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In 2014, the Cowboys had a good season and ended up earning the right to play in the divisional round of the playoffs. They had to travel to the historic Lambeau Field to play a red hot Green Bay Packers. This was going to be a test of might and the will to win and also going against a quarterback who is arguably the best in the business.

The game did not go as planned for the Cowboys as they had costly penalties and could not get any pressure on a one legged Aaron Rodgers. They kept fighting and ended up with a chance to take the lead but Dez Bryant dropped a would be touchdown catch and DeMarco Murray was stripped of a break away run by Julius Peppers and the Cowboys could not recover. They went on to lose the game with heartbroken Tony Romo who badly wanted to win a Super Bowl that season which was one of his best.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

in 2015, we all know what happened to the Cowboys revenge tour. It was hauled by injuries and suspensions. It was a bad year and the team could only muster up four wins and earned a high draft pick that was change their team for the next few years. I guess you can call this a wake up call or a Blessing in disguise. In 2016, The season was magical again but this team lead by two rookies who have been playing let veterans but they show flashes of them being rookies by some of their play. This time around the Cowboys are the number one overall seed in the NFC and they also had a first round bye. They are fairly healthy and the Packers had to win all of their games just to get into the playoffs.

During the season, the Cowboys beat up on the Packers in Lambeau and it was a statement win when just about everyone had the team written down for a loss. I guess that’s why the games are played because they actually won and won big. This rematch of the 2014 divisional round will not be played in Lambeau but this time in Dallas at one of the biggest stages to play. The lights are bright and everyone will tune into the games because lets be honest, the Cowboys bring in ratings no matter their record. The Packers are hot again just like they were in 2014 but this time they have a defense that is very suspect.


This game will not be easy but I will say the best way to beat Aaron Rodgers is to keep him on the sidelines sipping water. If the Cowboys can use their run game to eat up the clock and score touchdowns and not just field goals they can win this game. The defense can’t let Rodgers just sit back in the pocket and make plays. They have to get to him and get hits, hurries and sacks on him. The secondary also has to make plays and defend well against Adams, Cobb and Nelson if he plays. The Packers running game has not been there but they have shown flashes. The Cowboys defense is good at stopping the run but we are going to have to keep that up because the last thing we want to do is give the Packers a running game and a passing game. I think we need to keep them one dimensional.

I do think the Cowboys will win this game but it wont be easy and we will have to knock some rust off. It will be a close game and they will advance to the NFC Championship game to face the next challenge and maybe earn a trip to the SB.


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