The NBA at 60: Tidbits that go unnoticed while the NFL was dominating the airwaves.

By: Will Stevenson

With the NFL going into it’s Super Bowl Weekend, there isn’t much NFL news to cover these days. Having two quarterbacks and teams that we all know allows us to go through the usual stats and debate who’s greater. This is the perfect time for the NBA to swoop in and take the headlines, which they did. I’ve tried watched as much basketball as possible this year, outside of the notable primetime games shown on TNT and ESPN. Regular Season basketball has morphed into the MLB with it’s long schedule, long playoff schedule, and its inability to give us upsets. Nevertheless, I’ve been able to tune in to games and a certain number of things have caught my eye up to this point. I’d also like to add I watch local broadcasts of these NBA games, so some of the things I mention are specifically from them.

  1. The Detroit Pistons’ offense is horrible. Every time I watch their games, Reggie Jackson is dribbling the ball to shreds and Marcus Morris is forced to shoot a three he can’t make.
  2. What in the Hell are the Orlando Magic doing? They have a PG that can’t shoot, a SF that can’t shoot, and a Center that can’t defend, and the Center that can defend can’t score.
  3. The Greek Freak is something else. Jason Kidd is so lucky right now. Where’s the karma?
  4. The Warriors aren’t the villains we want them to be.
  5. The Detroit Pistons’ cheerleading/dance squad is the best I’ve seen.
  6. The Lakers Girls are boring.
  7. Get rid off the Kiss cam.
  8. That Timberwolves defense is so bad. Kris Dunn has been awful so far this season.
  9. The Knicks are a poorly constructed organization. Look at God doing his work.
  10. Miami Heat home games may be the most depressing view ever.
  11. Why are Oladipo and Kanter still coming off the bench for the Thunder?
  12. Every year we go through this “Trade Excitement”, but it usually ends in no top players changing teams.
  13. I know the offensive measurements have changed, but why don’t some teams go back to a “traditional lineup” on occasion.
  14. So many teams are averaging over 100 ppg this year.
  15. The dynamic of paid veterans playing over young prospects and still losing: Nuggets, Kings, Detroit, Orlando
  16. Looks like the Pelicans are actually a good team when healthy. Alvin Gentry can breathe for now.
  17. If you cannot beat the Warriors, Spurs, or the Cavs… Why reconstruct your team or coaching staff to do so this season? Or next season?
  18. The Clippers aren’t winning a damn thing even when they are healthy.
  19. Looks like Randy Whitman was the issue in Washington. John Wall is still the man.
  20. Boogie Cousins is the Carmelo Anthony/Joe Johnson of Sacramento.
  21. The Miami Heat held on as long as they could. Luckily they didn’t trade away too many 1st round picks like Brooklyn and the Knicks.
  22. Brooklyn and the Knicks; How are those “traded for future 1st rounders” going?
  23. The Blazers local broadcast team may be the most homerific of them all.
  24. If the Knicks got rid of Carmelo and Phil, they could skate on criticism like the Lakers are this season.
  25. Ever since Demarre Carroll left the Hawks in free agency, things haven’t been the same.
  26. Who takes the Clippers job after Doc?
  27. Will Paul, Griffin and Reddick all resign with the Clippers?
  28. Isaiah Thomas is making 7 million a year over the next few seasons. And the Celtics may get another Top 3 pick (via the Nets).
  29. With Ricky Rubio on the trade block, why would you want him?
  30. The Mavericks, Knicks and Nets had Delusions of Grandeur when it comes to their aging superstars. Mavericks are the only lucky ones at the moment.
  31. Many good teams trade picks to get proven players for a playoff run. The Mavericks and the Heat lucked out with this year’s draft class.
  32. Three Draft years were rigged. (85′ Ewing), (03′ Cavs), (08′ Bulls). How in the Hell did Chicago jump up from the bottom of the lottery?
  33. Will Lance ever get another chance?
  34. Certain teams seem to never filled certain player positions…
  35. Clippers: (SF) The last good SF they have was Lamar Odom?
  36. The Raptors (PF): They haven’t had one of those since Chris Bosh.
  37. The Kings (PG): Since Bibby
  38. Grizzlies (SG): OJ Mayo?
  39. Hornets (SG): I can’t remember the last time the Hornets had a scoring shooting guard. The usually leave it up to the PG.
  40. If the Raptors don’t get Paul Milsap or Ibaka, they may wind up spending money on Patterson or Sullinger; Ew.
  41. The Sixers look to have failed their way into the promise land: Embid, Simmons, possibly two Top 5 draft picks in this years draft, Noel (trade prospect), and Okafor (trade prospect)
  42. On the other hand, the Sixers may lose Noel in Restricted free agency this summer if they can’t deal him. Why can’t Embid play the 4?
  43. Mirotic (PF) for the Bulls still can’t beat out Taj Gibson, and neither can Bobby Portis.
  44. Emmanuel Mudiay is not progressing like I thought he would. The Nuggets could possibly draft another Point Guard in the draft.
  45. The Playoffs should recede, have 5 game series up until the Conference Finals, and possibly blend conferences after the second round (travel isn’t a headache with private travel)
  46. Even as rosters have extended to 13, teams aren’t playing more players during games, they are resting players.
  47. With analytics being the main course of aggregating stats, the NBA season should be cut to 60-65 games.
  48. Outdoor games. Please.
  49. Can neutral site games work during the season?
  50. 1 on 1 tournaments at the Allstar game.
  51. The Heat never should have traded for Goran Dragic. That was the beginning of their demise after Lebron left.
  52. The Utah Jazz are excelling like we all thought, despite injuries to Exum, Favors and Burks. Add on that Favors is averaging under 10 ppg this season.
  53. Is there a reason the Phoenix Suns keep trying to Mike D’Antoni without Mike D’Antoni? Every season they have 2 starting point guards that can’t play together.
  54. At this moment the Spurs are 31-9, but that interior defense led by Aldridge and Gasol will not hold up in the playoffs. They may get bounced in the second round again.
  55. If you are a team that cannot sign free agents, and you don’t have the trade chips, why not build through the draft? Patience is a virtue.
  56. If a man or woman knows they cannot make a halfcourt shot, they should be allowed to choose another shot in order to win the money. Stop making people shot halfcourt shots and 3s, knowing they can’t get it to the free throw line.
  57. I also watched a game of musical chairs during a timeout. One boy and one girl were fighting for the last chair. The boy boxed out the girl for the seat. That was America in a snapshot.
  58. Looks like Kevin Love is reaping the benefits of JR Smith being injured.
  59. What happens when Whiteside is 29, and going on year 3 of his contract.
  60. With all the money the Owners reap, I have no quarrels with Evan Turner getting 18 million a year.

Until next time. Enjoy the game!


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If you are looking for deep insight with big words and well put together sentences, you are looking in the wrong place. I think as i am typing. There are misspelled words, fragmented sentences, improper punctuation, and incomplete thoughts. Nothing is in order, so just becuase I have a title, doesn't mean that's what it is about. I usually write my titles after the fact. I plan nothing. I just write what I am thinking at the moment, and then I just stop. I don't wrap things up, or have a conclusion and intro, just a whole bunch of words coming from a brain that should have been analyzed as a child, but now has 30 years of misguided wisdom. So there you have it.

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