NFL 2017-2018 Preseason Schedule


By: Will Stevenson

Can you feel it? Just imagine the droughts and sounds of the NFL season. Two-a-days, minicamps, veteran camps, seven on seven drills, torn acl’s, Non-contact injuries, position battles, and most importantly: Expert analysis of guys in shorts.

There are countless things that could irritate a football fan, but actual football isn’t one of them. So between now and the first preseason game, we have months to comb through every team, transaction and predict who will do what when the season rolls around. It will be exciting to see how the top drafted rookie quarterbacks find their footing on teams that made the playoffs last season: Chiefs and Texans. We all know how the preseason goes: Stars play in one or two games for a few series, then the backups. I also have an interest in fringe plays attempting to made rosters within the new safety guidelines for special teams.

So let us take a look at the preseason schedule. The competition will be early as starters make their way off the field after a few possessions, but don’t let that deter you from consuming the whole game. Position battles, overall team health, sheer talent, and a basic understanding of the team’s philosophy will be on display. So it’s not the Pro Bowl, but it’s damn near close for those first few series.

Not need to worry. Football is own it’s way, and it starts with the Hall of Fame Game on August 3rd with the Cowboys and the Cardinals.



NFL/Hall of Fame Game – AUGUST 3
Thurs Aug. 3 Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals 8:00 PM (ET) 8:00 PM NBC
WEEK 1 – AUGUST 9-13
Wed Aug. 9 Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns 8:00 PM (ET) 8:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 10 Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Friday Aug. 11 Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Friday Aug. 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Friday Aug. 11 San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs 8:00 PM (CT) 9:00 PM
Sat Aug. 12 Tennessee Titans at New York Jets 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Sat Aug. 12 Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams 6:00 PM (PT) 9:00 PM
Sat Aug. 12 Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals 7:00 PM (MST) 10:00 PM
Sunday Aug. 13 Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts 1:30 PM (ET) 1:30 PM
Sunday Aug. 13 Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers 5:00 PM (PT) 8:00 PM
WEEK 2 – AUGUST 17-21
Thurs Aug. 17 Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 17 Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars 8:00 PM (ET) 8:00 PM ESPN
Friday Aug. 18 Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks 7:00 PM (PT) 10:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Carolina Panthers at Tennessee Titans 2:00 PM (CT) 3:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys 6:00 PM (CT) 7:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 New York Jets at Detroit Lions 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Sat Aug. 19 New England Patriots at Houston Texans 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders 7:00 PM (PT) 10:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers 7:00 PM (PT) 10:00 PM
Sat Aug. 19 Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals 7:00 PM (MST) 10:00 PM
Sunday Aug. 20 Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers 4:00 PM (ET) 4:00 PM
Sunday Aug. 20 New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers 5:00 PM (PT) 8:00 PM
Monday Aug. 21 New York Giants at Cleveland Browns 8:00 PM (ET) 8:00 PM ESPN
WEEK 3 – AUGUST 24-27
Thurs Aug. 24 Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 24 Carolina Panthers at Jacksonville Jaguars 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Friday Aug. 25 New England Patriots at Detroit Lions 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Friday Aug. 25 Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks 5:00 PM (PT) 8:00 PM CBS
Sat Aug. 26 Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Sat Aug. 26 Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Sat Aug. 26 New York Jets at New York Giants 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Sat Aug. 26 Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Sat Aug. 26 Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Sat Aug. 26 Oakland Raiders at Dallas Cowboys 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Sat Aug. 26 Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams 5:00 PM (PT) 8:00 PM CBS
Sat Aug. 26 Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Sat Aug. 26 Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos 7:00 PM (MT) 9:00 PM
Sunday Aug. 27 Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans 12:00 PM (CT) 1:00 PM FOX
Sunday Aug. 27 Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins 4:30 PM (ET) 4:30 PM FOX
Sunday Aug. 27 San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM NBC
Thurs Aug. 31 Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers 6:00 PM (CT) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets 7:00 PM (ET) 7:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 New York Giants at New England Patriots 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:30 PM (ET) 7:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints 7:00 PM (CT) 8:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs 7:30 PM (CT) 8:30 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos 7:00 PM (MT) 9:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders 7:00 PM (PT) 10:00 PM
Thurs Aug. 31 Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco 49ers 7:00 PM (PT) 10:00 PM

Where Does Frank Gore Belong in the All Time Running Back Picture?

By Leo Silbert

For years Frank Gore has been one of the most underrated running backs in the NFL.  He has never been the best running back in the league during his career, but part of that has to do with how his career has overlapped with LaDainian Thomlinson and Adrian Peterson.  His breakout season of 2006 was the year that Thomlinson set the record for most touchdowns in a season and then the next year Peterson was a rookie who ended up rushing for an NFL record amount of yards in a game with 296 yards.  Gore though, has been steadily acquiring 1000+ yard seasons and right now he sits eighth all time in rushing yards with a good shot at passing Thomlinson this upcoming season for 5th all time.


Frank Gore has been an underrated player for a long time.  He was the running back at the University of Miami, following in the footsteps of guy such as Edgerrin James, Willis McGahee and Clinton Portis who all had played for the Hurricanes within a 3 year span, with McGahee and Portis being on the team at the same time as Gore.  Gore initially beat out McGahee as the starting running back for the 2002 season, until a torn acl kept him out for the season.  He played in 2003 and 2004, playing well each year, but he ended up not being considered as one of the top 5 running backs in his draft year, being taken behind Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, J.J. Arrington and Eric Shelton.  A few reasons hindering Gore’s draft stock was his slow 40 yard dash time and the fact that he’d be the 4th Hurricanes running back taken in the draft in a 4 year span.  His injury history also hurt his stock as the NFL still had Terrell Davis’ knee injury fresh in their minds.


The 49ers decided to make Gore the first pick of the 3rd round in the 2005 NFL draft.  The team had picked up Alex Smith in the first round so the 49ers looked to have their offensive core players set for the next decade to go with rookie center David Bass.  Gore was the backup running back behind Kevan Barlow.  Gore was 2nd on the team in carries with 127, but led the team in yards with 608 yards and he helped in the passing game with 15 catches.  This lead to Gore becoming the featured running back in 2006 and he took off with one of the best rushing seasons in the league, but he was overshadowed by LaDainian Thomlinson and Larry Johnson rushing for more yards and 20 and 9 more touchdowns respectively.  That was also Tiki Barber’s final season where he had his 2nd straight season of more than 1600 yards after the age of 30 and rookie Steven Jackson in Gore’s division had less than 200 fewer yards than Gore, while also catching the ball 90 times.  Gore definitely had a great season, but he didn’t have as good of a story going for him than any of the other top 5 running backs that year.  The next year he put up another 1000+ yard season but attracted little attention on another bad 49ers team where he was once again the main contributor of the offense.  That story repeats itself for 2008 and 2009 where Gore continued being one of the best running backs in the league on a team that didn’t have the talent to keep up with him.  He was on pace for another season like that in 2010, but he ended up missing 5 games and only totaling 853 yards (which for him is still the 2nd worst yardage total of his career).  Then in 2011, the 49ers finally had a good enough head coach to bring the entire team into the spotlight and Gore finally got some of the recognition he deserved on one of the top 3 teams in the league that year.  In his first postseason, the team made it to the NFC Championship game at home against the eventual champion New York Giants.  Then in 2012, Gore was the calming presence in the backfield that helped the team through a quarterback change that helped the team reach the Superbowl, eventually falling to the Ravens after the team attempted multiple goal line fade throws instead of handing the ball off to their bell cow.  In 2013 at the age of 30 he had yet another 1000 yard season on a run first team that made it to their third straight NFC Championship game, which was ended when their quarterback threw a game sealing interception into double coverage.  In 2014, the 49ers drafted Gore’s eventual replacement running back in Carlos Hyde and Gore responded with yet another 1000 yard season on a team where the rest of the offense fell apart around the desire to make Colin Kaepernick into a pocket passer.  After the 2014 season, the 49ers let go of Jim Harbaugh and they didn’t resign Gore which left the soon to be 32 year old as a free agent with a decision to make.  Did he want to continue playing for another team, or did he want to hang it up.  He decided to keep playing and joined a team that desperately needed a running game.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

Gore showed up in Indianapolis as a 32 year old running back who was looked at as the bell cow running back for a team that just lost the AFC Championship game.  Then, the Colts lost Andrew Luck to injury so Gore, behind a terrible Colts offensive line, was 33 yards away from his 9th 1000 yard rushing season.  He returned for the 2016 season where the Colts were still lacking in talent up front, but they had Andrew Luck back in the fold so their offense was quite successful.  Gore put up his 9th 1000 yard rushing season at the age of 33 and his pass catching and blocking skills helped the Colts’ offense rebound, but the defense failed the team, leading to another 8-8 record and he is set to return for his 13th season in the league on a team that now has a new general manager and will be looking to get back into their 2014 form.

Now, that I have summarized Gore’s career, where does that fit into the top running backs of all time picture?  Well, he has never been considered he best running back in the league during his career, so he isn’t in conversation for the top 5.  Him being in the top 10 would also be a stretch, but I think he could definitely fit into the top 15.  He isn’t a Barry Sanders or a Terrell Davis where he was considered the best over a period of years, but he had a stretch where he was consistently a top 5 running back in one of the more competitive periods of running back play in the history of the league.  His 13,065 yards all but guarantees him a spot in Canton already, but if he puts up a year where he rivals the amount of yards he had in 2010 when he missed 5 games, then he will be 250 yards clear of Thomlinson for 5th all time.  He is 6 rushing touchdowns away from 80, which would place him in the top 20 all time in that category.  He wasn’t an elite pass catcher at the position, but he has over 400 receptions for over 3000 yards, but it is good enough to put him in the top 20 in all purpose yards of all time.  Frank Gore is one of the greatest running backs of all time, and it is time we start appreciating him as such.



Each NFC West Team’s Biggest Draft Need

By Leo Silbert

It is getting to the point of the year that fans are trying to figure out who their team needs to draft or what position needs the most help. Some teams like the Patriots don’t have a glaring need so they are able to pick for desire and are allowed greater risks. Other teams like the Browns have needs all over the map so they are best suited to just take the best available player. I’m going to sort this out by division and within the divisions I’ll sort them by 2016 records.

Next up, the NFC West:

  1. richard-shermanSeattle Seahawks- The Seahawks have been a powerhouse in the league pretty much since Russell Wilson became the quarterback in 2012, but this year they seemed to be missing a key piece and that is before Earl Thomas went down with an injury.  It just seemed like their offense could never get it going and that their defense wasn’t as much of a juggernaut it had been in years past.  The offense had lost Marshawn Lynch to retirement over the offseason and the defense lost Bruce Irvin to free agency and the Raiders so these can explain why they didn’t see the same.  Their defense was still top 5 so their defense’s demise may have been more due to them slightly underperforming from their 4 previous seasons of leading the NFL in points allowed per game.  Their offensive problems can partially be explained by Russell Wilson being hurt for the early part of the year, but even when he was back to full health the offense didn’t seem right.  Their offense was able to have a dominant ground game when Marshawn Lynch was on the team despite the team lacking a real offensive line.  They could try to get another Marshawn Lynch, but Lynch was more of a unicorn running back that only comes along once every few generations and Thomas Rawls isn’t a terrible running back, but he needs some help.  The Seahawks tried to start improving their offensive line last year when they selected Germain Ifedi in the first round, but Ifedi was incredibly raw and he graded out as one of the worst offensive linemen in the league.  The worst part about the Seahawks’ line this year was that Ifedi wasn’t even the worst lineman to play over 600 snaps.  The only consistently above average offensive lineman they had is their center Justin Britt.  The Seahawks need to build their offensive line up if they want to look like they did in 2013, because Marshawn Lynch isn’t going to be walking through that door anytime soon.
  2.  larry-fitzgeraldArizona Cardinals- If you look at the numbers, it is hard to see what happened to the Cardinals that led to their decline from 2015.  They had the 6th best scoring offense, the 2nd best yardage defense, and they were the league leaders in both sacks and forced fumbles.  They have one of the most electrifying talents in the league on offense with David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald led the league in receptions, and their offensive line held up adequately.  So what went wrong?  Mostly it seems like they let up too many big plays that led to scores.  They have one of the best corner backs in the league in Patrick Peterson, but across from him they didn’t really have much.  Teams were able to attack the #2 corner back with little resistance which was the Achilles heel of the defense.  If the Cardinals can get a little bit more luck next season as far as losing close games and if they get a proper #2 cornerback to compliment Peterson, they can be back to knocking on the door of the Superbowl by next season.
  3.  aaron-donaldLos Angeles Rams- In their first season back in Los Angeles since the early 1990s, some people expected the Rams to finally take a step forward into contending for a playoff spot since now they had a first overall pick quarterback on their team to go with a ferocious defensive line and one of the best young running backs in the league in Todd Gurley.  Then they started the season with their first overall pick as the third string qb and lost to the 49ers 27-0, starting of the trend for how bad the season was going to be.  The Rams were a mess all over the place, with no real offensive threat and their defense was not nearly good enough to carry them.  Now this season, they have a new young and innovative head coach in Sean McVay who brought in the legendary defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to turn the defense into one of the top defenses in the league.  So, with Sean McVay’s recent history as an offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins, you can assume that he’d want to model his offense after the one that he had there.  To do that they will need to build up their receiving corps.  They will need to retain the services of Kenny Britt to do this correctly, but when the Rams make their first pick in the 2nd round they should take a wide receiver who can be a deep threat a la Desean Jackson.  If the resign Britt then they’ll have their Garcon in him and their Jamison Crowder in Tavon Austin, but the ability to stretch the field is the real catalyst of the offense.  Then they would just be a Jordan Reed type and a complete offense away from having the same kind of offense that McVay had in Washington that got him the job.
  4.  carlos-hydeSan Francisco 49ers- Oh boy, where to begin here?  The 49ers went into this season with incredibly low expectations with needs all over the roster and a coach and gm that were paired up in a sort of shotgun wedding.  Their roster was depleted of talent from top to bottom, spare a few good pieces such as Carlos Hyde, Deforest Buckner and Navarro Bowman.  And possibly the worst thing that could have happened to the 49ers this season was how they started it off by blowing out the Rams in a week 1 shutout victory which made some people think that they really could be something.  That was the only win they would have until they played the Rams again in week 16.  The 49ers don’t even officially have a coach yet (though many speculate that the job will go to Kyle Shanahan once his current team has played in the Superbowl), so it is hard to even know which need they’ll need to deal with first in order to start succeeding.  I honestly feel like the 49ers are currently the least talented team in the NFL so I feel like if they added a young qb now that they would end up messing up his development so I believe they should go for defense above all else and grab an edge rusher who will be able to sack the opposing qb so the team will have a better shot at staying in games defensively while they build up the rest of their roster with enough talent to eventually compete.  They are in line for a long rebuild though.

And this is the end of my team draft needs series.  You can check out all of the other articles in the series by clicking on the corresponding links below.

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Why would any coach want to risk his legacy to coach for a team owned by Jed York?

Throughout the history of sports there have been teams with great ownership, such as the Krafts, Maras and Rooneys in the NFL, Mike Ilitch for the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL, William DeWitt and Hal Steinbrenner for the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees respectively of the MLB, and Wyc Grousbeck and Peter Holt who own the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs of the NBA.  These owners all have one thing in common with how they run their teams.  Patience.  Each and every one of these teams has been a stable atmosphere for over 10 years, with most either having the same front office and head coach/manager that they had since 2005, or they are only one of either removed from the one they had then.  There are also plenty of examples of bad ownership in sports as well and the reasons why an owner can be bad are much more numerous.  They can be too cheap when it comes to paying talent like Don Sterling was for years as the owner of the Clippers, they can be a rich person who bought the team for the revenue but who doesn’t care about the on field product like Stan Kroenke, or they can prove to be impatient and overinvolved in team decisions like how Jed York is proving to be.

York took over as the president of the 49ers in December of 2008.  Since then the team has gone through 4 head coaches since then and are now looking for their 5th.  They are also now looking for their 3rd general manager over an 8 season span.  Over that time, it looked like York was off to a strong start in hiring Scot McCloughan as his first general manager and Jim Harbaugh as his first head coaching hire, but things quickly started to turn sour.  McCloughan and the team mutually parted in the Spring of 2010 while McCloughan was dealing with alcoholism and a divorce from his wife.

After McCloughan was let go, they hired the team’s director of player personnel Trent Baalke.  Baalke’s first draft looked very good on paper with him picking all pros such as Mike Iupati and Navarro Bowman as well as starter Anthony Davis, but most of the work for the draft had been done already by McCloughan.  The team still ended up going 6-10 that season, fired head coach Mike Singletary and then they hired Jim Harbaugh.  Since then, Baalke has had 3 draft picks pan out with enough time to judge them fairly (Aldon Smith, Eric Reid, and Carlos Hyde.  So for Trent Baalke’s time in San Francisco he has had as many good draft picks as he has had drafts in control of with one of those drafts mostly laid out for him by his preceding general manager.

Now onto coach Jim Harbaugh.  It takes a really good coach to take a team that was 6-10 and had a completely different coaching staff from the year before to being 13-3 the next year.  He then had them sustain at least 12 wins for a 3-year period.  One of those years he lost his starting quarterback to injury and had to change the offense around entirely for the backup and ended up taking the team within one score of a Superbowl championship.  The next year he took his team to within one score of another Superbowl appearance.  For most franchises that kind of track record would usually give a coach some leeway, but not with the 49ers as one 8-8 season with a depleted roster and a regressing quarterback got him sent out the door and replaced with defensive line coach Jim Tomsula.  Tomsula was also the interim coach for the 49ers in 2010 after they fired Mike Singletary mid-season.  That tells me that Tomsula was seen as mostly a guy who would do as he is told by the upper management and nothing more.  That is the absolute worst type of head coach you can hire.  The job of a head coach is to make decisions on the field and he isn’t allowed to be contacted by anyone in the front office during the game (as seen when former Browns GM Ray Farmer was suspended for 4 games and the Browns were fined $250,000 for in-game text messages between the him and the coaching staff).  Tomsula being nothing more than a figurehead could only lead the 49ers, who, not by coincidence, had seen many players retire following the firing of Jim Harbaugh, to a 5-11 record.  This caused Jed York to fire the 2nd head coach in as many years and bring on Chip Kelly.  Now, some could argue that Chip Kelly wasn’t given a fair deal in Philly after one sub .500 season out of 3 years coaching, but he also alienated himself from the rest of the front office, seized control, and had the team regress under his total control.  So the best place to put him would be the place where they fired a coach for going 8-8 with a depleted roster after 3 straight years of at least making it to the conference championship game, right?  Wrong.  I am a believer that if Chip Kelly were given a situation like the Browns, was allowed a minimum of 5 years to turn them around, and was given total control from the beginning that he’d have a chance at being an ok coach in the league.  This isn’t a 5-year plan league though.  This is a league where not firing someone after 3 losing seasons means unheard of patience (besides in the world of the Jacksonville Jaguars).  So now you have Chip Kelly with a broken roster and no team control with a power-hungry general manager who will take who he wants regardless of fit or if the head coach would be able to find out how to use him.  Everyone watching saw a collapse of the 49ers into top 5 pick territory coming and so it did with only the Browns having a worse record than the 49ers.

Now, Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke are both out of a job and there is only one person left and that is Jed York.  York could have avoided this problem if he didn’t side with Baalke over Harbaugh and now he is left with the least desirable coaching job in the NFL and a record of not giving people enough time to actually build anything up before a new regime comes in to knock it down.  If I were a director of player personnel or an assistant coach in the NFL or even a college coach, I would steer clear of the 49ers and Jed York.  The only thing he will bring to the franchise unless he changes in a big way, is a long, playoff-less drought that can rival the one currently held by the Buffalo Bills (who haven’t made the playoffs since 1999).


I seriously think you should jump on this wave!

By Lawrence Edwards

OK, before I get started let me tell you that this isn’t a fad that will quickly fade out, nor is it a get rich quick scheme. It’s simple, I am not forcing you or trying to persuade you to do anything. I just want to share with you something that I know sports enthusiasts every where will enjoy and offer you the opportunity to be apart of something or get ahead of everyone else on a trend that is about to take the world by storm. From Football to Cricket we have something every sports will fall in love with. You have two options: Affiliate or Player. I will go in to great detail about both and most importantly the coming of a game changing sports app by United Games that is going to absolutely blow your mind!

Now what we are talking about here is an app that will let you enjoy your favorite sport interactively while watching the game. This app is going to bring a new dynamic way of playing of enjoying sports. It’s not just going to focus on the major sports but every sport.  The point is to get everyone to enjoy sports better, not just the people who have time for drafts and 4 different fantasy leagues or the ones who are good at selecting the right combination of players in order to enjoy the experience.

Now, as I previously mentioned you have two options to join this wave, either as a player or an affiliate. If you want to just be one of the first to enjoy the experience of this game changing app then sign up as a player for free. You will be a pre-registered player and once the app launches within the next 5 weeks you can begin enjoying your interactive sports experience and start earning some rewards and points. I don’t know about you but once I started playing fantasy football and basketball, the game became THAT much more interesting to me. I began to pay attention to things that I didn’t before. This interactive app will award every real sports fan the same experience but much better – did I mention that some of EA Sports former developers are building this thing? – Get ahead of the trend, this app is coming and it’s going to change the way we enjoy sports forever and it will be the first of it’s kind, share it with your neighbors, share it with your family, if they love sports, chances are they will love this!

Now if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of United Games and getting the opportunity to not only get ahead of the trend but earn some money while doing it, then this the route you want to go. Now let me tell you this isn’t a pyramid scheme or something wild like that, if you don’t want to be an affiliate then you don’t have to. We aren’t trying to recruit people for money, we are just offering an opportunity to earn some income based off of people just playing the game. Now when this was brought to me a few weeks ago I had my initial negative thoughts. I was told that I can become an affiliate for free, feel it out see if I like it and if I do I would have to pay a one time fee of $30 to stay an affiliate and $9.99 a month to maintain my affiliate site and if I don’t just simply cancel no harm done. Now I’m no easy person to convince to join things, so I did my own research before I agreed to sign up for anything. Now I hate selling things, I’m terrible at it, so the fact I didn’t have to sell a product and it was an app – I’m a huge tech junkie – helped me decide to really read up on it. So I did my research and found that this app could really be something special and I don’t have to pay my fee until the app launches in 4-5 weeks at the time of this writing. I figured, what can I lose? I can jump on board playing a new fantasy app and maybe earn some money while doing it. Every time you share the app and someone signs up, whether as an affiliate or a player, and starts buying or earning tokens, you get a piece of the pie, NICE! Another selling point for me was the fact that in order for you to earn income you have to fill out tax form 1099. That right there let me know it was legit. Now United Games is offering this opportunity only up until the app launches in 5 weeks. Once it goes live, the affiliate opportunity will be no longer offered. You will only be able to download and use the app.

Whether you sign up to be a player or an affiliate I can assure you that this app is going to change your sporta experience. The point of this blog is to get the word out that a Giant is coming and to offer, what I believe to be a grand opportunity to be apart of the next big thing. If you like what you heard here today feel free to drop a comment, email me ( or if you got here through my Facebook link, just shoot me a DM and I will happily send you a link to be an affiliate or a free player so you will be all set to go when the app launches. Once you click the link there will be more information for you to read through to get an even better understanding. You’re going to love this!

Here is a one page info sheet you can look at to get more information. Feel free to contact me with questions.


San Francisco 49ers Player Focus: Colin Kaepernick

Sports Elite 

By Brian Jones

It’s rare a to see a player of Colin Kaepernick‘s skill set have a fall from grace as big as the one Kaepernick has. The man who was once considered the future of the San Francisco franchise, if not the NFL, is possibly on the verge of becoming an afterthought in the Bay Area.

Following a trip to Super Bowl XLVII, two consecutive NFC Championship appearances and a 17-6 record compiled as a starter, Kaepernick was the toast of the NFL in many circles and was rewarded with a six-year, $114-million-dollar contract. Since then, however, things have not gone well. He’s only gone 14-16 with no playoff appearances and is now locked in a quarterback competition with former top 10 pick Blaine Gabbert. How did someone with this much natural ability and skill, get himself in this situation?

A change in offensive philosophy could be to blame (he was also injured last season as well). When he first named starter, former head coach Jim Harbaugh gave him certain freedoms within the offense that utilized and maximized Kaepernick’s athleticism, but protected him by not exposing his weaknesses and shortcomings as a quarterback. Over the last season and a half Kaepernick has regressed. His accuracy has been off, his completion percentage has leveled off and his run production, a main tool in Kaepernick’s arsenal, has severely dropped off as well. As defenses around the league have adjusted to defending Kaepernick he has tried to become more of a pocket passer. With new head coach Chip Kelly, he will need to rediscover what made him one of the most feared threats in football.

He will get a chance to do that in Kelly’s offense, but the question now facing Kaepernick is how much of an opportunity he’ll get. Gabbert filled in late last season and did well enough for Kelly to declare that both players will get 100% equal reps in practice and in preseason games as well. Kaepernick will need to make the most of his time under center to win the job and then go out and perform this season. Should Gabbert beat him out as a starter this season Kaepernick may not only be done in San Francisco, but possibly as a productive player in the NFL. The pressure is on Kaepernick to step up, perform and silence his critics. This may, quite possibly, be his last chance to do so.


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Hold The Popcorn

Sports Elite 

By Damian Adams

The 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees have been announced and it is a very strong class that includes Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Orlando Pace, Eddie DeBartolo, Kenny Stabler, and Dick Stanfel. All of these individuals had great careers and are deserving of being in the Hall Of Fame but there is one very big omission from this class. All-time great wide receiver Terrell Owens (better known as T.O.) was not selected to be enshrined in his first year of eligibility.


 T.O. dominated at small Tennessee-Chattanooga but because he went to such a small school, Terrell fell to the third round of the 1996 NFL draft, he was selected 89th overall by the San Francisco 49ers. This created a huge chip on the shoulder of T.O. and he would take out this anger on the field. Owens’ talent was apparent from the beginning of his NFL career. It didn’t take him long at all to be productive, even playing alongside the great Jerry Rice.


 Football fans knew about the talented Terrell Owens but he was introduced to the world after making the game winning catch against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. As you can see it was a very emotional moment for Owens. We all knew he was a great receiver in the making but I don’t think anyone knew the type of rollercoaster ride Owens’ career would turn out to be.


Owens became known for much more than his skills – he became a household name because of his touchdown celebrations. He infamously once pulled a Sharpie out of sock and signed a football after a touchdown. He also once borrowed the pom-poms from a cheerleader and danced after a touchdown among other celebrations. I personally have no problem with him celebrating the way he did but this did rub people the wrong way. There were a few celebrations that even I thought crossed the line, including once against the Dallas Cowboys. After scoring a touchdown he ran back to midfield and stood on the star, which caused a series of events in that game that almost started a team wide brawl. He also taunted Ray Lewis by imitating his dance during a TD celebration (T.O. was on the Eagles when he did that celebration). He was also gaining a reputation for not being the best teammate. He had problems with several teammates including Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, and Hugh Douglas among others. T.O. would play for several teams because of the problems he would cause in the locker room. He was truly the definition and example of a diva receiver. Owens played for the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals. Terrell was not the only Hall Of Fame-caliber receiver to have issues during his career.


Hall Of Fame wide receivers, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, and the forementioned Marvin Harrison, have had their share of off the field issues. The former Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin is one of the best wide receivers of all-time but he also one of the most controversial careers. Irvin had several run-ins with the police during his career, including being arrested and convicted of felony cocaine possession, which he served 4 years probation for. Cris Carter struggled with drug abuse early in his career, this caused him to be released from the Philadelphia Eagles. Carter was granted a second chance with the Minnesota Vikings, where he resurrected not only his career but his life and became a Hall Of Famer. 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame selectee Marvin Harrison was accused of murder. A gun he owned was used to shoot up a man’s car. The man said it was Marvin who shot his car up. This man was killed in Harrison’s hometown of Philadelphia almost a year later. I’m not saying Harrison is guilty because he was not convicted or charged but a lot of people in that community still believe he was responsible for that man’s death. I’m not stating these facts to throw these men under the bus. I am putting this information out there to show that the on the field greatness of these men was enough for Hall Of Fame voters to look past their off the field issues.


Terrell Owens was a great wide receiver, he is 6th all time in receptions with 1,058, more than Michael Irvin (750). T.O. is 2nd all time in receiving yards with 15,934, more than Cris Carter (13,899), Michael Irvin (11,904), and Marvin Harrison (14,850). Only the great Jerry Rice has more. Owens is 3rd all time is touchdown receptions with 153, more than Michael Irvin (65), Cris Carter (130), and Marvin Harrison (128), only Rice and future Hall of Famer Randy Moss have more. Owens was selected to the NFL All-Pro 1st team 5 times. T.O. has the 2nd most receptions in a game with 20 (Brandon Marshall broke that record in 2009). He has one of the greatest performances of all time. In the Super Bowl, he came back early from a broken ankle to have 9 catches for 122 yards. There are a lot of wide receivers waiting to get into the Hall Of Fame. It’s like a long line at Six Flags but Terrell Owens’ career should of him granted an automatic pass to the front of that line. Owens should have been a first ballot, no-brainer Hall Of Fame selection. The Hall Of Fame is the home of the greatest football players of all time, not the nicest, not the most punctual, not the most professional, but the greatest. It is not a popularity contest (or at least it shouldn’t be). If Terrell Owens isn’t a first ballot Hall Of Fame receiver, then who is?

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