NFL Playoff QBs: The Haves versus The Have Nots

By: Will Stevenson

AFC Quarterbacks

New England Patriots: Tom Brady

Kansas City Chiefs: Alex Smith

Oakland Raiders: Connor Cook

Houston Texans: Brock Osweiler

Miami Dolphins: Matt Moore

Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Rothleisberger

I was so excited about three weeks ago about the upcoming NFL playoffs. The Raiders were riding high, the Titans were running down the Texans, and the Dolphins looked like a team that could possibly win a playoff game. Fast forward a few weeks: Ryan Tannehill is out, Derek Carr is out, and Marcus Mariotta was injured allowing the Texans to win the division over the Titans and make us suffer through a horrible playoff match-up with the Raiders. For media purposes, we have what we wanted: We get to talk about the quarterbacks and teams we actually care about which is Tom Brady and Ben Rothleisberger. We’ve seen the Chiefs before. We don’t want the Raiders. We’ve been talking wild about the Texans because their offense is putrid. We don’t think the Dolphins have a chance in Hell. Patriots versus Steelers. Perfect right?


NFC Quarterbacks

Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson

Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers

Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford

New York Giants: Eli Manning

Unlike the AFC, the NFC is giving us the guys at quarterback that we want, which really means we have quarterbacks we actually know which doesn’t make us go into the “hype vault” to generate content.

We have Dak Prescott, the beloved Cowboys rookie who looks to be on the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. He doesn’t take many chances, which he isn’t asked to do so. The Cowboys have a bye week, so Prescott has the opportunity to see what his competition will be in the next round.

Next we have two familiar phonies: Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford. The Falcons have done this before to us all, but not this time. Stafford literally has the same team as former Lions playoff teams before.

Lastly we have the Super Bowl Winners: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. We are loving the Giants made it to the playoffs. It almost seems like the Giants, Packers and Seahawks are teams that “nobody wants to play in the playoffs”. This is our dream for the NFL: We have quarterbacks that are relevant.


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