NFL Week 16 Playoff Push

nfl-playoff-logoBy: Will Stevenson

Remember back in Week 3 when “It’s just one lost”? Well, all of those bad performances during the season have now added up as the playoff picture begins to take form. Teams will continue to say “they control their own destiny”, but that’s just something people say when they know they have no control of a collective destiny.

Cowboys (12-2)

The Cowboys did what they needed to do on Sunday: They beat a playoff contender. They beat a possible playoff matchup. Dak Prescott completed every throw. No nuance, no explanation: The Cowboys won in a fan-friendly way. The play the Lions (9-5) next, so the Cowboys will be able to once again further their narrative against another untrustworthy playoff contender.

Seahawks (9-4-1)

Anytime you struggle on offense, defense and are desperate for a victory, just play the Rams. The Seahawks dominated the Rams and their rookie quarterback Jared Goff. The Seahawks are 7-0 at home this season, and if they win out they’ll be at home for the postseason unless they run into Dallas in the championship game. With a game against the Cardinals, this is no time for them to revert back to their offensive struggles.

Atlanta (9-5)

I don’t trust the Falcons. Ever. Next.

Lions (9-5)

I don’t need wins or losses to conclude the Lions are a fraud. The were dominated by the Giants defense on Sunday, and will play a Cowboys team that isn’t as stout on defense, but can demoralize a Lions defense with their methodical running game that can break out at any time. That was more words than I needed to say the Lions are frauds.

Giants (10-4)

Long ways away from the kicking net right? The Giants defense has shown themselves to be a force as the season winds down. The offense is still hit and miss, but with a defense that’s beginning to pick up momentum, the offense can sputter and they might still reach the Super Bowl. I’m not excited to see the “Eli Manning is Elite” and “The Giants are a team nobody wants to play” conversation make it’s way to the playoff media guide.

Bucs (8-6)

The Bucs aren’t terrible, but they are limited on offense. Famous Jameis does some strange things like over/underthrow Mike Evans. The Bucs can still make the playoffs, but their defense will only be able to hold off for so long as their offense continues to hold them back.

Packers (8-6)

R-E-L-A-X. Pretty much. A few weeks ago the Packers were getting smoked by the Titans and Kirk Cousins. Now the Packers are sitting pretty for a playoff spot and a possible division crown. The Vikings are up next, and with the playoffs and Mike McCarthy’s job on the line, Packers need to continue their win streak.

Washington (7-6-1)

Washington lost last night in Carolina as their defense gave up big plays in the secondary. The offense that is known for beating coverage was not able to take advantage of a Carolina secondary that is young, and a defense that is beat up. Jordan Reed? What are you doing?

Minnesota (7-7)

Adrian Peterson returns. Adrian Peterson returned too soon. The Vikings offense is still bad. 34-6 was the score against the Colts as the Vikings are now 2-7 in their last nine games. It would be so NFL if they beat the Packers.

Saints (6-8)

The Saints need everybody to lose. Period.

National Football Conference

1x –DAL 12 2 0 .857 3-2 8-2 .457 .414 NFC East Champ
2z –SEA 9 4 1 .679 2-1-1 5-4-1 .452 .452 NFC West Champ
3ATL 9 5 0 .643 3-1 7-3 .485 .456 NFC South Champ
Wins tie break over Detroit
4DET 9 5 0 .643 3-2 7-3 .436 .385 NFC North Champ
5NYG 10 4 0 .714 3-1 7-3 .490 .461
6TB 8 6 0 .571 3-1 6-4 .505 .442 Wins tie break over Green Bay
7GB 8 6 0 .571 3-1 6-4 .510 .442
8WSH 7 6 1 .536 3-2 5-5 .520 .439
9MIN 7 7 0 .500 1-3 4-6 .510 .485
10NO 6 8 0 .429 1-3 5-5 .520 .369 Wins tie break over Car
11CAR 6 8 0 .429 1-3 5-5 .497 .345
12ARI 5 8 1 .393 2-1-1 4-5-1 .464 .307
13PHI 5 9 0 .357 0-4 3-7 .536 .400
14LA 4 10 0 .286 2-2 3-7 .538 .482
15CHI 3 11 0 .214 2-3 3-7 .520 .405
16SF 1 13 0 .071 1-3 1-9 .513 .286

Patriots (12-2)

This is what they do every year.

Oakland (11-3)

They are one Michael Crabtree touchdown catch away from being looked at like the Lions. They are the Lions.

Steelers (9-5)

I told ya. I knew the Steelers would be back at the top of the division with everybody struggle right now. The Steelers are also a team, “nobody wants to see” in the playoffs.

Houston (8-6)

I don’t know how they do it, but the Texans keep winning. The fans rejoiced as Brock was benched for Tom Savage and Savage led them to a comeback victory over the Jaguars which isn’t a big thing in retrospect. The stay ahead of the Titans and Colts who are looking to take them down in the final weeks. Let’s see.

Chiefs (10-4)

The Chiefs crumbled in the final frame against the Titans as the titans did what they could to give that game away. A home loss that looked the way the Chiefs usually look when they lose in the playoffs year after year.

Dolphins (9-5)

Matt Moore. Matt freaking Moore. The Jets were on the menu last week, so that’s why the Dolphins won. They have the Bills this Sunday, so now it becomes a must win for a team that historically loses these types of games.

Ravens (8-6)

Frauds. Complete frauds.

Titans (8-6)

I still don’t know how they are doing this. The Titans run the ball well and don’t turn the ball over much. They play pretty good defense and they play the Jaguars next. Dare I say trap game?

Broncos (8-6)

They are a quarterback away from being a good team. They are an offensive line away from being a good team. You can’t hold the Patriots to  16 points and still lose, that just won’t cut it late in the season.

Bills (7-7)

I mean, they could win out, but will they? Last year they ended the Jets, and this coming Sunday they have the same opportunity against the Dolphins. LeSean McCoy has been running wild lately as Rex Ryan seems to be on the outs at the end of the season.

Colts (7-7)

Frauds. Keep grinding, keep chopping, keep your nose to the grindstone. Keep pushing, keep making the right play, keep playing, and stay focused. Take it one game at a time, one play at a time.

American Football Conference

1* –NE 12 2 0 .857 3-1 9-1 .436 .411 AFC East Champ
2x –OAK 11 3 0 .786 3-2 8-2 .510 .461 AFC West Champ
3PIT 9 5 0 .643 3-1 7-3 .523 .448 AFC North Champ
4HOU 8 6 0 .571 5-0 6-4 .505 .429 AFC South Champ
Wins tie break over Tennessee
5KC 10 4 0 .714 4-0 7-3 .520 .493
6MIA 9 5 0 .643 3-1 6-4 .421 .313
7BAL 8 6 0 .571 4-0 7-3 .480 .335 Wins tie break over Denver and Tenn
8TEN 8 6 0 .571 1-3 5-5 .480 .438 Wins tie break over Denver
9DEN 8 6 0 .571 1-3 5-5 .523 .424
10BUF 7 7 0 .500 1-3 4-6 .472 .306
11IND 7 7 0 .500 2-3 4-6 .495 .439
12CIN 5 8 1 .393 2-3 4-6 .513 .257
13SD 5 9 0 .357 1-4 4-6 .566 .500
14NYJ 4 10 0 .286 1-3 3-7 .492 .286
15JAX 2 12 0 .143 1-3 1-9 .546 .357
16CLE 0 14 0 .000 0-5 0-10 .564 .000




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