Team USA Wins Gold

cutBy Kim Dunning

The World Juniors tournament happened over the last two weeks.  For those that don’t know what this tournament is, it is put on by the IIHF each year.  To be eligible to play in the World Juniors you must be male, play for the country he represents, and must have been born between 1997 and 2002.

This year the tournament ran from December 26 to January 5.

This is played a lot like the World Cup was played earlier in the year.  You have a preliminary round, and the four best teams from each group of the preliminary round advance to the quarterfinals.

The last place team from Group A and Group B play each other to determine who get invited back to the tournament next year.

Once against Canada hosted the tournament in Montreal.

The Gold medal game came down to two very familiar foes.  Team Canada versus Team USA.

Canada started the game off strong and was up 4-2 at one point.  Team USA made a comeback and tied the game up 4-4.

The game ended up going into overtime, which is another 20-minute period.  Although both Canada and the US got closed to scoring the game-winning goal for their respective team, both goalies held firm and made some incredible saves.

The game ended up going to a shootout.  With such pride and gold on the line this has been a hot topic of debate.  In the shootout, only Team USA scored one goal out of five rounds.  Tyler Parsons, goalie for Team USA, did not allow a goal during the shootout.

As hard as these kids played during the games, the shootout was kind of a letdown.  Team USA won the gold and the bragging rights.  Much needed after not winning a game in the World Cup tournament earlier this year.

Congratulations to both Team Canada and Team USA on putting on one of the best hockey games anyone has seen in a long time.


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