#KnicksTape – Offseason Volume 1: Phil Jackson Could Use A Posse

By Will Stevenson

We’ve had fun clowning the Lakers and the Knicks over the past few seasons. I don’t regret to think we will still be able to make fun of the Knicks for much longer. With my previous blog, we went through the upwards hope of the Lakers. For the Knicks, well, not so much. Phil Jackson has been on a one-man rampage, even surpassing owner Jim Dolan’s stupidity during the season. Jackson has alienated his own players, front office, fans, and even free agents that won’t even consider the Knicks. Tuesday felt like the day before the trade deadline, as teams were lining up to make moves before the draft, because for some reason, the draft pick is more valuable that the actual draft pick. Until a few days ago, I didn’t even know who the Knicks’ General Manager was. Do you know? Phil has been trying to get rid of Carmelo since he arrived, but yet he signed off on Derrick Rose, Courtney Lee, and Joakim Noah. Lee struggled, Noah is who we thought he was, and Rose regained his scoring prowess somewhat, but his assists were what we thought all along. Somehow, through being pitiful and injury-struck, the Knicks found Hernangomez at center, Justin Holliday as a shooter, Ron Baker as a hustle guard who can run an offense off the bench, and slummed their way to a decent lottery pick. The Knicks could go into free agency and the trade landscape with high hopes and cap money, but not Phil Jackson, he’d rather do it his own way.

I remember seeing the notification, “Knicks exploring trade options for Kristaps Porzingis.” At first I thought it was a joke, then I remember who ran the organization and thought, “Oh Phil”. Putting Porzingis is a move that puzzles everyone, especially if they are looking to bring back a star in return. I would try to make sense of this, but there is no way to make sense of it. Jackson is single-handedly Trumping the Knicks. He’s stealing the groundwork Dolan has laid down over the past decade. The Knicks could be looking at Chris Paul, Griffin, or maybe a sign and trade with Lowry or Paul Millsap, but they aren’t because the whole league knows Phil Jackson is about that Triangle Life.

Phil Jackson is what would happen to Lebron James if he were incompetent with his managerial skills. Jackson proclaimed that James and his business partners were not apt to function on the management side of the game, but it now looks as if Phil Jackson is the one who needs a posse. Jackson “left” the Lakers, Jeanie left, Magic doesn’t need him, the Knicks are terrible, it’s cold, Derek Fisher has become a lesser version of Dennis Rodman, and Steve Kerr is flourishing in Golden State with two NBA titles as head coach. I almost forgot Jeff Hornacek was the Head Coach, and Melo is still waiting on Jackson to leave the organization.

I thought the Kings and the Orlando Magic were the two organizations that were constantly doing things that never made sense. Now, Phil Jackson has arisen as the new shining magpie for the world to see.


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If you are looking for deep insight with big words and well put together sentences, you are looking in the wrong place. I think as i am typing. There are misspelled words, fragmented sentences, improper punctuation, and incomplete thoughts. Nothing is in order, so just becuase I have a title, doesn't mean that's what it is about. I usually write my titles after the fact. I plan nothing. I just write what I am thinking at the moment, and then I just stop. I don't wrap things up, or have a conclusion and intro, just a whole bunch of words coming from a brain that should have been analyzed as a child, but now has 30 years of misguided wisdom. So there you have it.

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