4 Keys to Victory: Niners vs Cardinals


By Niner Faithful

This week the Niners travel to Glendale, Arizona to face the Cardinals for the first of three straight road games. The Niners lost last year in Arizona 23-20 on a last-second field goal. Although the Niners have not won in Arizona since 2013 we do lead the all-time series 29-22. The Niners haven’t played since Thursday Night and should be well rested, while Arizona is coming off a short week after losing to the Cowboys on Monday Night Football. Those few extra days off could be the difference in the game and help the Niners win our first game of the year. Here are this weeks 4 Keys to victory.

  1. Keep Larry Fitzgerald in check

Larry Fitzgerald has torched the Niners during his career in Arizona. In 13 seasons he has never missed a game against the Niners and has a total of 154 catches 2,091 yards and 16 touchdowns in 26 games. After catching 13 passes for 149 yards and a touchdown on Monday night it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down in year 14 so holding him in check will go a long way in winning Sunday’s game.


  1. Do not turn over the Football

Brain Hoyer put the Niners in the hole right away last week by throwing a pick the very first play of the game. Raheem Mostert also had a fumble that killed a drive in LA territory. Both turnovers led to points (a TD and a FG). Arizona is not as high scoring as they used to be but Carson Palmer is still a good QB and the more chances you give him he’ll eventually burn you and as we saw last year sometimes that’s all it takes.


  1. Get off the field on 3rd down

The Niners Defense was dreadful on 3rd down allowing the Rams to convert 8 of 12 3rd downs. The Niners Offense isn’t helping much by not converting on 3rd down themselves, but the D can make things easier on themselves by getting off the field on 3rd down and giving the Niners Offense as many chances as they can to put points on the board while also allowing them to be fresh.

  1. Can someone get a sack, please

The Niners got zero sacks last week and very little pressure. That’s two times in the first three weeks that we have been shut out in the sack department (the other time was week 1 vs the Panthers). That is unacceptable for a team that has invested so many high rounds picks in the D line. With Tank Carradine going on IR this week the opportunity and pressure will be on the younger players to step up (paging Aaron Lynch, Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas).

Arizona’s window is closing while they are still a good team they are nowhere near the team they used to be. Because of that, there is no reason for me to believe that the Niners can’t go make plays and go get a W. GO NINERS!!!!!

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A New York Knicks Movie: Straight to VHS


By Will Stevenson

As the sports world reunites for the fall schedule, the College Football scene and the lacklusterness of NFL Quarterbacking has dominated the conversation. So here we are, on September 21st, and Carmelo Anthony has yet to be traded. The entire NBA 2017 offseason has been fueled by changes to NBA Front Offices that are inspiring to eventually take down the Golden State Warriors. In the case of the New York Knicks, that would not be the case.

What had started as a smear campaign led by former Knicks President and insurgent Phil Jackson, has now dwindled down to this: Will Carmelo Anthony walk into training camp as a Knick? A Rocket? Or maybe even a Trailblazer? With the Knicks bringing in former Orlando Magic and Sacramento King’s Front Office personnel into their front office, they seem to want to continue future ‘Knick-dom’ in spite of the previous shortcomings. The decision on whether or not to trade Anthony doesn’t seem like a real question of why — It has now begun to focus on when.

The Knicks, like many teams in the NBA, have constructed poor rosters filled with average players and below average contracts. Of course, having Kristaps and Willy Hernangomez on rookie contracts is nothing average, but will the sins of Phil Jackson continue to hurt the Knicks going forward? They allowed Jackson to run two of their only “stars” into the public mud throughout the season and into the offseason. They allowed Jackson to sign Noah to a max deal, and continue to hamstring Jeff Hornacek with the triangle. Could this be the year the Knicks crawl out of the lottery and into the playoffs this season? Probably not. But I will say they have a better opportunity to make a run with Carmelo Anthony, rather than without him.

So where does Carmelo end up: Rockets? Trailblazers? A mystery team? Carmelo was given his No-Trade Clause by Jackson, and he has used it in every possible way. How freeing is it to watch a 33-year-old scorer scoff at the idea of a company attempting to get rid of him? I know many people view Anthony as a ball-hog, ball-dominant selfish player, but I would remind you to look at who he plays for. Anthony plays for an organization that has not lived up to any expectations as a basketball franchise. From free agent signings, coaching changes, firings, drafting and front office moves, Anthony has been the one constant fans could count on.

The Rockets have been adamant about not adjusting their trade offer that will only include Ryan Anderson, a sharpshooting big man with no defense and would quickly be pushed to the bench in small-ball lineups. The Blazers seem to be the best fit as far as trade pieces, but if the Blazers haven’t learned from last season with their acquisition of a ball-dominant forward, then they will never learn. They acquired Evan Turner last offseason and his mix with Lillard and McCollum was nothing to love. The Rockets, who have ensured their bench with 3 and D veteran wings have the opportunity to bring in Anthony for a one-year rental, along with Chris Paul whom they acquired this offseason via trade.

The way the trade market has been saturated with leaks and inside information has almost lowered the leverage any of these teams had at one point in time. The Kings, Pacers, Celtics, and Bulls have given opposing teams hope that they too can trade crumbled chips for a star on the way out. Anthony isn’t causing issues on the court, nor in the locker room. He isn’t being investigated, arrested, or being accused of being a cancer to the younger players on the team. So what is the problem? Most are just angry that Anthony hasn’t led them to a title, or even the Conference Finals, even though Anthony has been the same player throughout his career.

Once Anthony is traded, finally, Knicks fans will move over to the next victim: Kristaps Porzingis. Because once Anthony cannot be blamed, you will realize it wasn’t his fault, to begin with.

NFL Week 3 Predictions: Attention All Offensive Coordinators, Please Make It Interesting.

By: Will Stevenson

Oh the NFL season is a few weeks old, and I have yet to venture into the full fanatic mode. I thought Colin Kaepernick news would keep me from watching, but it didn’t. I still wanted to watch a game I have loved since I can remember. I thought the domestic violence cases would steer me away, yet again, here I am. Those things haven’t deterred me, but the play of the quarterbacks have. We all remember the Trent Dilfers, Rich Gannons, and Brad Johnsons of the world and how we viewed them as “game managers”. I even remember how we never wanted such a quarterback, because eventually, they would face an opposing quarterback that could and would get the ball down the field in a hurry. Of course, those game managers were needed because they have defenses that would subdue any offensive system into a 13-10 game: You know, classic football. These days, for every Derek Carr and Carson Wentz are three Brad Johnsons, without the dominating defense to match. 22 of 30, 223 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int. 13 for 19, 156 yards, 2 TD, 0 Int. Is this what we really wanted? The rules are in favor of the offense, and these offenses are still suffering at an alarming rate when it comes to big plays attempted. Now, it is early in the season, so there is an adjustment period, but it looks more and more like offenses are depending on matchups, rather than athleticism and it stinks right now to watch. Nevertheless, Week 3 is coming, and I will be here for all the predictions against the spread.

Thanks to the Redzone and not participation in Fantasy Sports, there will be a few games I won’t have to sit around and stomach, but there are still a few games that can bring our football spirits back to life.

Eagles vs Giants: Although I have the Eagles trouncing the Giants on Sunday, I have a false faith in the Giants returning to a playoff form. Carson Wentz is pushing the ball downfield, which I like, and the Eagles D-Line looks to feast on a Giants O-Line that is reeling.

Falcons vs Lions: Two offenses, Two down the field quarterbacks (even though Stafford Lion’d it up last week) and two teams that are looking to go 3-0.

Chiefs vs Chargers: Will Phillip Rivers lose another close game? Will Alex Smith keep defying the odds and throw the ball downfield? Stay tuned.

Seahawks vs Titans: An east coast game for the Seahawks, but it is at 4:05, so hopefully the Seattle offense will come to play. We know the O-Line of the Seahawks ahs be dreadful the past couple of years, but will they get it into gear? Will the Titans take hold of the AFC as a future contender?

Cowboys vs Cardinals: I have the Cardinals winning, but that’s just wishful thinking. A stinker from a stand-alone game for Carson Palmer could signal the end of his run. Although, a loss for the Cowboys would send the world into hiding. I like the latter.


Los Angeles Rams  -2.5  13 (W) Cover
San Francisco 49ers  9 8:25pm
Baltimore Ravens -3.5  17 (W) Cover
Jacksonville Jaguars  13 9:30am
New Orleans Saints  20
Carolina Panthers -6  24 (W) No cover 1:00pm
New York Giants  13
Philadelphia Eagles -6  27 (W) Cover 1:00pm
Denver Broncos -3  23 (W) Cover
Buffalo Bills  9 1:00pm
Miami Dolphins -6  24 (W) Cover
New York Jets  13 1:00pm
Houston Texans  20
New England Patriots -13.5  24 (W) No Cover 1:00pm
Tampa Bay Buccaneers NL  13 (W)
Minnesota Vikings NL  10 1:00pm
Atlanta Falcons -3  34 (Win) Cover
Detroit Lions  30 1:00pm
Cleveland Browns Even  6
Indianapolis Colts Even  10 (W) 1:00pm
Pittsburgh Steelers -7  23 (W)
Chicago Bears  6 1:00pm
Seattle Seahawks  17 (Win)
Tennessee Titans -3  16 4:05pm
Kansas City Chiefs -3  27 (W) No Cover
Los Angeles Chargers  25 4:25pm
Cincinnati Bengals  24
Green Bay Packers -8.5  34 (W) Cover 4:25pm
Oakland Raiders -3  24 (W) Cover
Washington Redskins  20 8:30pm
Dallas Cowboys -3  13
Arizona Cardinals  17 (W) 8:30pm

Eagles Fall Short to Chiefs

Week 2 did not go as well as Week 1, with the Eagles losing in a good matchup against the Chiefs, 27-20. The last second Hail Mary didn’t work and the Eagles will be going into Week 3 with a 1-1 record.

Carson Wentz had another remarkable game. He obviously has shown a lot of improvement from last season. This week, he had 25 completions out of 46 attempts (54.3%) for 333 yards and 2 touchdowns. He did throw one interception however. He also had 4 attempts for 55 rushing yards and fumbled twice, but both were recovered by the Eagles. His passer rating was 83.0.

The running game did terrible. LeGarrette Blount didn’t get a single carry. Quarterback Wentz led the team in rushing yards. Second was Darren Sproles, who had 10 carries for 48 yards. Wendell Smallwood had 3 attempts for 4 yards.

As opposed to their running, the Eagles did very well in passing. Wentz threw for 333 yards to 9 different targets. Tight end Zach Ertz had the most yards, with 97 yards in 5 receptions. He also has 3030 career receiving yards, becoming the 9th fastest player to reach 3000+ career receiving yards (63 games). Lead wideout Alshon Jeffery had 7 receptions for 92 yards and 1 touchdown after a quiet Week 1. Receiver Torrey Smith did better than last week with 4 receptions for 66 yards, but he also dropped a few passes that proved costly (including one in the end zone, which might have changed the game). Rookie Mack Hollins played his first NFL snaps, with 3 receptions for 32 yards. Running back Darren Sproles had 2 receptions for 30 yards. Nelson Agholor scored another touchdown, this one for 9 yards on his only target. However, it set up a potential game-tying drive, which did not work out. Running back LeGarrette Blount had 1 reception but failed to gain any yardage. Finally, Smallwood had 1 reception for a loss of 3 yards.

The offensive line did not protect very well. They let up 6 sacks for 34 yards. Left guard Isaac Seumalo looked extremely bad. He let up 4 of the 6 sacks. They are also a big reason in why the Eagles don’t like to rush the ball, but that’s also because the talent their sucks.

On defense, the Eagles let up 27 points but still did not do too bad. Vinny Curry, Rasul Douglas, and Malcolm Jenkins each had 4 tackles. Nigel Bradham and Corey Graham each had 3 (both also had 1 assisted). Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks both had a nice game, with 2 tackles and 1 sack each. Brandon Graham and Timmy Jernigan each had 2 tackles (2 assisted each); the duo also shared a sack. Chris Long had a sack, but other than that, it’s about it.  The secondary did better than expected, allowing 251 yards, but no more. The defensive line limited star running back Kareem Hunt to 13 carries for 81 yards. However, Hunt had a damaging 53 yard touchdown, as well as another touchdown.

Kicker Jake Elliot went 1/2 in field goals. He missed a 30 yard field goal at the end of the first half that would’ve tied the game up.

On a more positive note, the Dallas Cowboys lost 42-17 (😂😂😂) to the Cowboys, so at least we’re still first in our division.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out my other articles about the Eagles. Don’t forget to read my prediction for this game (which turned out pretty well) and don’t miss my prediction for next week’s game, when the Eagles head back home to the Linc to face the New York Giants in their home opener. Until then, this is Jacky Chen; have a nice day.

Result: Chiefs win 27-20

Saints Stephone Anthony Traded to the Dolphins.

It’s not the First Trade of the year for the Saints has Saints Fans remember (Cooks) Who The Saints just got done facing. Two years after taking him with the 32nd pick of the 2015 NFL draft, the Saints has decided to move on from linebacker Stephone Anthony. Now Saints will be facing two former saints comes in two weeks Kenny Stills from 2 years ago and Now Anthony.

The 25-year-old Anthony started all 16 games as a rookie in 2015, but he got less playing time in 2016 and hasn’t seen the field at all this year.

The Dolphins are in the market for a linebacker after they suspended linebacker Lawrence Timmons today. Timmons, who was listed to be Miami’s starting strong side linebacker for sunday’s game, who abruptly left the team on Saturday.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network later reported on twitter the Saints will receive a fifth-round pick in the 2018 draft..


Timothy Crouch Jr

4 Keys to victory: Niners VS Rams

UntitledBy Niner Faithful

The Niners come back home to Levis for a week 3 match up on Thursday Night game vs the LA Rams. The Rams are the Niners oldest rival, the two teams have been playing games since 1950. The Niners hold a 68-64-3 advantage all time and currently have a 3 game winning streak. The Niners shutout the Rams 28-0 in last year’s season opener at Levis. Both teams changed their head coach and are trying to change the recent futures of their franchises and Thursday night’s game may go a long way in deciding how the first year will go.

  1. Score a Touchdown

The Niners have now gone 8 quarters without scoring a touchdown and it was one of the main reason we lost in Seattle. The offense cannot have a repeat performance of the last two weeks if they hope to come away with our first victory Thursday night.


  1. Convert on 3rd down

The Niners offense has been dreadful on the money down this year. Going 2-12 on Sunday in Seattle. On a short week and with the defense being on the field for 35:58 on Sunday they will simply not have the gas to play a game like that again. The Niners must stay on the field this week and converting on 3 down is going to go a long way towards that.


  1. Catch the Football

The Marquise Goodwin has gotten his share of well-deserved share criticism for his drops. He has dropped  two touchdowns in two games(at least in my opinion if not at least first and goal). He and the other Niners must catch the ball when its put where it needs it to be. So far the Niners haven’t been able to overcome drops so holding on to the ball is key.

  1. Make a play when you get the chance

In Sundays game there were plenty of chances to make plays on the defense ( Robinson’s two dropped picks) and offense ( Goodwin’s drops). The point is sometimes you just got make a play to help your team win. At the end of the day that’s what Russell Wilson did for Seattle and that’s why they won the game. There is no reason the Niners can’t do the same and win on Thursday.

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Week 2: @Kansas City Predictions

Hey, what’s up people, it’s Jacky, and welcome to the analysis on the Week 2 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams had a tremendous first game, with the Chiefs defeated the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, 42-27. The Eagles, meanwhile, managed to take down their division rivals, the Washington Redskins, 30-17 to tie the Dallas Cowboys for first in the division. These two teams will be facing off at Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri. Here are the positional rankings and my prediction on the outcome (also, since the regular season has started, the rankings will be based on past performances this season and not on projections):


Eagles: Donnel Pumphrey (RB; hamstring), Ronald Darby (CB; ankle), Caleb Sturgis (K; hip), Destiny Vaeao (DL; wrist)

Chiefs: Eric Berry (S; ACL), Tamba Hali (LB; PUP) Spencer Ware (RB; LCL, PCL)


                             Kansas City Chiefs                               Philadelphia Eagles

QB:                             Alex Smith                                            Carson Wentz

Wait, what? Alex Smith is the quarterback for the Chiefs? No way! Because when I watched the game, I clearly remember this “Alex Smith” throwing deep passes to Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill! What happened to the old, decision-making, cautious Alex Smith?

With his job in jeopardy due to Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes being chosen by the Chiefs in the first round, Smith had to revise his game to remain a starter. He did that by doing something that he did rarely, throw deep passes. Smith went 3/4 in passes 20 yards or longer for a total of 178 yards and 2 touchdowns. His rating on the deep ball was 156.3. In total, he had 28 completions out of 35 attempts for 368 yards, 4 touchdowns, for a 148.6 passer rating.

Wentz also had a nice first game. The second-year had some nice plays under pressure in the game against the Redskins. He went 26/39 for 307 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also threw an interception and lost a fumble.

Smith obviously will take the quarterback position, as he had one of the best games of Week 1. He was given an 83.7 overall grade by Pro Football Focus (4th) as opposed to Wentz, who had a 70.2 overall grade (16th).


RB:                   Kareem Hunt                                           LeGarrette Blount

Ugh, Blount had a terrible debut with the Eagles. He had 14 attempts for 46 yards. But hey, at least he managed to get a touchdown, right, even though it was only a 1 yard receiving one. This isn’t good LeGarrette. You got destroyed by a rookie, Kareem Hunt. Now, Hunt’s game was a totally different story. The 86th overall pick in this year’s draft from Toledo didn’t get an opportunity to play until Week 4 of the preseason when Spencer Ware was injured. He started in Week 1 and his first NFL carry resulted in a lost fumble. Yikes! Well, long story short he turned that negative around and accumulated 148 rushing yards, 98 receiving yards, and 3 touchdowns (2 receiving). His total of 246 yards from scrimmage is the most yards in a debut game (breaking Lions running back Billy Sims record of 215 yards from 1980). The rookie could manipulate his routes and we even got to see him break some tackles, not to mention the fact that he’s fast. Great performance by Hunt who obviously had a better game than Blount. It will be nice to see how Hunt will do against a great front 7, but then again, the Patriots also had a good defensive line.


 WR 1:                 Tyreek Hill                                                 Alshon Jeffery

Now, we all know that speedster Tyreek Hill had a great first game but there is no way you can keep a straight face and say that he’s better than Alshon. Alshon suffered from tight coverage from two great defensive backs in Week 1. I’m not taking anything away from my favorite receiver Hill, though. He had 7 receptions for 133 yards and a touchdown (Patriots secondary was a mess added on to the fact that he’s just way too fast). Meanwhile, Alshon only had 3 receptions for 38 yards. Hill might’ve had a better game but Alshon has more talent, as you could see from his time with the Bears.


WR 2:                 Chris Conley                                                Torrey Smith

Neither wide receiver really proved a lot in the 1st week. Conley had 2 receptions for 43 yards. Smith only had 1 reception for 30 yards. Career-wise, Smith obviously has the advantage. Conley had more receiving yards though so he can have the edge here.


Slot:               Albert Wilson                                                 Nelson Agholor

Agholor is far from proving himself to be a great receiver but his Week 1 performance was enough to make anyone think that the Eagles maybe didn’t waste a pick on him. In his first game, he had a respectable 6 receptions for 86 yards and even scored a touchdown. Wilson didn’t nearly have as good a game as Nelson, posting 5 receptions for 37 yards. I’m not sure whether Agholor will keep up his Week 1 success, but Wilson probably won’t do too well either way.


TE:                  Travis Kelce                                                       Zach Ertz

Both of these tight ends are on the elite end of the list. However, Kelce is higher than Ertz. Travis Kelce didn’t have a better game than Ertz, but it’s still no argument that Kelce is one of the, if not the, best tight ends in the league today. Ertz is young and is getting there but Kelce gets the edge on this.


O-Line:              Chiefs                                                                  Eagles

The Chiefs offensive line is average, at best. It consists of rising star Eric Fisher, Bryan Witzmann, center Mitch Morse, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, and Mitchell Schwartz. The group is not what you would consider elite but at least they didn’t let up any sacks in Week 1. That could change, however, because of the Eagles strong defensive line.

The Eagles offensive line did pretty good in Week 1. Wentz was sacked twice but that was mostly due to the amount of time it takes for him to throw. Peters, Seumalo, Kelce, Johnson, and Brooks looked great together and Vaitai was added into the mix, too.



Defensive Line:      Chiefs                                                         Eagles

I haven’t stressed enough of the importance of the Eagles’ d-line to their team. They blitzed most of the plays in the game against the Redskins. It was very effective, holding the team to only 66 rushing yards.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, will not be able to beat the Eagles with their defensive line. With former Eagle, Bennie Logan, at nose tackle; talented second-year Chris Jones; and veteran Allen Bailey. In their first game, even with the sweeping victory, the d-line didn’t do too good, giving up 124 yards and three rushing touchdowns.


Linebackers:         Chiefs                                                          Eagles

The Chiefs’ linebackers are absolute beasts. Veterans Justin Houston and Derrick Johnson both have 4 Pro Bowl appearances each. Young Dee Ford is a backup to star Tamba Hali, but is also not doing bad himself. Second year Ramik Wilson had 96 tackles, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble/recovery, and 1 defensive touchdown.

The Eagles also have a good linebacker core, but they are, by no means, as good as the Chiefs. Their best linebacker in Jordan Hicks, who cannot compare to future Hall of Famer Justin Houston.


Secondary:              Chiefs                                                          Eagles

Not only do the Eagles have a bad secondary, but the Chiefs have a really good secondary. Sure, the Green Goblin had his first interception and Malcolm Jenkins had a solid game, but the Eagles are missing their game changer, Ronald Darby. I believe that the Eagles’ secondary will struggle, especially against a tough coverage in Tyreek Hill. If Kareem Hunt continues to catch passes alongside Tyreek, it will be a disaster.

The Chiefs are missing their best defensive back, Eric Berry, due to injury. In his place will be the young Terrance Mitchell, who has been on several teams and has yet to prove himself as a big name. Last season with the Chiefs, he played in 7 games, starting 2 of them and had 19 tackles and 7 pass deflections. Chiefs fans shouldn’t worry as they still have superstar Marcus Peters, who made the Pro Bowl both times in his two year career, led the NFL in interceptions in his rookie year, and won Defensive Rookie of the Year. They also have average Ron Parker and Daniel Sorensen, who has made some big plays in his career, including 2 forced fumbles, 3 interceptions, and 1 defensive touchdown.

Special Team:

Kicker:                     Cairo Santos                                             Jake Elliot

Cairo Santos is a pretty good kicker. He’s solid and has established himself in the league. Jake Elliot was signed from the Bengals, after failing to earn the starting job against kicker Randy Bullock.

Punter:                   Dustin Colquitt                                       Donnie Jones

Dustin Colquitt punted 6 times for 262 yards and an average of 43.7 yards per punt. His longest was 59 yards. He had 3 punts land within the 20 yard line.

Donnie Jones punted 4 times for 170 yards and an average of 42.5 yards per punt. His longest was 50 yards. He had 1 punt land within the 20 yard line.

Return Specialists:  Chiefs                                                        Eagles

The Chiefs’ return specialists are Tyreek Hill and De’Anthony Thomas. Hill is extremely fast and has a total of 976 yards in returns as well as 3 touchdowns.


Both teams are talented in their own way and it will be a tough matchup. The Eagles have yet to prove themselves, while the Chiefs were a playoff team last year. If the Eagles can beat the Chiefs, it shows that they are, in fact, improved from last season and signs that they may do well.

Result: Chiefs win; close game though

The game will take place tomorrow, Sunday, September 17, at 1:00 pm ET (12 noon CT). It will be broadcasted on FOX and will take place at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Don’t miss it, because I won’t.

Thanks for reading this article, I really hoped you enjoyed it. Make sure to stay on the alert for the results of this game and next week’s prediction. Later!