4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Cowboys


By Niner Faithful

The Niners come back home to Levis Stadium this week to face longtime rival the Dallas Cowboys. You cannot tell the story of the Niners without talking about the Cowboys. There is the game that T.O. stood on the star twice in Dallas, Elvis Grbac beating them in Dallas in 95, the beat down at the Stick in 81, Steve’s victory lap in 94 and you can’t forget every Niner fans favorite the play that is known only as The Catch (shout out to Eric Wright for his tackle to save the game) just to name a few.  The all-time series is tied 17-17-1 with Dallas coming from behind to win last year 24-17 at Levis. The biggest storyline this week is the first career start of rookie QB C.J. Beathard after replacing Brian Hoyer in the second quarter last week. Kyle Shanahan has named C.J. the starter for the rest of the season so all eyes are on him to see if he can do enough to maybe have the Niners not get a QB in free agency or the draft. Here are my 4 keys to victory to start the Beathard era off right and help us get our first win against the Crygirls.

  1. Stop Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott’s 6 game suspension was pushed back this week by more court appeals and a bunch of stuff that I don’t understand. The main point is he is going to play this week. Last year he torched us for 138 yards and a TD on 23 carries. The Cowboys rely heavily on their run game to take the pressure off Dak Prescott. The Niners have done nice job vs the run this year but this will be our biggest test of the season so far. If Elliott goes off it will be very hard for the Niners to win. If we stop him it will go a long way to getting our first win.


  1. Stay on the Field

The Niners have been trash all year on converting on 3rd down (going 28/91 30.8%)there are many reasons for that and while some of them I believe are fixed by Beathard’s ability to get a first down with his legs penalties drops and negative plays have been the main reason. If we are to have a chance in this game we must keep Dallas off the field while allowing our D to keep fresh.


  1. Get off the Field

Just like on offense the Niners have been bad on defense when it comes to 3rd conversions (43/90 48%). While the offense isn’t helping by going 3 and out all the time when you are allowing teams to convert such a high percentage those extra plays add up and lead to us being tired at the end of the game. Kyle Shanahan said he was optimistic that Rueben Foster would return to limited bases this week so that should help. Even with the 5ava6e coming back we need all 11 on D to get off the Field on 3rd.


  1. Win it for Dwight

On Sunday 36 players from our 81 Super Bowl team are coming to Levis to honor # 87 as he continues his battle with ALS. At halftime Joe and Dwight are speaking to the Faithful in what I’m sure will be an emotional speech. They say to know where you are going you must first know where you have been. I know that the Niners will want to honor our past and it starts by representing what it means to put on the Red and Gold and live up to the standard that the man on the field at halftime began in 1981. I’m sure that if you ask Mr. Clark the best way the Niners can honor him is to get that W.

My prayers go out to Mr. Clark as he battles ALS you are one of the most beloved Niners ever and everything said about you on Sunday won’t speak enough of what you meant to the Red and Gold. GO NINERS!!!!!

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4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Redskins

49ers Redskins Football

By Niner Faithful

This week the Niners finish their 3 game road trip against the Washington Redskins in Landover, Maryland. For the second week in a row the Niners face a former Niner this time, Vernon Davis. The Niners last played in Indy in 2009 and lost 18-14. The Niners hold a 20-10-1 advantage in the all times series and have won 4 in a row going back to 2008(That was the game we named Mike Singletary our coach. Also I was at that game).The Redskins are coming of a bye week so they are going to be well rested and have 2 weeks to get ready. Its games like theses where people think we have no shot that we seem to end up playing our best football. Here are my 4 keys to proving the doubters wrong.

  1. Score a TD early

The Niners have had issues scoring touchdowns all year. Scoring first would not only give us a lead but also allow the Niners to play relaxed and loose. The perfect scenario would be for the defense or special teams to get an early turnover and put the offense to score an easy touchdown to get some confidence. And scoring early also allows the defense to not try to play perfect.


  1. Do your job

Last week there were too many break downs on defense that caused to big plays. And it’s never just one thing or one player. We lost containment on a bunch of running plays and 3rd downs continued to be a problem. And last week you saw to Colts go after Rashard Robinson and expose him as not a top corner (yet). The defense did get 3 sacks and a pick to save/set up the win for us. But overall the defense needs to play far better this week if we are going to win.

  1. Play more consistent on Offense

The Offense has been inconsistent all year. There are times when it looks really good and you start to dream about things that could be. And then there are times that you wonder why on earth we brought in (insert player name here). No one is expecting this to look like the 80’s in Kyle Shanahan’s first year but this will be the Niners 6th game I don’t think it’s too much to ask to score 2 td’s a game.


  1. Let’s see our Defense play together for a whole game.

11 snaps that’s all that Reuben Foster played in week one before he got hurt. Eric Reid went out the next game at Seattle. With both players making their returns to practice this week the hope is for the first time since week one we will have all 11 starts out on the field. Maybe not for the whole game but enough that I should make a difference.

If we follow my 4 keys and #56 and # 35 play there shouldn’t be a reason why we don’t get our first win.  GO NINERS!!!!!

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4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Colts


By Niner Faithful

This week the Niners travel to Indianapolis, Indiana to face former Niner Frank Gore and the Colts for the second of three straight road games. The Niners last played in Indy in 2009 and lost 18-14. The Colts hold a 25-19 advantage in the all times series (although the series is split 4-4 since the Colts have moved to Indy). The biggest storyline going into the game is Frank Gore’s first game against the Niners since leaving the team as a free agent after the 2014 season. On his conference call with Bay Area reporters this week  Frank said he is no longer bitter about the team letting him go and still bleeds 49ers Frank is the world’s biggest competitor and I know he wants to get a win badly. As much as I love frank here are my 4 keys to victory to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Get more sacks

The Colts have given up 11 sacks in 4 games this year and have given up 3 sacks in 3 different games. Any Quarterback is going to struggle when he’s being pressured so getting after Brissett is key. After harassing Palmer all game long last week (getting 16 hits and pressures to go along with 6 sacks). Look for the D line to try and put on the same type of performance this week.


  1. Have better coverage

Although the Niners secondary did a nice job on Larry Fitzgerald for most of the game the secondary still had its issues in coverage last week. On the touchdown that ended the game there was pre-snap confusion that ended up costing us the game. While the Colts don’t have a receiver close to the level of Fitzgerald T.Y. Hilton is a young talented receiver that came make plays if the secondary isn’t on top of its game.


  1. Offense needs to be on the same page

The Niners didn’t score a touchdown for the 3rd time in 4 games last week. And in the 4th quarter when the game was there to win, the Niners went 3 and out on all 5 4thquarter possessions gaining a total of negative 6 yards in the process. To top all of that off you could tell that Brian Hoyer and his receivers were not on the same page and when they were, the receiver would drop the ball or the play would be called back because of a penalty. If the Niners want to win this game they cannot have a repeat performance like that.

  1. Make the plays to win

For the first time in Niners history, they have lost 3 games in a row by a total of 8 points and each by no more than 3. That’s how close we are to being 3-1 instead of 0-4. Football is a game of inches and more times than not winning comes down to one or two plays in key situations. It is time to see this football team take a step make a play and win the game.

I want to apologize for technical difficulties on the show Monday it was extremely embarrassing it has been fixed for this week’s show thanks for your understanding and GO NINERS!!!!!

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4 Keys to Victory: Niners vs Cardinals


By Niner Faithful

This week the Niners travel to Glendale, Arizona to face the Cardinals for the first of three straight road games. The Niners lost last year in Arizona 23-20 on a last-second field goal. Although the Niners have not won in Arizona since 2013 we do lead the all-time series 29-22. The Niners haven’t played since Thursday Night and should be well rested, while Arizona is coming off a short week after losing to the Cowboys on Monday Night Football. Those few extra days off could be the difference in the game and help the Niners win our first game of the year. Here are this weeks 4 Keys to victory.

  1. Keep Larry Fitzgerald in check

Larry Fitzgerald has torched the Niners during his career in Arizona. In 13 seasons he has never missed a game against the Niners and has a total of 154 catches 2,091 yards and 16 touchdowns in 26 games. After catching 13 passes for 149 yards and a touchdown on Monday night it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down in year 14 so holding him in check will go a long way in winning Sunday’s game.


  1. Do not turn over the Football

Brain Hoyer put the Niners in the hole right away last week by throwing a pick the very first play of the game. Raheem Mostert also had a fumble that killed a drive in LA territory. Both turnovers led to points (a TD and a FG). Arizona is not as high scoring as they used to be but Carson Palmer is still a good QB and the more chances you give him he’ll eventually burn you and as we saw last year sometimes that’s all it takes.


  1. Get off the field on 3rd down

The Niners Defense was dreadful on 3rd down allowing the Rams to convert 8 of 12 3rd downs. The Niners Offense isn’t helping much by not converting on 3rd down themselves, but the D can make things easier on themselves by getting off the field on 3rd down and giving the Niners Offense as many chances as they can to put points on the board while also allowing them to be fresh.

  1. Can someone get a sack, please

The Niners got zero sacks last week and very little pressure. That’s two times in the first three weeks that we have been shut out in the sack department (the other time was week 1 vs the Panthers). That is unacceptable for a team that has invested so many high rounds picks in the D line. With Tank Carradine going on IR this week the opportunity and pressure will be on the younger players to step up (paging Aaron Lynch, Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas).

Arizona’s window is closing while they are still a good team they are nowhere near the team they used to be. Because of that, there is no reason for me to believe that the Niners can’t go make plays and go get a W. GO NINERS!!!!!

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4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Rams

UntitledBy Niner Faithful

The Niners come back home to Levis for a week 3 match up on Thursday Night game vs the LA Rams. The Rams are the Niners oldest rival, the two teams have been playing games since 1950. The Niners hold a 68-64-3 advantage all time and currently have a 3 game winning streak. The Niners shutout the Rams 28-0 in last year’s season opener at Levis. Both teams changed their head coach and are trying to change the recent futures of their franchises and Thursday night’s game may go a long way in deciding how the first year will go.

  1. Score a Touchdown

The Niners have now gone 8 quarters without scoring a touchdown and it was one of the main reason we lost in Seattle. The offense cannot have a repeat performance of the last two weeks if they hope to come away with our first victory Thursday night.


  1. Convert on 3rd down

The Niners offense has been dreadful on the money down this year. Going 2-12 on Sunday in Seattle. On a short week and with the defense being on the field for 35:58 on Sunday they will simply not have the gas to play a game like that again. The Niners must stay on the field this week and converting on 3 down is going to go a long way towards that.


  1. Catch the Football

The Marquise Goodwin has gotten his share of well-deserved share criticism for his drops. He has dropped  two touchdowns in two games(at least in my opinion if not at least first and goal). He and the other Niners must catch the ball when its put where it needs it to be. So far the Niners haven’t been able to overcome drops so holding on to the ball is key.

  1. Make a play when you get the chance

In Sundays game there were plenty of chances to make plays on the defense ( Robinson’s two dropped picks) and offense ( Goodwin’s drops). The point is sometimes you just got make a play to help your team win. At the end of the day that’s what Russell Wilson did for Seattle and that’s why they won the game. There is no reason the Niners can’t do the same and win on Thursday.

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4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Seahawks

Niners Vs Seahawks

By Niner Faithful

The Niners travel to Seattle in Week 2 of the regular season for the first of two games vs the Seahawks. The Niners last played in Seattle Week 3 of last year losing 37-18. This will be the 38th meeting between the two teams with Seattle holding an 22-15 advantage in the series (and has won the last 5 games in Seattle and the last 6 overall). Here are 4 keys that will go a long way in reversing that trend and even our record to 1-1.

  1. Take down Russell Wilson

The Niners D line had zero sacks last week and Cam Newton had all day to throw. If that trend continues Wilson will pick us a part. Pressure isn’t enough when you’re playing Wilson. He has the ability to extend plays with legs till a receiver gets open or if no one is open to take off and run (see any Niners Seahawks games since 2012). Seattle’s O line is considered to be the weakest position group on the team and the Niners should be able to get to Wilson after Seattle gave up 3 sacks last week vs the Packers.



  1. Keep Brian Hoyer clean this time

Seattle had 4 sacks vs the Packers week one (although the Packers don’t have the world’s greatest O line). Seattle has a great D line with players like Michael Bennett, Cliff Avriland, and new comer Sheldon Richardson. To make things worse the Niners O line struggled mightily vs the Panthers giving up 4 sacks and 8 QB pressures (Freakin Zane Beadles) and this was one of the reasons we never really got any offense going. Laken Tomlinson is going to have a chance to start this week or at least get some playing time according to Kyle Shanahan. Weather there is any changes to the starting line or not the o line must be better or it’s going to be another long day in Seattle.



  1. Run the Football

Carlos Hyde only had 9 carries for 45 yards and Matt Breida only 4 carries for 11 yards. That is not enough running for an offense and Quarterback that needs play action. In recent years the game has gotten out of hand so fast that we have had to abandon the run. For the Niners to stay in this game Hyde must carry the ball more than 9 times to wear down Seattle’s defense and not allow Seattle’s pass rushers to pin their ears back and get after Brian Hoyer.


  1. Clean up mistakes

Last week the Niners committed 10 penalties (74 yards) had 2 turnovers (both by Brian Hoyer. One was a fumble on a strip sack and the other a pick on the first play of the second half) a few dropped balls and a fair amount of missed tackles. When you put all of them together mistakes are the reason why we lost the game. The Niners just don’t have the talent yet to overcome that many self-inflicted wounds. If the same mistakes happen this week it will be hard to have a different outcome.


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4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Panthers


By Niner Faithful

The Niners open the 2017 Season at home against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers won last year’s game in Carolina 46-27. This will be the 19th time the two teams have played each other in the regular season (The Panthers holding a 12-7 edge). The Niners hold the longest Opening Day win streak in the NFL at 6 games and for that to continue this is what I feel we need to do.

  • Keep Christian McCaffrey contained

Christian McCaffrey was one of the most exciting players in college football last year (totaling 1913 yards and 16 TDs from scrimmage). He’s playing in his first NFL game in the stadium right up the road from where he played college. I’m sure he’s going to want to put on a show. Keeping him in check would go a long way in making sure the Niners come away with a W in week 1.


  • Keep Panthers Offense off the field

The Panthers already had a high powered offense with players Like Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin (not to mention what Cam Newton can do with his legs) and with the drafting of Christian McCaffrey their offense got a lot more dangerous. Winning the time of possession is not only going to keep our Defense fresh but also keep the Panther’s offense off the field.


  • Keep pressure on Cam Newton

If you give any quarterback in the NFL all day to throw he will pick you apart add that to fact the Niners will most likely be without Jimmie Ward and have a young and unproven secondary and harassing Cam Newton becomes one of the top priorities of the D line. The Niners only managed a sack and 3 QB hits last year in Carolina that number should improve and must if the Niners are going to win on Sunday.


  • Keep Brian Hoyer clean

The Panthers were number two in the league last year with 47 sacks combine that with the fact that the Niners gave up just as many sacks last year and you could see how this is key to a Niners victory. The Niners have issues on the interior line (both Guard spots)and if this shows in the game it will cause the Offense to stall and it will start the domino effect that lead to the Defense being on the field last year and we all remember how that turned out.


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