Atlanta Chokers

By Melvin Jackson III

I have never believed in “Matty Ice” or the Falcons ever. They seem to always mess up when its time to get it done. Stephen A. Smith need to start calling them the “accident waiting to happen” as well because that’s exact;y what they are. Last season they started out 6-0 and then lost 6 straight and ended up out of the playoffs. They lose because of poor defense and poor play by Matty Ice.

This season they flipped the script so far. They are playing medicore defense and the offense is high powered. They are the number one offense in the league and they can put up points even if Julio Jones doesn’t play or isn’t involved in the game.

I love the Falcons running back duo with Freeman and c]Coleman. They both run hard and they both have a knack for getting the extra yards. I also like the pick up of Gabriel and Sanu. I think those are quality receivers and also Sanu is another big body next to Julio. The weakest links on the team are the offensive line and the TE position.

This week they play the Seahawks, who I am not impressed with when they play on the road. I think the falcons will find a way to choke this game away and go one and done. They did it in 2012 and they will do it again this season. The magic stops this weekend because the Seattle defense will show up and slow down that offense. Seattle wins 21-17 in a fun and tight game.



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