Fighting for Life


The Redskins played the Eagles last week and that team who threw snowballs at Santa has been having a hard time. they can’t win a game and their team look like they have given up on the season and their coach.

The game was tight contrast and the Eagles’ defense made plays that made the redskins look bad. the running game did get going for the skins but they went away from the run game very fast and just went to the air like we were playing arena football. the skins defense need the run game to dominate to cover their flaws during the games.

At the end, I will say kirk pulled it off even though he had a quite night from Crowder and reed. He used other options and just took what the defense gave him. If the skins can keep winning and get help from other teams, then they will be in the playoffs. I don’t think we deserve the playoffs but I do think if we played we could at least win one day.

This week we play the Panthers and that’s Josh Norman’s old team. I am sure he will be hyped to play them I don’t see why we won win the game. skins wall win by two touchdowns on Monday night football.

Written by Melvin Jackson III


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a husband and father who love sports

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