SportsElite WrapUp: Warriors 139, Wizards 115: The Warriors Came Out to Play

By Will Stevenson

Before the Warriors and Wizards squared off, I was already looking forward to the backcourt matchup of Wall/Beal vs Curry/Thompson. Since the Durant injury, Curry has opened up his game and regained his swagger from a year ago. Wall has been one of the hardest covers for opposing covers as his jumpshot has improved, and his speed from end to end has been relentless.The Warriors came into this game riding a 10 game win streak, while the Wizards had lost two straight and were 5-5 in their last 10.

Steph Curry put on a show Sunday evening as he scored 42 points, 8 assists, and went 9 of 14 from behind the arc: It felt like 2015 and 2016 all over again at Oracle Arena. Curry had his patented highlight as he put center Marcin Gortat in a, “which way did he go George” as he stepped back for a corner three. Klay Thompson added in 23 points, going 9 of 20 from the field and dropping 4 threes. Shaun Livingston was looking like his playoff self as he added 17 points and 7 rebounds off the bench in only 21 minutes. Last but not least, the unsung hero of the night was Draymond Green: He recorded a triple double with the line of 11-12-13. The Warriors shot 56% from the field and connected on 16 of 36 threes.

The Wizards came into tonight ready for the challenge, but their offense was not enough to keep up with the hot shooting of the Warriors. The Wizards were down for much of this game, and 46% from the field and 10 of 27 from the arc isn’t good enough to beat the Warriors on most nights. While Curry and Thompson combined for 65 points, Wall and Beal were held to just 35 points. The Wizards did have a bright spot off the bench with Bogdanovic pouring in 20 points, but the defense of the Wizards was the key to their defeat.

Brandon Jennings seems to be turning into the enforcer for this Wizards squad as he pushed center Javale McGee late in the game with just seconds remaining. For some strange reason, McGee decided to take a three while the Warriors were up by 24 points. During his attempt, Jennings gave him a shove and walked away. An argument ensued, but no blood was spilled. I give kudos to Jennings, and give less to McGee. The Warriors didn’t seem to take up for the late three, which actually sums of their treatment of the center this season.



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