5 Quick Ways To Fix The Knicks

For Phil Jackson and the Knicks the 2016-17 season has been a dub. The “Super Team” has been a complete disaster. Yet the Knicks for all their struggles have plenty of bright spots on the team. The euro treo, which consists of Porzings, Hernangomez and Kuzminskas have all played well. Youngsters like Randle and Baker have also shown promise.

The 2017-18 season doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time. If the Knicks front office can somehow get there act together they can turn their misfortunes around. So here are my top 5 moves the Knicks need to make next season.

1. Draft a guard, the Knicks own 3 draft picks in the upcoming draft. Given the recent struggles the club has encountered they should receive a pick anywhere from the 5th to 8th spot. With guards like Malik Monk, Smith JR and Frank Ntilikina out there the Knicks should be able to pluck an athletic guard to pair with KP.
2. If the Knicks can somehow convince free agents to come to NY (Oakley vs Dolan) they need to sign defensive players. Players like Taj Gibson, George Hill , P.J. Tucker and Tony Allen are all quality defenders who can help the Knicks.
3. Let Rose walk, the Knicks already have a one-dimensional player on their roster. They don’t need two, the Rose and Melo pairing was never going to work because both players only play on one side for the ball. Since the Knicks are stuck with Melo they would be wise to let Rose go.
4. Start giving KP more time at the 5. Porzingis has been lukewarm on the defensive end. Playing the 4 means the unicorn is guarding quicker more athletic forwards. In today’s era of small ball Porzingis is a certified center, and shouldn’t be forced guard these hybrid 4s. Also moving KP to the 5 spot allows him to guard the paint, which is something he excels at.
5. Put an end to the Phil and Melo drama. Someone needs to intervene and get these two guys in a room. Remember before Phil called out Melo the Knicks were in the playoff picture. After the dust was settled the Knicks spiraled into chaos. For the sake of the 2017-18 season both player and president must come to a peaceful agreement.


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As an avid Knicks fan growing up in the 90's I grew to love the NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS franchise. This led to me becoming the creator and owner of allknickseverything instagram and blob page. I have provided fans with my take on the Knicks for years. Now I hope to bring that same passion to sportselite1, join me as I bring you the greatest Knicks news on the planet. As well as my take on the rest of the NBA.

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