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The Green Bay Packers are on a serious roll. Since Aaron Rodgers said they was going to run the table, he has been leading by example and showing why he is that BAD MAN! 

This week in the divisional round they go against a team I hate with all the life inside me, the Cowboys. This season, the Cowboys have been very good at running the ball and keeping team’s defenses on the field to wear them down. Elliott and Prescott have impressed me and that’s hard for me to admit. When they played earlier this season, the Packers had their number one ranked run defense and the Cowboys of course has the number one run offense. The Cowboys had almost 200 yards rushing against the packers and they kept Rodgers on the sideline which is his kryptonite. He can’t beat you if he is not on the field and that’s the game plan Dallas did. They also made other plays when it counted in the passing game. The defense is bend don’t break but they have been getting a lot of pressure lately and they will need it this weekend.

The packers passed the ball 20 times straight in that game and it was because they have no run game. Even in the wildcard, the packers threw almost 60 times against the lions. This team is one dimensional but they need help from Christine Michael to help wear down the Dallas defense but they are the number one run stop defense currently.

The packers can win this game if they shutdown Elliott and force Prescott to beat them with his arm. He has been throwing down field a lot more but he usually dinks and dunk his way to touchdowns. If the packers stop the run, get stops on 3rdrs downs and create turnovers they will win.

The cowboys can win if they run the ball down the throat of the packers and keep Rodgers on the bench. The defense must get stops on 3rd and get turnovers as well.

My prediction is a tight game and the winning score will be 31-38, Dallas as much as it hurts my heart to say I do believe they will advance to the NFC Championship Game for the first time since the 90s.

Written by Melvin Jackson III


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a husband and father who love sports

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