Week 15 Review: Playoff Uncertainty

download-34By Kim Dunning

The NFL is slowly wrapping up it’s season, and for some fans these last few weeks are it.  As other teams are pushing for the playoffs, the remaining teams will be snuggling down for the best seat on the playoff couch.

Week 15 kicked off with another boring Thursday night football game between the Rams and the Seahawks.  No need to watch this game again if you have that ability, unless you are a Seahawks fan, as Seattle destroyed the Rams.  This game was over before it began.

The NFL had its first Saturday night game of the season between the Jets and Dolphins.  Again, it was better to watch hockey than this snooze fest, as the Dolphins won.

On Sunday, the blow out games included the Bills over the winless Browns, the Giants over the Lions, the Colts over the Vikings, the Falcons over the Niners, and the Patriots over the Broncos.

In other news, the Eagles with nothing to lose went for two for the win instead of one for the tie against the Ravens.  This was a good game if you missed it, the Eagles began making a comeback only to blow it with a bonehead decision.

The Bengals attempted to overthrow the division leading Steelers but fell short, as the Steelers finally scored a touchdown instead of relying on field goals.  This should make for a great game when the Steelers and Ravens square off this upcoming weekend for the division and a playoff spot.

The Packers have found their stride and did what they were supposed to, beat the struggling Bears without Jay Cutler.

The Titans outlasted the Chiefs and shifted them out of the division lead.

The Jags almost had a win but the Texans kept it close and exciting and won by one.

The Cardinals and Saints had no defense in a high scoring air out.  Brees and company outlasted the Cards by a score of 48-41.

The Raiders beat the Chargers to clinch their first playoff appearance in 12 years.  Raider Nation is over the moon about this.

The Sunday night game between the Cowboys and Bucs proved to be a good bounce back game for Dak Prescott.  After suffering his second loss of the season the week before, Dak and the Cowboys along with a Cowboys defense held on to win and opened to the door for the Redskins to win to maintain their wild card spot in the playoffs.

But then the Redskins happened.  The Redskins couldn’t get out of their own way offensively and Carolina could eat the defense alive and handed the Redskins a loss along with a boot out of the playoff picture.

393c2cab-f38b-4022-87b2-3ee63c356367-large16x9_nflGoing into Week 17 we still do not know much about who’s going to the playoffs and what seed they will have.  This should make for very exciting football over the holiday!


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