Bye Week Blues

Tay Holloway

The Dallas Cowboys are headed to the playoffs as the number one seed in the NFC and that also comes with a bye week. I am here to tell you that I have my own opinion on bye weeks going into the playoffs. I like them but then again I don’t. I know at this point in the season a lot of teams are suffering from fatigue and injuries and would love a chance to rest and heal my thoughts being hot and cooling off or being young and inexperienced.

The team has rookies at key positions such as running back and quarterback going into the playoffs and they need all the reps and real game situations. Week 17 they rested a lot and Elliott did not play a snap. This is a cause for concern for me because of rust and the chemistry can certainly run off. I guess we must hope that the guys stayed focused and studied the game plans for all the potential three teams they could face in the divisional round.



This team was on a hot streak before the season ended and showed its dominance in week 16 against the Lions. I bring up that week because that’s the last time all the starters played a full game and they looked great except for the penalties that kept shooting ourselves in the foot. We also had a key injury that week and that was to All- Pro left tackle Tyron Smith. He will be rested for almost 3 weeks when the cowboys step on the field again and that should help us keep Dak blindside safe.

In week 17 we got to see a series from the longtime starter Tony Romo and he came out and took the team down the field for a touchdown to Terrance Williams. That outing was great to see and put hope in the hearts of cowboy fans that he can still play and he is not afraid to go out and showcase his talent. Romo has been a good teammate by taking a step back and letting Dak keep the starting job. In his own words, he said that Dak “Earned” the right to be the starter and you can tell on the sidelines with him helping Dak that he was all in to win no matter what. This is a great example of being a team player and not a “Me” Player. I don’t know what the future will hold for Romo but I hope he gets to retire a Cowboy and if he does move on to a different team I will wish him well just not against my Cowboys.


In 2007, the Cowboys had a bye in the playoffs and we were one and done. That bitter taste still lingers in my mouth and I hope that is not what happens this season. That would make this season a failure due to everything that we accomplished. I want to win more than just a little division title; I want to win a championship because that is the reason why we play the game.




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