Orlando Magic is full of no Magic: Leaked Photo of Offseason Moves

By Will Stevenson

First, a human will go to twitter.

Second, a human will log in to twitter.

Third, a human must take a picture of the object.

Fourth, or have the picture of the object already in the gallery.

Fifth, the picture must be uploaded to twitter.

Sixth, you now have the opportunity to EDIT the video.

Seventh, during the edit, you can delete, add text, and even a border.

Eighth, check the background and make sure items are erased that don’t need to be in the photo.

Ninth, click the upload button.

Now, I’m not as savvy in the tech game as most, but these are the steps to uploading an image to your twitter timeline. Back in the day, I have uploaded a risqué photo or two to my Facebook account and MySpace profile. In today’s day, it’s quite impossible to upload a photo that you didn’t intend to upload. A tweet is simple: Type, and then post. A picture: There are levels to the upload.

And here we have the story of Orlando Magic General Manager Rob Hennigan. The Orlando Magic’s GM had answer questions about a photo that had been mistakenly tweeted out by agent Patricio Garino, showing the priority list of off-season moves. Problem is, things like this aren’t the type of thing that belong in the public eye, they belong in the board room or an email chain. So what is the issue here? Is it the board? The photo being taken? Or the list a prospective free agents and trade partners for after the season?

It’s the age of technology ladies and gentlemen. It’s the age of everything being given to the public, and the age of everyone wanted a private moment for public record. A photo being posted about a signing of a new player is probably something that should be put on twitter, but just as we need to proofread our text before we hit send, we need to look at the photo before we upload it. What does a GM do now? I can only imagine what would be said in the meeting on Tuesday. What does agent Garino say in the meeting? I imagine he only can say, “My bad”. Another thing that shocked me about this photo is the use of a whiteboard. I’ve worked in sales before and I’ve also set up meeting spaces for company’s, so I have an idea of what materials are in use. I actually thought the whiteboard and the easel were things of the past.

I would like to take the time to analyze the options of the Orlando Magic. we always talk about how teams are “in it to win it” and “it’s all about championships”. after looking at the viable options, we get an inside look at an NBA franchise that isn’t in play for the big free agents. I now have a new-found respect for the Magic, they know they don’t have the pull to get free agents or big trade targets, so they have to plan for borderline free agents and players that are “contract friendly”. The leak of this photo is also an indication that the Magic will continue to be in the cellar, unless they can put together a Miami Heat-like run or imitate the pace of play that is now the trend in the NBA. The Magic are looking for scraps, 3 and D players, stretch fours, and wing scorers. We can guess that their starting center Vucevic will be traded this offseason. The Magic are literally looking at every team that has an expendable player. I know these are the Orlando Magic, but I am betting that every team in the NBA has this same board, or they will soon be adding to their own. Also, we also get to see how teams view other teams players: NBA teams love to recycle players. The Magic also have a fascination for the Detroit Pistons.

Check your photo before uploading. That’s it. They let out their offseason plans, so now other teams will be looking in on the same players, even if they are the Gallinari’s and the Wilson chandler’s of the world. It could have been worse, the board could have had a list of potential coaches or the players they plan to trade. Now that would make Garino expendable.

In better news, Aaron Gordon is on the trade block.


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