everyone to know something that I felt lacked in the past. So, began the journey to get us back to respectability. In previous years, free agency has been generally a bore only 23 players though 2013-2016. There was a lot of worries if anyone would want to come play for us coming off a 2-14 season with a GM who just a few months ago was working with fox? Those people witch I was not one of were quickly quitted when in just the first few days of free agency 7 different players of note signed with the Niners.  Stating either that our GM was a player or that being a part of Kyle Shanahan’s system being a factor in signing here. Then there was the Draft. To say that the feeling was anticipation is an understatement. The number two pick was the highest we have drafted since 2006 when we took Vernon Davis with the 6th overall pick. John Lynch had been pumping up the pick pretty much since her was hired. Any chance he got he would say how it was a blessing and how the Niners were “open for business” when it came to trading the pick. Draft day the deal is done John Lynch in his first draft commitments highway robbery getting the 3rd overall a 3rd rounder number 67 overall a 4th rounder number 111 overall and a 3rd rounder in next year’s draft. All that just to move up one spot and to get the player we had number two on our board (Myles Garrett was number one) this trade set the tone for the rest of the draft. Because of this trade alone we could get Solomon Thomas, Ruben Foster and Adrian Colbert along with a 2nd round and 3rd round pick next year. In all there was ten players were picked two picks were added to next year’s draft and six trades were made. (one away from a Niners record) not bad for a self-proclaimed “pretty conservative guy” with no experience. With the draft, over with hit the undrafted free agent market and picked up 18 players bring the total of new players added to the roster to 49. Step two complete.

The vibe all throughout the offseason program has been one of high excitement and energy. Many reporters have said that hasn’t been felt around team headquarters since the first year of Harbaugh. Joe Staley said in an interview during mandatory minicamp that he “hasn’t felt like this in a long time” and that “the energy is back in the building”. To a man pretty much every player echoed the same thing. You can bring in Bill Walsh from the grave to coach the team if the players don’t buy in it means nothing and so far, it seems like they have. From the reports coming out of minicamp the defense has made great strides” winning” most reps at practice but that is to be expected this early especially without pads. Training camp is a little over 3 weeks away with the first preseason game set for two weeks after that, so we have awhile until we can see if any of the changes will get results this year. But one thing is sure there is reason for hope not just I have faith in my team hope no real hope that can be backed up with facts and logic and that is more than we can say at any point in the last 2 years.


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Drew Brees overrated? IS he or he is not. Those haters are right or are they wrong? You be the Judge.

I was looking at Facebook. A fan said something that caught my eye on something. That Drew Brees is overrated. Is he overrated or underrated. So lets break it down for you. Not 1 time but 3 times he completed 70% of his passes. There 5 more times that he got close to it again. 88 Interceptions in 5 years. Okay that is a average of 18 interceptions per season. Then 230 Touch Downs in 5 years. That averages 46 Touch Downs per season. So That is 3 Touch downs per 1 interception. The average Completion is 82.06% for those five years. The average QB rating for those 5 seasons is 122.6. Stats might not equal wins. But Stats says he isn’t overrated like people say he is. They can’t argue the fact when stats say different than they do. I broke that stat up. They say his stats are overrated because they are simply hating on the dude.