Atlanta Chokers Pt. 2

Tay Holloway

Earlier in the season my fellow blog mate, Melvin Jackson III, wrote a piece on the Falcons being chokers and when I shared the blog all over social media I got a lot of hate mail, especially from Falcons fans across the globe. I agreed with his views because I also thought they were chokers and always mess up when it matters the most.


Last season when the falcons started out 6-0 they had everyone hyped except for me. They were barley winning games and could not finish almost. I new eventually as the season went on that this would comeback to bite them and it did. They finished the season with no playoffs and questions on the defensive side of the ball. They had Dan Quin who was in his first season as a head coach and he was very familiar on how a good defense can get you very far in the playoffs because he was on the staff during the Seattle 2013 Superbowl win with the vicious Legion of Boom defense.They went to the draft and got Deion Jones at linebacker to help them at a position of need and they also signed veteran Dwight Freeney, who still has a lot of gas left in the tank and playing at a high level. On offense they gave Julio Jones some help with the signing of Sanu and Gabriel.


This season the falcons were not one of the teams anyone thought was going to do anything. In the NFC South, the Panthers was the team that majority of the people had returning back to the playoffs and possibly making another Superbowl appearance.  I personally thought it was going to be a 8-8 season and they might make the wildcard but I can admit I was wrong. They came out of the gate with a bang and put the league on notice with their high powered offense that could put up points very quickly.  They still had a question mark on defense because they were giving up a lot of yards but they were kind of the bend and don’t break type of defense.


The Falcons ended up making it to the number two seed and securing a first round bye. When the number one overall seed Dallas Cowboys lost, this lead the way to have the Falcons move on to the Superbowl because all they had to do was get past a red hot Aaron Rodgers who flopped when they played the Falcons. The stage was set and all the hype and eyes all over the south east were on the Falcons to beat one of the most hated teams in pro sports not named the Dallas Cowboys which was the New England Patriots. This was not going to be an easy task because the Patriots are well coached by Bill Belichick and a hall of fame quarterback named Tom Brady. It was some speculations surrounding the big game that the patriots might be up to something shady because the offensive playbook for the Falcons went missing during a media session but then turned back over to Kyle Shanahan some time later.  I thought this was kind of suspect but I have come to the realization that issues always surround anything involving the Patriots including cheating.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles

The falcons started off the game slow but they stared to heat up behind the running game of Freeman and Coleman. They got a pick 6 off Tom Brady and they went up 21-0. When it was halftime they had held the patriots to 3 points which is unheard of. The second half started and the Patriots came out playing like the Belichick gave them a Oscar nominated speech in the locker room. They were waking up and making plays, they were fighting back and trying to stay in the game to have a chance at winning.  This is when the biggest choke happened, The Falcons gave up a 28-3  lead and let the Patriots tie up the game and let them take it into overtime. All the Falcons had to do was run the ball and milk the clock. Freeman was getting seven yards per carry so it was not like the Patriots were stopping their run game. However, for some reason they got pass happy and you can’t do that if you are trying to put the nail in the coffin of Tom Brady.


This lost in the Superbowl makes it solid that the Falcons are one of the biggest chokers in the league and on the biggest stage ever. It looks especially bad for Matt Ryan because the day prior to the Superbowl he was named NFL Offensive Player of the Year and NFL Most Valuable Player. He did not live up to the hype and the defense showed why they are still a work in progress. They bent at the wrong time and this time it puts them in the history books as the team Tom Brady got his 5th ring from and the team that gave up one of the biggest leads in Superbowl history. They have nobody to blame but themselves and it was probably one of the longest flight back to Atlanta ever.



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