Thabo to the Knicks?

The New York Knicks are entering the New Year on a sour note. Losing four  five games in a row and falling out of the playoff picture. While the offense has remained solid the defense has been terrible. Coach Hornacek has blasted the Knicks for a lack of effort.

“We got to have an effort like we did, all-out 48 minutes of playing hard,” he said. “You should come in this locker room after the game and be dead tired. That’s the way it should be. If you come in the locker room and you’re not huffing and puffing and tired, then you didn’t play hard enough.”
Phil Jackson would be wise to look at the trade market and bring in some more defensive intensity. One player that comes to mind is Thabo Sefolosha, according to Bleacher Report the Hawks are shopping their defensive specialist.
Many Knicks fans might cringe at the very idea of adding Sefolosha after his run in with Melo ( Melo was ejected after taking a swing at Sefolosha while fighting for a rebound) but hear me out.
According to Thabo is holding opposing players to 37% shooting from beyond 15 feet. All things considered, those are some good numbers especially since Thabo is guarding the most difficult defensive assignment on a nightly basis. From 3 Thabo is holding his opponent to 35% (which about league average). He is also averaging 1.9 steals per game.
The following is a passage from on just how important Thabo Sefolosha is to the Hawks.

“Atlanta’s recent success can be directly attributed to the rise of their defense; and perhaps the biggest reason for the defensive uptick this season is Thabo Sefolosha.

Yes, Thabo Sefolosha: the Hawks reserve wing known less for his offense and more for his defensive acumen. Sefolosha may in fact be Atlanta’s most important player — especially as the playoffs approach.

To put into perspective how important Sefolosha is to the Atlanta Hawks, last season the team went 43-9 with him on the court. Without Sefolosha, the Hawks went 17-13.”        – Jonathan Savitske of Hoops Habit

Any player that is willing to go head to head with Carmelo Anthony is a player who will no lack in the intensity department. These are the types of players the Knicks need to add on their roster if they hope to make the playoffs. With Phil Jackson clearly in win now mode lets hope he holds no punches when it comes to the trade market.



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