1st Round Complete: Some thoughts and Reaction

By Lawrence Edwards

The first round of the NFL draft kicked off last night and it was full of surprises and head scratching moves. 3 QB’s were taken in the fist round and each team who selected them made questionable trades to get them. However, none was as head scratching as the Chicago Bears. Giving away their 3rd round pick(67 overall), 4th round pick(111 overall) and a 3rd round pick in next years draft just to move up one spot and take a QB who they probably could’ve gotten at their 3 spot if they really wanted him that bad. The 49ers pulled a fast one because there’s no way they were going to take Mitchell Trubisky at 2, I just don’t believe it. I’m sure Mike Glennon is just thrilled.

Cleveland is understandably exhausted at being the leagues laughing stock year in and year out. They showed just how frustrated they were by passing on the questionable 1st round QB talent in this years draft to instead take impact players that will fortify their defense with their first two picks. Myles Garrett was the slam dunk pick obviously but selecting Jabrill Peppers was another solid move. Peppers is a more of SS who can play close to the line, the nickel corner, rush the passer or stuff the run, he has the same knock on him that Giants S Landon Collins had on him coming out which sent him falling to the 2nd round, he’s iffy with ball skills and deep coverage, if the Browns were smart they will take a page out of the Giants book and play him close to the line which are his strengths, they do that, they could have a game changer on their hands. I really like the route the Browns took on this one.

Dalvin Cook and Cam Robinson are still on the board. Cam Robinson and Cook both were projected 1st round picks and whoever gets them may be getting steals, however, Lance Zerlein compared Robinson to Ereck Flowers, not a good comparison at the moment, Ereck Flowers has had a rough go his first two years because technique issues. Now Cook is most likely falling because teams may have off the field concerns with him. He did deal with fumbles but I think the combo of that and getting arrested has caused him to slide, nonetheless, any team who drafts him will get a 1st round talent who can run and catch out of the backfield, Bucky Brooks sees him as the most pro-ready RB in the draft. He will have to keep his head on straight and convince a team he can stay out of trouble.

I like the McCaffrey pick in Carolina, personally I thought he was a perfect fit in New England but having Cam Newton who can run the ball if needed certainly helps McCaffrey. He will thrive catching passes from Newton out the backfield. Think about it, Cam looks like he’s about to take off but drops it over the pursuing linebackers head to a waiting McCaffrey in the flat who takes it for a 50 yard gain… Some don’t like McCaffrey, they compare him to Reggie Bush, which isn’t fair to me, these teams now a days love using RB’s like McCaffrey, look at ATL with Freeman and Coleman, don’t sleep on the man, I’m just saying.

Round 2 kicks off tonight and there are still some quality players on the board I’m really interested to see how teams go about Joe Mixon, he has some character concerns for punching a woman after she hit him first in a bar.  What made it worse was that a video came out much later which caused him to publicly apologize for the incident. If Mixon truly is sorry and those mistakes he made don’t define him, then some team will get a steal of a player, not everyday you see a talent compared to LeVeon Bell not get a chance.

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