If you thought January wasn’t kind to the Cleveland Cavilers imagine the agony Carmelo and the Knicks went through in that same period of time.

Trade rumors ✔️
Opponents Game winning shot ✔️
4 OT game loses ✔️
Jealous ex coach taking shots  ✔️
5-12 record in January ✔️

What a time to be a Knicks fan, lost in all the chaos the Knicks have 3 draft picks in this years draft. Yes you read that correctly, for once the Knicks didn’t completely implode.

The rebuild is already on its way with young talent littered all over the roster. Players like Holiday, O’Quinn, Hernangomez, Kuzminskas and Baker are all 28 years old and younger.

Even if the Knicks decided not to tank, they should end up with a top 10 pick. ESPN has the Knicks drafting Miles Bridges with the 11th pick. The Michigan State freshman who stands at 6″7 and 230 pounds is the perfect combo forward for the Knicks.

However just imagine the possibilities if the Knicks were to draft a player like Kentucky SG Malik Monk or N.C. State PG Dennis Smith JR. Better yet imagine pairing one of those supreme athletes with Porzings and Hernangomez.



Those scenarios can only become reality if the Knicks decide to trade away players like Carmelo, Lee and Rose. Perception and reality are two very powerful components when it comes to the Knicks.

The reality for the Knicks is the young players needs more minutes. It’s time for the Knicks to see what the young kids can do. Case in point the Knicks  rookie Spaniard has posted back to back double doubles, and has 5 double doubles this year. Jokiam has matched that total but has played a ton more minutes. Numbers don’t lie and they certainly don’t lie when it comes to Willy. He has posted averages of 11 PPG and 10 rebounds when he has played at least 20 minutes.

The perception is the Knicks should hold on to their vets and shoot for the playoffs, even though they are only 3 games ahead of the 76ers who own the 14th seed.

One more successful draft pick could elevate the Knicks from league wide laughing-stock to future contender. The difference, a few more ping pings in this years draft.


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As an avid Knicks fan growing up in the 90's I grew to love the NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS franchise. This led to me becoming the creator and owner of allknickseverything instagram and blob page. I have provided fans with my take on the Knicks for years. Now I hope to bring that same passion to sportselite1, join me as I bring you the greatest Knicks news on the planet. As well as my take on the rest of the NBA.

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