Phil Till Infinity: Jackson still steadfast on the triangle offense. 

By Will Stevenson

*Playing to your player’s strengths should be the focus of  Hornacek , but Jackson continues to throw down his Iron Fist, and we all know how that show went.*

The playoffs are on. I think. While NBA fans around the globe continue to bask in the non-glory that are the NBA Playoffs, fueled by too many days off in-between games and blowout victories, fans of teams not in the playoffs gear up for off-season hope. This is the time in which fans are checking twitter and other sports outlets to get a gist on what their respective teams plan to do this summer. The draft is on it’s way, and with salaries on the rise, your team maybe not be a player in free agency, but there’s still hope through the draft and trades. Hope. It’s it in the air. Unless you are the Knicks.

Phil Jackson is bulldozing his way through this season. Known as the “Zen”, Jackson was able to apply his triangle offense, funneled through his star players and consistently good playoff and championship teams. We as fan dismiss the possibility of any one player thinking they are above the team, or the league, and we chastise them for thinking so. For some odd reason, we haven’t applied the same sensibilities to Phil Jackson. While we were concerned with whose team it was during the Lakers championship runs, Phil Jackson was thinking to himself, “I’m the real mastermind”. If you doubt that notion, let’s take a look at some of the quotes coming out of the meeting between Jackson and Kristaps Porzingis’ camp.

Jackson sat down with the brother of Porzingis to get a hold on the future of Porzingis’ role and the future of the Knicks. I would assume the brother was hoping for some clarification of Jackson’s exit press conference. I would also assume Jackson looked at this meeting as a vacation or a dental visit.

” According to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News, Knicks‘ source tells Bondy that the sit down didn’t accomplish very much as Phil Jackson remained “steadfast” in his ways.

Jackson remains focused on installing and running the triangle. He’s aimed to tailor the teams’ workouts and training sessions around the offense, sources tell Bondy. ” (

Does that sound like a person who is interested in the direction of the organization that would include another viewpoint? If you are an incoming draft prospect, why would you workout for the Knicks? If you are a potential free agent, why would you sign? If you are Porzingis, why would you stay? We already know Jackson has opted in for two more seasons, two more of which will be spent trying to get rid of Carmelo Anthony. What then? What happens to these Knicks when and if Jackson leaves two years from now? The only tradable asset the Knicks have is Willy Hernangomez, and that’s a push. Courtney Lee, Joakim Noah, and Anthony are on the books for two more seasons, and nobody is trading for either of these players without a 1st round pick being attached.

Phil Jackson is increasingly becoming an enigma in New York. It seems as if he wanted to be the coach, but didn’t want the coach money, nor the travel strains. He is running an organization into the muck that was already there to begin with. Porzingis won’t be traded, nor will he want to unless he wants t fork over future extension money. He could’ve pulled a Carlos Boozer, but that move has already been done before. With Phil Jackson at the helm, the Knicks will have an even tougher time getting in players, coaches and prospects for their team.

The NBA is new, up-tempo, fast paced, and full of pick and roll action. The Triangle is specific, old school, and incorporates all players being effective and potentially dangerous on offense. Also consider the new “pace and space” offenses are already doing what the Triangle was doing in the 90s. Playing to your player’s strengths should be the focus of Hornacek, but Jackson continues to throw down his Iron Fist, and we all know how that show went.


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