Niners Recap: Niners VS Vikings


By Niner Faithful

The Niners traveled to Minnesota for their third preseason to play the Minnesota Vikings in their first game at their brand new stadium on Sunday night. Both starting units played the entire first half and played well taking a 14-0 lead into the locker room at half time. But the backups on defense gave up 32 points in the second half and lost the game on a two point conversion on the last play(literally the clock was at 0:00) of the 4th quarter it was the only time in 60mins the Niners did not have the lead. As disappointing as the loss was there are plenty of positives to take away from Sunday’s game.

Brian Hoyer: Hoyer started out the game going 9 for 9 passing for 152 yards on the Niners first two drives both ending in touchdowns one  a 46 yard bomb to Marquise Goodwin off Play action and the other a 24 yard strike to Carlos Hyde. He cooled off a little bit after that going 3 for 8 for 24 yards. He showed touch on deep balls and showed the poise in the pocket that Shanahan likes in his QBs. He finished his night going 12-17 176 yards 2 TDs and a QBR of 143.3. After two preseason games where the entire starting offense struggled it was nice to see our starting QB has a nice half.

Reuben Foster: The steal of the draft(yes I really just called him that) had a monster game(8 tackles 5 solo and 1 TFL)He set the tone for the defense on the first play of the game with a big hit on Dalvin Cook for a 5 yard loss. He delivered big hits all night and where the ball went you could see number 56 there ready to make a play.

Raheem Mostert: The star of the game was Raheem Mostert. He took a screen pass on 3 and 22 from his own 13 yard line and while showing great speed took it 87 yards to the house. He finished the night with 2 catches for 104 yards to go along with 4 carries for 26 yards and another TD. With his strong play on Special Teams over the preseason he might was played his way onto our 53 man roster with this game.

Marquise Goodwin: We finally got to see the deep ball to number 11 that we have been hearing about ever since we signed him as a free agent this offseason. And it didn’t disappoint. Goodwin blew by a pro bowl corner and an all pro safety as Hoyer dropped back and through the prettiest deep ball right into his hands and he walked into the end zone for the 46 yard TD. Now that it’s on tape teams have to respect it witch will open up all the stuff underneath for the other WR. Its straight portray in motion.

Pierre Garcon: He didn’t have to best stats (6 catches on 7 targets for 64 yards). But he showed that he is a reliable 3 down receiver who isn’t afraid of contact and can make the tough catches in traffic. He showed Anquan Bolden type of strong hands on a few catches and is a clear upgrade on anything we had last year.

Aaron Lynch: Again didn’t have any stats but made his presence felt though his pass rush whenever he was out there. Lynch was challenged by both Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch to get into shape and really dedicate himself this year and so far so good and is making it tough on couching staff on who to keep.

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Niners Recap: Niners VS Broncos

By Niner Faithful

The Niners hosted the Denver Broncos Saturday night losing 33-14 in the first Preseason game at Levi Stadium. Although it was only Preseason it’s never fun to go to a game and watch your team lose. Levi has had some things added over the offseason to make it feel more like the Niners stadium and I must say I was surprised how many people showed up. The biggest thing that lead to the Niners losing the game was turnovers. The Broncos scored 27 points off 5 turnovers (4 fumbles and 1 pick). Although it’s hard to believe in a game so lopsided there were some bright spots sprinkled throughout the game.

Gorge Kittle: Gorge Kittle made his Preseason debut. He showed great awareness and balance as he tight roped the sideline and ran over a Broncos defensive back on the way to a 29 yard TD. He finished his night with 3 catches for 33 yards and that one TD on 5 targets.

Eric Reid: Reid finished the night with 6 total tackles, 5 solo, and was a force every time he was on the field, coming up with some big punishing hits, and his coverage on one pass play caused the ball to be almost picked by Lorenzo Jerome. There were questions about wither or not he could make the position change but he’s proving his haters wrong. Now if he can stay healthy the Niners should have no issues signing him to a contract extension.

C.J. Beathard: Beathard didn’t disappoint in his first game at Levi Stadium. He played 20 snaps going 7-12 for 110 yards a TD and a QBR of 116.7. The offense looked to be in a better rhythm with Beathard under center than with Hoyer. He went through his progressions nice and showed poise in the pocket when the rush got to him and he seems to know how to read mismatches in the defense (just look at Aldrick Robinson’s 43 yard catch). Although I don’t expect him to beat out Hoyer at any point this year it will be interesting to see how he develops over the season.

Lorenzo Jerome: The undrafted rookie started in place of the still injured Jimmie Ward and played 37 snaps. He sniffed out a screen pass for no gain on the first play of the game to show his instincts that he showed in college can translate to the NFL. He finished his night with 2 solo tackles and a PBU (that should have been picked). He’s not perfect by any means but still should be on the 53 man roster.

Kyle Juszczyk: “Juice” didn’t play much in the game (only 6 snaps) but he did have a nice catch were he caught the ball in the flat then stopped on a dime allowed a defender to run by him out of bounds and then put his shoulder down and drove forward (it took 4 broncos to stop him enough to have the play blown dead) in all the play got 21 yards. It’s nice to have the best fullback in the NFL.

Victor Bolden Jr: The undrafted rookie from Oregon State played a big role as a kick returner. He had 5 returns for 184 yards and a TD. Bolden Gives the Niners a threat at returner something we haven’t had since Ted Ginn.

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Niners Recap: Niners VS Chiefs

By Niner Faithful

Football is back!!!!! This means that I can start breaking down players. In this week’s blog I am going over the Niners 2017 Preseason opener a 27-17 come from behind victory vs. the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Rashard Robinson: After getting burned on the first play from scrimmage and missing a tackle on 3rd down that allowed the Chiefs to convert. Robinson recovered nicely on the next drive coming up with a nice 1 on 1 run stop. He also stood out on the next play taking advantage of the pressure that first round pick Solomon Thomas applied and picked off a pass and returned it 30 yards to set up the Niners offense in nice field position.

Solomon Thomas: In his first game action the 3rd overall pick had 20 rush snaps (9 from the edge 8 over tackle and 3 from inside) and produced 1 QB hit, 2 QB hurries and pressured a QB in to a pick. In 7 run snaps he had 2 run stops and 2 tackles. Now some of that production did come against guys that in a week will be driving UPS trucks, but to say that I wasn’t excited at what I saw would be a lie. I think you could see some flashes already and he’s only going to get better.

Reuben Foster: The Niners second of two first round picks this year didn’t disappoint. He played 27 defensive snaps and was credited with 2 tackles and a PBU. He was around the ball all game long. Even almost picking off a ball in the end zone.  He played both the Will and Mike linebacker and had 1 special teams snap showing he will do whatever it takes to be on the field.

Matt Barkley: Matt Barkley took over for Brain Hoyer after the started went 3 and out on their first 2 series. He played 35 snaps going 10/17 168 yards and no TD he was sacked once and had a QBR of 92.3. He moved the offense nicely between the 2o’s but was unable to put it in the end zone on two occasions. He’s experience may have helped him be the number 2 thus far but with CJ Beathard’s strong game it will take more than that.

CJ Beathard: Speaking of CJ Beathard the 3 round pick out of Iowa started off slow with he’s first 3 drives ending in punts. You could tell he was nervous, but as the game progressed you could see that he became more and more comfortable. Beathard got the most snaps out of any of the Quarterbacks at 41(Hoyer got 7 and Barkly got 35). And with the Niners down 17-9 he lead a 5 play 67 yard TD drive that ended when Beathard side stepped pressure and found Kendrick Bourne wide open after the corner in coverage  fell down.  The 2 connected again on the 2 point conversion to tie the game. Beathard lead two more scoring drives to complete the come back and end his day going  7/11 for 101 yards 2 TDs he was sacked twice and had a 133.0 QBR. I look forward to seeing how Beathard progresses this week. There are so many other things that I could get into but I that these were some of the most important.

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Breaking: Ryan Mathews Released by Eagles



Philadelphia Eagles running back Ryan Mathews was released by the Eagles today, after passing his physical. Mathews signed with the Eagles back in 2015, but was a backup to NFL rushing leader, DeMarco Murray until Week 3 of the regular season, when Murray suffered a hamstring injury. He was the starter until suffering from a herniated disk in Week 16 of the 2016 season and was placed on the injured reserve.

Mathews was drafted with the 12th overall pick by the San Diego (now Los Angeles) Chargers from Fresno State. He struggled in his rookie season but rebounded by being named to a Pro Bowl the following season (2011). In 2012, Mathews suffered two injuries. In 2013, Mathews had six 100-yard games, leading the NFL. He also set a career high of 1255 yards that season. The following season, Mathews missed 7 games due to a torn MCL.

In his 7 season career, Mathews has cumulated 5261 yards with 1183 attempts and 37 touchdowns. He’s also had 179 receptions for 1371 yards and 3 touchdowns. However, Mathews has also been prone to fumbling the ball, with 22 career fumbles.

Mathews is very injury prone and his health may be a big factor in whether another NFL team is willing to sign him. At 29, he’s also aging which may also play a factor on whether he’s with a team next season. I wish Mathews the best of luck in his future and appreciates all of the hard work he’s put in for the Eagles.


By: Jacky Chen

Eagles Trade J-Matt

Breaking news Eagles Nation, the Eagles have traded wide receiver, Jordan Matthews. The transaction was completed yesterday. Matthews, along with a 2018 third round draft pick, was traded to the Buffalo Bills for cornerback Ronald Darby.

Matthews was drafted by Philadelphia in the 2014 NFL Draft with the 42nd overall pick in the 2nd round. In 3 seasons with Philly, Matthews played 46 games for a total of 225 receptions for 2679 yards and 19 touchdowns.

Darby was drafted by Buffalo in the 2015 NFL Draft with the 50th overall pick in the 2nd round. In 2 seasons with Buffalo, he’s had a total of 137 tackles, 33 pass deflections, and 2 interceptions.

Thank you for your time with us, Jordan Matthews; and welcome, Ronald Darby to the great city of Philadelphia.


By: Jacky Chen


Blazing Saddles: Zeke got suspended, and Cowboys fans go Crazy

usa_today_10247382.0Will Stevenson

I told you “Stick To Sports” would not work during the summer months. Here we are, Friday August 11th, fueled by another story that isn’t deeply rooted with on the field action. Ezekiel Elliot was suspended by the NFL for six games to start this season. Most around the league are saying the NFL “got it right”. We will see. Can the NFL actually get it right if they have always gotten it wrong? When it comes to suspending players for off the field issues, (DV, Drugs, and conduct detrimental to the league) the NFL seems to be reactionary: They either suspend to early, or wait too late. Either way it went, the narrative around suspending players for domestic violence was borderline generic. It was as if the NFL tried to show a heavier hand than the judicial system by not letting players such as Adam Jones, Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress slide for their off-the-field offenses, but Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Rice (first suspension was not as lengthy), Josh Brown, and Greg Hardy were able to avoid the heavy suspensions as those that preceded them. The NFL was caught between proof, and proof. A woman can say an NFLer grabbed them, pushed them or even hit them. There can even be documented photos and medical reports that back up what she is saying. One problem: If there aren’t witnesses, or if the victim isn’t willing to cooperate with the police or the NFL, then what can you do exactly?

What do we want as fans? What do we want from our players? What do we expect from the League? We all have mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, and other women in our life that we care for dearly. On the flip side, we also know of women that have exaggerated details out of spite. So where do you stand? Where should the league stand on what to do when nobody comes forward, or the details wash out in the court of law? Do we want the players to be condemned by the NFL, but not by the judicial system? We have seen the NFL punish its players without thorough investigations backfire on them and it’s perception of power. We have watched as the allegations present themselves daily by the victims and the accused, only to see the suspension be descended to one or two games.

“She was a victim, and a survivor”. These are strong words from an NFL that likes to stay in the grey, or the black and white area when it comes to giving an actual opinion on an issue. This is more than the, “We’ve gathered our facts, and from our investigation we cannot conclude any wrongdoing.” It seems as if the NFL is getting out of the bland language and resorting to something more personable. Three different allegations in a span of four days were something that could not be ignored, nor the actions of removing a top of a woman during a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“You used physical force that caused injuries to Ms. Thompson’s face, neck, arms knee and hips,” (Tom Jones – special counsel for conduct).

“inappropriate and disturbing” and said it “reflected a lack of respect for women.” (Todd Jones – special counsel for conduct)

The reactions are all over the place today. Cowboys Nation has falling on their backs, kicking and screaming to the heavens, while Cowboys-Bandwagon Haters have ponied up to bask in the glory of another Dallas summer blunder. Some believe 6 games is too much, others believe it is not enough. In comparison, I don’t believe a player should be suspended longer for weed than domestic violence, but then again if the domestic violence isn’t proven in the court of law, then what? We are literally looking at OJ Simpson’s second case. There is evidence, the court didn’t convict, but there is enough smoke to say there is a fire. The NFL could not allow another player with these types of accusations slip through the cracks again. That would be four straight off-seasons in which an alleged player was able to “skate” the system.

Will the perception of the NFL be any different after the ruling of the appeal? If the suspension goes from 6 games to 3, will we look at the NFL any differently? Will the NFL get it right f the suspension is lowered? I don’t know, some will cry while others will agree. All we really know is the NFL has outsourced it’s think-tank for domestic violence punishments, and aren’t leaning on their old ways to get things done. We ought to be proud of that, but we are fans, and this is what we do.


Welcome to Summer: Where “Stick to Sports” has no place to hide.


By Will Stevenson

Oh Summer, why doth thou forsake thee? If I were into baseball as I once was, then the sports calendar wouldn’t be a bottomless pit full of coach talk hypothetical lists. What I have noticed during the “off-season” is sports fans grasp for anything to talk about, and when the major sports aren’t on television, their true colors come raining down. Opinions, or reactions have used to be marred back in the day before social media. Even if your co-worker told you Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest player of all-time, you may counter with Bill Russell, and then that would be the end of it. Now, that conversation can and will be had around a million times a day, every day. The comment section has become America’s fine dining establishment where anyone can go to be heard. Never mind the fact there are hired commentators for every website and Facebook as well. Nevertheless, we are drawn to any story that can give us substance, and if it doesn’t have any, we will hypothetically make something interesting out of it.

The summer months will now be known for domestic violence allegations, NBA Free Agency, NFL Minicamps, draft stock, front office movement and League posturing for the upcoming seasons. The News Cycle comes and goes so quickly, it is hard to keep up with what is new news, and what is old news. Remember the OJ Simpson coverage? Ezekiel Elliott? The continuous Kyrie and Melo trade rumors. Remember when Phil Jackson left the Knicks? How about the Mayweather/McGregor pre-fight world tour? Lavar Ball? Almost every one of these stories has been covered in the past month or two, or even a few weeks ago, but now they are old news. The current media conversation revolves around Colin Kaepernick, Josh Rosen, NBA trade rumors and the obligatory “Top ‘insert number’ list” for the sports we love.

The ‘off-season’ sports cycle brings about something different inside the sports fan: Real Feelings. Each topic in the above paragraph brings out conversations that most are not comfortable with in an open forum. All you have to do is click on a Colin Kaepernick link to see what America thinks as a whole on the topic. No longer are “X’s and O’s” the end all be all to our sports allegiances. During the season we will all watch the Redzone Channel, pregame shows, follow fantasy leagues and forget all about what Ray Lewis and Shannon Sharpe were debating because there is now a box score to look at. During the summer months, there is no place for “Stick to Sports” to hide. Honestly, there are other things we could pay attention to, but what fun would that be? I don’t mind a conversation on any of these topics, nor do I mind to read up on the many debates of my fellow Bookers and Tweeters. I have one question: Are we evolving through these topics, or do we just want to be right? I always wonder what the agenda is of a post about Lavar Ball, or a “Kaepernick is not being blackballed” thread. I wonder if people even care what is going on, or is there only goal to ruffle feathers, and are they being paid to do it? From what I have witnessed, more people have equipped themselves with knowledge on these topics, while others continue to say the same old ignorance.

Not only have the commentators been open to the non-sports topics, the media has jumped into the pot as well. No longer do fans have to sit around and wonder if the people they see on camera feel the same way they feel. More and more commentators are freely putting their stamp on their message about topics that go on outside the realms of actual game-play. I enjoy it, even Will Cain. There can’t be a Ray Lewis without a Shannon Sharpe. There can’t be a Will Cain without a Bomani Jones. For my selfish reasons, I want all the opinions to be out there, running rampant as closeted PCers race to find a boring monologue to post in response.

It is weird how the sports world is portrayed against the entertainment world. Many of us are old enough to remember Beavis & Butthead, SouthPark and, but somehow a player flipping a bat after a homerun, or a player high-stepping into the endzone is cause for uproar. More people are tuning in to politics, but do not want politics near their sports.

Maybe it will never change. Maybe those who post things will never concede to racism in sports, college athletics being a non-competitive industry, or the need to treat athletes as humans like us. Maybe people still believe marijuana should never be used, but Oxycontin is just fine. Who knows. All I know is I love the summer months, because Stick to Sports has no place to hide.

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