NFL Week 16 Powder Rankings

nfl-week-picks-bettingBy: Will Stevenson

Back in July we all sat around and gave predictions of the upcoming football season. Teams were flying high as the new rookies worked along new coaching staffs in helmets and shorts. There was optimism. The weather was nice, the injury report was minimal and hope was in the air. Well here we are at the end of Week 15 and some of the teams we thought were going to compete for divisions, wildcard spots and/or take the next step are gearing up for new coaches and the draft. Let’s take a took the teams who seem to hold down the Powder Rankings week in and week out.

Browns (0-14)

RGIII has returned and Browns have welcomed him in with the consistency: Losing consistency. The tension is brewing as the Browns continue to lose every single week, and with the “Imperfectly Perfect” 0-16 on the horizon the Browns fanbase can only hope for one win before the season ends. The Bills racked up 280 yards rushing against the vaunted Browns defense. The Curse of Lebron continues.

49ers (1-13)

The 49ers defense is bad. Really bad. I thought the Saints defense was the worst in league history, but these 49ers are doing whatever possible to take that crown. The Falcons did whatever they wanted to as the 49ers reach for that number one pick.

Bears (3-11)

The worst thing about being a bad is when you’re in almost every single game, but you can’t close out to get the victory. Matt Barkley is making his case to be the “cheap shot” quarterback next year as the Bears will probably go the inexpensive route. Jay Cutler and John Fox will be gone and the next Bears coach can figure out how to go forward with this offense: Ground and pound or aerial assault?

Jaguars (2-12)

Blake Bortles is terrible, just like Blaine Gabbert. Gus Bradley is one of the worst coaches percentage wise in league history. The Jaguars have a pretty good crop of receivers. The Jaguars will pick high in the draft again. Congratulations. The Jaguars lost a lead to Tom

Jets (4-10)

We had to sit there and watch the Jets get waxed by the Dolphins Sunday afternoon. No. Wait. The Jets played Saturday night. I honestly had no idea that’s when the game was. I was looking for a basketball game to watch before I went to work. I’m sure I didn’t miss out.

Rams (4-10)

Jeff Fisher is gone. Goff is starting. The Rams still look like a terrible team in LA. Thursday Night’s contest between them and the Seahawks was a “Poop Fest”. I’d hate to have that regional coverage with no options. They have the 49ers next, so hopefully they don’t score a touchdown and they’ll come away with a win.

Eagles (5-9)

You know, the Eagles were supposed to be this bad. After the hot start, the Eagles have crumble to end the season erasing the feel good from the start of the season. The offense couldn’t hold off the Ravens on Sunday as they dropped their 5th straight game.

Cardinals (5-8-1)

Bruce Arians is on the hot seat. Malcolm Floyd is a Patriot. Carson Palmer looks like the Raiders experiment all over again and Larry Fitzgerald wants out after this season. The Cardinals gave up 48 to the Saints as they allowed Drew Brees to get back on track. I’d chalk this up to just a bad year, but we know how teams overreact.


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