Bulls Drama

Tay Holloway

The Chicago Bulls this season have been full of finger pointing and drama from the front office to the last man on the bench. This is taking effect on the players and how they play as well as putting a rift in between the front office, players and coaches. I for certain cant say I didn’t see this coming. I have played sports and I can tell you that when you take out something that was working and try to force your hand to make something else work, it will not always play in your favor and it will blow up in your face at some point.


When DeWayne Wade and Jimmy Butler publically scolded their younger teammates in the media it started a media worldwind around the locker room. They had questions if the guys where getting along and if they were actaully right about players not caring if they won or lost games. The bulls were just embarrassed on national television and to the veterans some players seemed to not care. I do believe not all players wear their emotions on their sleve but you can’t just say some guys don’t care unless they come out and say that themselves. This caused Rajon Rondo to go to instagream and express his displeasure with Butler and wade calling out people in the media after a game. Then this caused Wade to respond on instagram as well with a post of his own and both post were around leadership.


In basketball, if you are a veteran and a leader of the team you have high expectations and in return the younger players look up to you to set a example.  You have to set the tone in practice and in games. You cant take days off and think everyone is going to be cool with it while they are working hard to make the team better. This is another issue that has arisen for this team because Wade does not practice a lot. I know he is a older player and needs his rest and have to take extra care of his body but you can’t lead if yo if don’t practice. How can you build chemistry with the guys to get better on the court? being this is your first season in a bulls uniform.

I also blame the front office of Gar Foreman and John Paxton. These two are the master minds behind the yes men that are coaches and the reason why the best coach the Bulls have had since Phil Jackson is now coaching in Minnesota. They don’t likepeople who have a voice and express their concerns when things are not going correct. They can barley recognize talent to build a team. They hand picked Fred Hoiberg to be the coach because he is a yes man and will do what they say and play the brand of loser basketball they want to have. They are so cheap that they don’t want to pay anyone money to bring in some type of talent to help push them to be a contender to knock off the Cavs in the east. It appears that they are content with just making the playoffs or not making it all. They have flirted with the chance of trading Jimmy Butler numerous times but that would be stupid because he is their best player and best defender on the team so that sends a message that you are tanking to attempt to get a better draft choice and take the long road at building a winner.

They did trade Rose, which I thought was a good move for the team and they did not resign Noah, which was not surprise to me at all. They wanted to get guys who can stay healthy and actually play some games. They didn’t replace them with talent but just some mediocre guys who are just happy to still be in the league. The front office has to change but the Bulls owner has always been known to build thru the draft and not pay anyone. Lets not forget they didn’t pay Jordan until his last few season with the team and he made majority of his money off his shoe deal and movies.


I dont see this getting better for the Bulls because there are reports that the front office have been spying on the guys in the locker room which is just horrible and unprofessional. I  can see this season going down as one of the worst drama wise and someone needs to stand up and hit reset if they want a chance at have some sort of dignified season.



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