NFL Social Responsibility: This is Premium Makeup Right Here

By Will Stevenson

*Reads the pamphlet… Looks at pictures.. Scrolls…*
– Looks like marijuana won’t be allowed any time soon.


The NFL will implement consistent and thoughtful responses to societal issues by educating the NFL family, instituting transparent league policies, and actively engaging with communities to positively impact society.


No matter the season, the NFL is determined to be a force for positive change. The commitment to serve our communities unfolds year-round through the volunteerism and philanthropy of owners, teams, players, coaches, and staff.

I hate to say it, but I learned a few things after reading through the NFL’s Social Responsibility Report. As a follower of the NFL as a business, there’s not to much they haven’t been able to overcome as an industry. Lack of diversity (not fond of that word), Concussions, Concussion Lawsuits, actual player safety, player equipment, hypocritical sponsorships, you name it: The NFL will forever be able to thrive in this world.

First things first, the NFL is a company and they make money, real money, the kind of money that could change a mayor in 5 states at one time money. Secondly, as a public institution, they cover almost every aspect with their philanthropy and work within the community. I have the link where I got the information, I implore you to take a look at it. I was impressed at what they put in that notebook-pamphlet, highlighting all the things the NFL is involved in, and didn’t have to sell the players as much. The NFL as a brand can sell itself without the stars. They could have a Play 60 at a middle school in 3 days and just say the New Orleans Saints are involved. They  don’t even have to say who’s coming, kids and sponsors know the NFL is coming and that’s good enough.

For many, we have to put aside our feelings and evidence built up for the NFL and Roger Goodell in order to appreciate the finesseness of this Social Responsibility Report. I read his quote, then I kept it moving. I wanted to put myself in the shoes of the intended audience: Parents, children and potential sponsors. It’s amazing, so let’s take a look.

The NFL is deeply involved in encouraging youth athletics and healthy living.  There are nearly 7300 Youth Leagues and more than 2300 High Schools are enrolled in USA Football’s Heads Up Football program

MORE THAN 400 NFL FLAG POWERED BY USA FOOTBALL FLAG ESSENTIALS KITS distributed this school year impacting nearly 1.9 million youth



$55 MILLION FROM THE NFL FOUNDATION TO REVITALIZE 482 FIELDS for youth athletics since 1998

Fostering Social Responsibility:

IN 2016, MORE THAN 6,000 TEAM EMPLOYEES AND PERSONNEL PARTICIPATED IN alcohol-abuse, domestic violence, and sexual-assault educational programs

$1 MILLION SUPER BOWL LEGACY GRANT given by the NFL Foundation to Houston nonprofits

$400,000 CONTRIBUTED to One Orlando Fund by NFL Foundation and three Florida-based NFL teams

MORE THAN 1.4 MILLION FANS HAVE SIGNED UP TO BE DESIGNATED Drivers Through the  NFL-MADD partnership over he last five years

How can you argue with this on face value? Now if you’re inside the league, a coach, player, or staff member, you could give insight on the actual legitimacy of events that don’t make it to ESPN or partnering networks. On face value, who cares? Not only does the NFL have the appearance, they have the numbers and evidence to back it up. I remember the Punt/Pass/Kick competition from back in grade school, and they’ve come along way from that. The NFL is focused in on the “hot topics” of society. Breast Cancer, Diversity, Drunk Driving, Domestic Violence (Really, Not Really), Building Homes, Sick Kids, Health and Recess.

With every good, there is conflicting bad, such as a MADD group, but the money pouring in from beer sponsorships is in the millions. I don’t want to focus on the hypocrisy at the moment, but some things cannot be ignored. The NFL has done it’s job in the PR department with this one. The world is changing and the NFL as a business is going right along with it. Hiring more than just old white men, supporting the LBGTQ community, kiss cams that support all love: The NFL is getting to the people before the people get to them in this pamphlet. Well, there isn’t any mention of Colin Kaepernick, but why would there be?

I mean, who’s going to argue with the military and cancer?



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