4 Keys To Victory: Niners VS Yams Round 2

By Niner Faithful

First of all this week I would like to start off by saying Happy New Year!!!!! May the Lord bring you health, wealth and happiness in 2018. Now that that’s out of the way, on to football. It’s here, week 17, the last game of the season. And while this season may not have brought us that 6th trophy to put in the trophy case at 4949. It has brought us hope for the future but more on that next week. This year we close out the season by playing the (I can’t believe I’m saying this) playoff bound LA Yams. As we all know in the week 3 meeting between these teams we lost 41-39 (but we all know Trent Taylor did not push off). The Yams have already said they are going to rest most of their starters, now that doesn’t mean this will be an easy game by any means. But it does mean that a winnable game became even more winnable. After beating the Jags last week the Niners are on a 4 game winning streak for the first time since 2013 and are looking for our first 5 game winning streak since 2013 as well. So let’s keep the streak alive. Here are the last Keys to victory for the 2017 season.


  1. Stay humble and hungry

The Niners have had a lot of success lately. The type of success that can start to make you think that you have arrived and lose focus. Now we all know that Kyle Shanahan and his staff are going to do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. But it’s up to the players to take that message to heart. And with the Yams sitting most starters a little bit of complacency can creep in and that’s the last thing we need.


  1. Stay healthy

We all know the story of this season as far as injuries are concerned. It started in Training camp with Malcolm Smith and has continued throughout the season with 20 players ending the season on IR and what seems like every player missing time this year due to injury. There would be nothing worse than if someone were to go down with an major injury, because that would likely mean they would miss some of the offseason program if not the whole year. So staying healthy is important not only for winning this game but next season as well.


  1. Do not get swept in the division

Although we have won 4 in a row and 5 out of our last 6 we have yet to beat a division opponent all year (in fact the only losses we have had since week 9 have been to teams in the division). The Niners have never loss every game in the division since the realignment in 2002. We have already set a franchise record for most losses to start a season I don’t think we want to set a new one for losses in the division.

  1. BEAT LA for the bay

Being from Nor Cal any team from So Cal is a hated team (although I am a Lakers fan). You hear the BEAT LA chant no matter what stadium you are in throughout Nor Cal. And with the Yams being our longest rival beating them is going to make our 6th victory even sweeter.

I can’t believe that the season is over. It just seems like the draft was yesterday. I am very blessed to have to opportunity to write for sports elite and for all my Empire brothers and sisters. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I have had writing them. And although my keys to victory won’t be back till next year I will still continue to write blogs every week. So till next week GO NINERS!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!

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