Welcome to the Mecca

By: Will Stevenson

Sports. It’s a trying time in the sports arena these days as the NFL season has ended, the NBA hasn’t reached the all-star break, and… That’s about it. It’s not as if there aren’t interesting sports stories out there to generate decent conversation, it’s the sports athlete that has been watered down. We as a sports society have become bored with the talk of the Warriors on-court play, the passing of LeBron James or even… well that’s about it.

The NBA has had quite the year so far as the New York Knicks have basically dominated the tabloids with their Knick behavior. Draymond Green called Dolan’s behavior as, “slave mentality”. I love Draymond Green; he’s never afraid to drop a bomb in the middle of the pool and watch others squirm to swim around it. The word “slave” sends chills down the backs of most of this country, mainly because of untapped guilty and a total lack of understanding of what slavery was. When others compare slavery to modern-day basketball, everyone usually shuts it down. We as a nation learned slavery from Roots, which was in fact a fabricated story with an insufficient storyline. Many schools have stricken the word from the curriculum, replacing it with other words that aren’t so toxic to our youth.

Holy Bleep I thought this was about sports.

While listening to the Dan Lebatard Show with Stugotz last week, Dan repeatedly spoke about his surprise that Oakley was being defended everywhere, while Dolan was being crushed in the media, and with the fans. I thought about that concept: A large black man gets into it with security, gets removed from a game, and is still innocent on the majority. I’m sure Dolan thought as many in his position did, thinking he could say whatever he wanted about Oakley, and the public would have to side with Dolan, because he is rich and has the power. Dolan forgot one thing: The Black Code.

The Black Code is real. You may hear about it with “street cred” or “keeping it real” and think of “Chappelle’s Show” back in the day, but where I’m from, your name and deeds carry weight. The way you are is respected by others, even if you are a person that may slap a few people here and there. Oakley is a respected man in his community, and in the basketball community. Oakley is similar to the assassin in a movie that garners respect from his adversaries and community, even though he’s an assassin. Once your stature as a man or woman is notarized by the black community, there usually isn’t anything to take that luster off. I said usually.

None of the claims from Dolan made sense when applied to Oakley: From the drinking, the whispering, to the antagonizing. As soon as the press release came, literally while Oakley was still in the building, the world of Oakley descended upon Dolan. Dolan looked to point out the, “Angry Black Man”, “Out of Control Black Man”, and the “Alcoholic Black Man” all in one press release. To make matters worse, Sunday’s game against the Spurs was, “Look at the former Negros by my side” for Dolan. It was a complete bleep show as former Knicks were brought in for a dog and pony show as if to say, “Look at these Knicks, they like me, they’re not like Oakley”. It was an utter embarrassment as former Knicks were used for Dolan’s PR show that fell flat on its face.

Welcome to the Mecca.


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If you are looking for deep insight with big words and well put together sentences, you are looking in the wrong place. I think as i am typing. There are misspelled words, fragmented sentences, improper punctuation, and incomplete thoughts. Nothing is in order, so just becuase I have a title, doesn't mean that's what it is about. I usually write my titles after the fact. I plan nothing. I just write what I am thinking at the moment, and then I just stop. I don't wrap things up, or have a conclusion and intro, just a whole bunch of words coming from a brain that should have been analyzed as a child, but now has 30 years of misguided wisdom. So there you have it.

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