I seriously think you should jump on this wave!

By Lawrence Edwards

OK, before I get started let me tell you that this isn’t a fad that will quickly fade out, nor is it a get rich quick scheme. It’s simple, I am not forcing you or trying to persuade you to do anything. I just want to share with you something that I know sports enthusiasts every where will enjoy and offer you the opportunity to be apart of something or get ahead of everyone else on a trend that is about to take the world by storm. From Football to Cricket we have something every sports will fall in love with. You have two options: Affiliate or Player. I will go in to great detail about both and most importantly the coming of a game changing sports app by United Games that is going to absolutely blow your mind!

Now what we are talking about here is an app that will let you enjoy your favorite sport interactively while watching the game. This app is going to bring a new dynamic way of playing of enjoying sports. It’s not just going to focus on the major sports but every sport.  The point is to get everyone to enjoy sports better, not just the people who have time for drafts and 4 different fantasy leagues or the ones who are good at selecting the right combination of players in order to enjoy the experience.

Now, as I previously mentioned you have two options to join this wave, either as a player or an affiliate. If you want to just be one of the first to enjoy the experience of this game changing app then sign up as a player for free. You will be a pre-registered player and once the app launches within the next 5 weeks you can begin enjoying your interactive sports experience and start earning some rewards and points. I don’t know about you but once I started playing fantasy football and basketball, the game became THAT much more interesting to me. I began to pay attention to things that I didn’t before. This interactive app will award every real sports fan the same experience but much better – did I mention that some of EA Sports former developers are building this thing? – Get ahead of the trend, this app is coming and it’s going to change the way we enjoy sports forever and it will be the first of it’s kind, share it with your neighbors, share it with your family, if they love sports, chances are they will love this!

Now if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of United Games and getting the opportunity to not only get ahead of the trend but earn some money while doing it, then this the route you want to go. Now let me tell you this isn’t a pyramid scheme or something wild like that, if you don’t want to be an affiliate then you don’t have to. We aren’t trying to recruit people for money, we are just offering an opportunity to earn some income based off of people just playing the game. Now when this was brought to me a few weeks ago I had my initial negative thoughts. I was told that I can become an affiliate for free, feel it out see if I like it and if I do I would have to pay a one time fee of $30 to stay an affiliate and $9.99 a month to maintain my affiliate site and if I don’t just simply cancel no harm done. Now I’m no easy person to convince to join things, so I did my own research before I agreed to sign up for anything. Now I hate selling things, I’m terrible at it, so the fact I didn’t have to sell a product and it was an app – I’m a huge tech junkie – helped me decide to really read up on it. So I did my research and found that this app could really be something special and I don’t have to pay my fee until the app launches in 4-5 weeks at the time of this writing. I figured, what can I lose? I can jump on board playing a new fantasy app and maybe earn some money while doing it. Every time you share the app and someone signs up, whether as an affiliate or a player, and starts buying or earning tokens, you get a piece of the pie, NICE! Another selling point for me was the fact that in order for you to earn income you have to fill out tax form 1099. That right there let me know it was legit. Now United Games is offering this opportunity only up until the app launches in 5 weeks. Once it goes live, the affiliate opportunity will be no longer offered. You will only be able to download and use the app.

Whether you sign up to be a player or an affiliate I can assure you that this app is going to change your sporta experience. The point of this blog is to get the word out that a Giant is coming and to offer, what I believe to be a grand opportunity to be apart of the next big thing. If you like what you heard here today feel free to drop a comment, email me (lawrence.edwards115@gmail.com) or if you got here through my Facebook link, just shoot me a DM and I will happily send you a link to be an affiliate or a free player so you will be all set to go when the app launches. Once you click the link there will be more information for you to read through to get an even better understanding. You’re going to love this!

Here is a one page info sheet you can look at to get more information. Feel free to contact me with questions.


Buffalo Bills Camp Update 

Sports Elite

Written by Ralph Uriarte


Camp has not been all positive for the Bills, they’ve had ups and downs.

The Buffalo Bills camp hasn’t been the greatest.  The team struggled with offsides penalties early. Rex Ryan decided to implement a new rule. If you commit a personal penalty, you run a lap. Just like in high school. You’d think NFL players were past these kinds of mistakes, but apparently not because on day 3 of camp, Bills players had to run laps.

The Bills signed 31 year old free agent running back Reggie Bush. He will help ease the load off of LeSean McCoy and provide much needed depth while Karlos Williams is serving a 4 game suspension. Rex told reporters he plans on using Bush “like a ferarri”. We can assume Bush will be featured on kick returns, but we have to wait and see. Bush signed a one year $1.5 million contract with a $375,000 bonus that was guaranteed. 

The Bills have yet to sign quarterback Tyrod Taylor, but his agent was recently present at practice and it’s believed the two sides are close to a deal. The type of deal is unknown but rumor has it could potentially be a bridge deal. The rumored deal is worth 30 million over 2 years. Nothing has been signed or officially been released. 

The Bills defense suffered another major blow when linebacker Reggie Ragland went down with a knee injury. The extent of the injury is unknown.  Ragland’a first tests came back inconclusive. He is expected to seek a second opinion.  With Ragland out, that leaves Bills with neither their first or second round draft picks. Shaq Lawson is rumored to be out until possibly mid season. Linebacker Kevin Reddick is also injured with an MCL sprain, leaving the Bills with only 3 linebackers at the time. Veteran Zach Brown and rookie Eric Striker are expected to see considerable practice time. But, on Sunday Reddick was released.

The Bills signed veteran linebacker Brandon Spikes to help shore up the defense. No word on his contract information yet. The Bills also signed another veteran, David Hawthorne, who played for Rob Ryan under the New Orleans Saints before Rob was released. 
The Bills also signed former Patriot tight end Jimmay Mundine to the roster on Sunday. He formerly played for the Bills in Jim Schwartz‘s defense. 

A bit of good news, safety Aaron Williams had his first taste of contact since his spine shaving surgery and he liked it. There was no numbness. Many of you remember Williams had an injury last season where he felt his body go numb after a collision with New England Patriots Julian Edleman in week 2 last season. Williams attempted a return week 5 against the Tennessee Titans but had to leave the game once more. So far, it seems the surgery was a success and he will be back home on defense. 

Stephon Gilmore has yet to be signed,  with the focus on Taylor, ot seems Gilmore may have been placed on the back burner for the time being. 

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Hold The Popcorn

Sports Elite 

By Damian Adams

The 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees have been announced and it is a very strong class that includes Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Orlando Pace, Eddie DeBartolo, Kenny Stabler, and Dick Stanfel. All of these individuals had great careers and are deserving of being in the Hall Of Fame but there is one very big omission from this class. All-time great wide receiver Terrell Owens (better known as T.O.) was not selected to be enshrined in his first year of eligibility.


 T.O. dominated at small Tennessee-Chattanooga but because he went to such a small school, Terrell fell to the third round of the 1996 NFL draft, he was selected 89th overall by the San Francisco 49ers. This created a huge chip on the shoulder of T.O. and he would take out this anger on the field. Owens’ talent was apparent from the beginning of his NFL career. It didn’t take him long at all to be productive, even playing alongside the great Jerry Rice.


 Football fans knew about the talented Terrell Owens but he was introduced to the world after making the game winning catch against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs. As you can see it was a very emotional moment for Owens. We all knew he was a great receiver in the making but I don’t think anyone knew the type of rollercoaster ride Owens’ career would turn out to be.


Owens became known for much more than his skills – he became a household name because of his touchdown celebrations. He infamously once pulled a Sharpie out of sock and signed a football after a touchdown. He also once borrowed the pom-poms from a cheerleader and danced after a touchdown among other celebrations. I personally have no problem with him celebrating the way he did but this did rub people the wrong way. There were a few celebrations that even I thought crossed the line, including once against the Dallas Cowboys. After scoring a touchdown he ran back to midfield and stood on the star, which caused a series of events in that game that almost started a team wide brawl. He also taunted Ray Lewis by imitating his dance during a TD celebration (T.O. was on the Eagles when he did that celebration). He was also gaining a reputation for not being the best teammate. He had problems with several teammates including Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, and Hugh Douglas among others. T.O. would play for several teams because of the problems he would cause in the locker room. He was truly the definition and example of a diva receiver. Owens played for the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals. Terrell was not the only Hall Of Fame-caliber receiver to have issues during his career.


Hall Of Fame wide receivers, Michael Irvin, Cris Carter, and the forementioned Marvin Harrison, have had their share of off the field issues. The former Dallas Cowboy great Michael Irvin is one of the best wide receivers of all-time but he also one of the most controversial careers. Irvin had several run-ins with the police during his career, including being arrested and convicted of felony cocaine possession, which he served 4 years probation for. Cris Carter struggled with drug abuse early in his career, this caused him to be released from the Philadelphia Eagles. Carter was granted a second chance with the Minnesota Vikings, where he resurrected not only his career but his life and became a Hall Of Famer. 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame selectee Marvin Harrison was accused of murder. A gun he owned was used to shoot up a man’s car. The man said it was Marvin who shot his car up. This man was killed in Harrison’s hometown of Philadelphia almost a year later. I’m not saying Harrison is guilty because he was not convicted or charged but a lot of people in that community still believe he was responsible for that man’s death. I’m not stating these facts to throw these men under the bus. I am putting this information out there to show that the on the field greatness of these men was enough for Hall Of Fame voters to look past their off the field issues.


Terrell Owens was a great wide receiver, he is 6th all time in receptions with 1,058, more than Michael Irvin (750). T.O. is 2nd all time in receiving yards with 15,934, more than Cris Carter (13,899), Michael Irvin (11,904), and Marvin Harrison (14,850). Only the great Jerry Rice has more. Owens is 3rd all time is touchdown receptions with 153, more than Michael Irvin (65), Cris Carter (130), and Marvin Harrison (128), only Rice and future Hall of Famer Randy Moss have more. Owens was selected to the NFL All-Pro 1st team 5 times. T.O. has the 2nd most receptions in a game with 20 (Brandon Marshall broke that record in 2009). He has one of the greatest performances of all time. In the Super Bowl, he came back early from a broken ankle to have 9 catches for 122 yards. There are a lot of wide receivers waiting to get into the Hall Of Fame. It’s like a long line at Six Flags but Terrell Owens’ career should of him granted an automatic pass to the front of that line. Owens should have been a first ballot, no-brainer Hall Of Fame selection. The Hall Of Fame is the home of the greatest football players of all time, not the nicest, not the most punctual, not the most professional, but the greatest. It is not a popularity contest (or at least it shouldn’t be). If Terrell Owens isn’t a first ballot Hall Of Fame receiver, then who is?

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Stephen Gilmore:  Dedicated to Buffalo Bills 

Written by Ralph Uriarte Jr

Twitter @RUriarteJR

We always hear about players holding out of camp because they want a contract extension, but you’ll never hear Stephon Gilmore complain.

The Buffalo Bills have yet to sign Stephon Gilmore to a contract extension but Gilmore will play out his last year. He didn’t go to the media and complain. The soft spoken but extremely confident corner back knows his worth.  Gilmore also knows his team needs him.

Sure he could have faced fines and caused a scene by skipping camp, but he didn’t.  Gilmore and his quarterback Tyrod Taylor are both on the final year of their contracts. They are both at camp.

Other players are walking out of camp.  In Houston, I bet they wish they had players like Gilmore.

The biggest problem the Bills face is how much do they pay Gilmore? Well thanks to the Washington Redskins the price for elite corners is about 15 million a year. Buffalo can’t pay Gilmore that much and pay Tyrod.

Josh Norman is only a zone corner. He still makes 15 million a year.  Gilmore is a man to man corner. So theoretically Gilmore is worth more. Can the Bills pay him like Norman? No. I think Gilmore will be happy for a pay raise.  It doesn’t have to be 15 million but I don’t think Gilmore wants to hurt the team in order to get a pay raise.

Gilmore will get paid. He will probably get a contract before the season starts. If he doesn’t, he can live with playing under the franchise tag next season. I bet Gilmore will still show up to camp too.

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2016 NFL Season Preview and Predictions

By Brian Jones

For football fans everywhere there are certain points on the football calendar to look forward to and tomorrow is definitely one of them as training camp for all 32 teams gets underway. Before the first official whistle gets blown, however, I’m going to make some bold predictions and give some random opinions on this upcoming season. The Road To The Super Bowl officially starts tomorrow and only one team will win it all. Here is how I believe things will shake out, starting with the AFC and NFC West Divisions (all divisions in predicted order of finish with record):

AFC West

Oakland Raiders (11-5)

Kansas City Chiefs (9-7)

Denver Broncos (7-9)

San Diego Chargers (4-12)

No, that’s no typo and yes, I have Oakland winning 11 games and the division. Seriously. The Chiefs have key injuries on both sides of the ball, a game manager at quarterback and key injuries from players on both sides of the ball. The Chargers are still a mess unto themselves and the Broncos are deciding if Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez or Trevor Simian will be their starting quarterback this season (Von Miller can’t do it all). It all adds up to Oakland taking this division and making their first playoff appearance in 13 years.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals (12-4)

Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

Los Angeles Rams (6-10)

San Francisco 49ers (1-15)

So we got 2 teams that’ll contend for home field advantage and the Super Bowl, one team that’ll contend for pride and little else and one team what will likely be the league’s doormat this season. Seattle and Arizona will fight to see who wins the division while the Rams will look the part of a competitive team but have Jeff Fisher still leading them down the wrong path. Meanwhile, can San Francisco win a game this season (they have a chance to go 0-16)?

NFC South 

Carolina Panthers (10-6)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8)

Atlanta Falcons (7-9)

New Orleans Saints (7-9)

Carolina ran away with the division and the NFC last season and still have the pieces in place to make another Super Bowl run as one of the NFL’s more competitive divisions continues to rebuild. Atlanta’s late season nosedive still has me concerned and New Orleans is in a bit of a transition on both sides of the ball. Tampa Bay’s successes will hinge on Jameis Winston and his continued development. With everything considered, Cam Newton and Carolina win the division with little trouble this season.

AFC South

Houston Texans (11-5)

Indianapolis Colts (10-6)

Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)

Tennessee Titans (6-10)

This division could go one of 3 ways – the Colts, Jags or Texans could win the division crown. Houston has the most talent and better overall roster (on paper) and they are the pick here. Andrew Luck can’t stay healthy and is turnover prone while Jacksonville has the pieces to win but may not be ready. Tennessee is still rebuilding and won’t be in the division basement for long. Texans should win the division for the second straight season but don’t at all be surprised if Indianapolis or Jacksonville find a way to pull it off.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers (11-5)

Minnesota Vikings  (11-5)

Chicago Bears (7-9)

Detroit Lions (5-11)

Another division with 2 playoff caliber teams and 2 doormats. Minnesota is a few players away from becoming a Super Bowl contender while Detroit and Chicago both have gunslingers at quarterback with Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler…but both teams have marginal defenses and little else to fall back on. Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers and that, along with a championship-caliber roster, will keep Green Bay in the driver’s seat in the division but Minnesota will be there all season to contend for the division crown.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)

Baltimore Ravens (11-5)

Cincinnati Bengals (8-8)

Cleveland Browns (4-12)

This division is about hard-hitting defenses and explosive offenses and this season will be no different. Baltimore’s Joe Flacco should recover from his ACL injury while Pittsburgh will bring back a healthy roster after injuries hampered them down the stretch last season. Both teams have the defenses and overall talent to win it all in 2016. The Bengals lost a lot of talent in free agency and didn’t do much to replace it. That will show this season as the Bengals will take a step back. Browns fans may want to have the Cavaliers’ championship parade on standby because there’s not going to be a lot to cheer about in Cleveland as another rebuilding project gets underway.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys (10-6)

New York Giants (9-7)

Washington Redskins (7-9)

Philadelphia Eagles (6-10)

Yes, you read that correctly, I said Dallas will win 10 games and the division. Until Kirk Cousins can beat a team with a winning record you can put much stock in Washington’s chances this season. The Eagles are in a full rebuild now so don’t expect much from them either. The Giants made upgrades on defense and possibly have Victor Cruz returning on offense but if Dallas can stay healthy and keep Tony Romo in one piece that will be enough for them to win the division this season.

AFC East

New England Patriots (13-3)

New York Jets (8-8)

Miami Dolphins (6-10)

Buffalo Bills (6-10)

This was the easiest division to predict. Most think that since Tom Brady is suspended for four games the rest of the division will get off to a fast start and take advantage, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. The Jets have all the pieces and no quarterback while the Dolphins don’t have enough talent to keep up. Buffalo has the talent but can Rex Ryan do enough with it to save his job? How will things play out? Brady comes back, plays angry on the way to 13 wins, league MVP and another AFC East division title in his pocket.

So there it is, my fearless predictions on how this season will play out…but before I wrap this up here are my predictions on how the championship games and Super Bowl will play out:

AFC Championship: New England over Houston 35-27

NFC Championship: Arizona over Carolina 38-33

Super Bowl LI: New England over Arizona 37-27 (Tom Brady wins MVP)

I’m aware that most, if not all, of what I’ve laid out here may  or may not come true (that’s why they’re called predictions)…but just to be fair we’ll revisit this the Tuesday after the regular season and the Tuesday after the Super Bowl to see how right (or wrong) I was. Football is FINALLY back and this season promises to be another good one full of big games, interesting storylines and excitement that only the NFL can provide. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how things play out this season.

The Buffalo Bills Are Coming in Hot!

Written by Ralph Uriarte
Twitter @

The wait is almost over and football camp is right around the corner. 

Ready or not here come the Buffalo Bills. They’re hungry and after coming so close last season the team can taste the playoffs. This year will be different, this year they have a secret weapon. 

Motivation is the secret recipe the Bills will use to get over the hump this season.  Death brings sadness. Death also makes you look at your own life and accomplishments. Recently the great Buddy Ryan unfortunately passed away. Ryan is father to two coaches on the Bills staff. Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan. The motivation of cementing their family’s legacy will drive them this season. Legacy defines one’s sense of self. The Ryan’s family legacy is not yet complete. The Bills organization has massive shoes to fill with the loss of Buddy and the Ryan twins are ready to fill that void.

Questions still remain whether Shaq Lawson will be ready for the season. Will Sammy Watkins be 100%. These things matter, but in the grand scheme I think Rex will figure it out if it doesn’t go according to plan. Karlos Williams is suspended for four games. That just means LeSean McCoy has to step up and the Bills are searching for a cheap veteran minimum player as an insurance policy. No big deal.

Rex will find a way to win this season. Somehow or some way. The Bills will make it to the playoffs. The Bills will fight for what they believe they deserve.

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Why it’s Playoffs or bust for Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills

Fans are restless in Buffalo New York and it’s time for Rex Ryan and company to deliver or they might be left out in the cold

Written by Ralph Uriarte

Twitter @RUriarteJR

Not long ago amid much fan fare waltzed in head coach Rex Ryan, full of brovado and promises. Buffalo Bills fans were excited and optimistic.

A year later and fans might stop to rethink there initial warm welcome.  Ryan has not coached a team above .500 since 2010. Bills fans watched as Ryan brought his brother Rob Ryan into the Bills organization this off season to assist him in the defensive side of the ball. Rob was fired by the Saints for his inability to get positive results from the defense. 

Will two Ryan’s be better than one? We’ll have to tune in and see.

Rex may have left the circus back in New York, but he needs to prove he can compete. Last seasons 8-8 season was admirable, but fans want playoff wins, fans want divisional titles. Can the Bills win in a division with the New York Jets and New England Patriots? Can Rex build a great defense, yes he can. Can Tyrod Taylor light up the score board? Yes he can.

Rex’s success this season may rest in the hands of his offense led by LeSean McCoy, Taylor and injured Sammy Watkins.

One major blemish on Rex and General Manager Doug Whaley was the selection of Shaq Lawson in this years draft, knowing full well he would need shoulder surgery. Fans were told Shaq could play the season and have surgery next year, but Shaq couldn’t even participate in not contact drills before aggravating the injury and needed surgery this off season. Fans don’t like being lied to. The Bills knew full well how bad the injury was, at least they should have. If they didn’t, they have bigger problems. 

With some lucky charms, horse shoes, fairy dust and unicorn hair Sammy can heal one hundred percent and play an entire season at the top of his game, in that scenario,  Bills have a great chance to pull the division from the clutches of defeat.

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