Big Week, 3 Big Games!

Here we are folks Week 15 of the NFL season with one team – The Dallas Cowboys – clinching  a playoff berth and a host of others look to lock up a trip to the post season this week. Last week ended with an outstanding defensive performance from the Cowboys and Giants game and this week we should see some more exciting games with playoff implications on the line.

Detroit Lions @ New York Giants Sunday 1:00pm

16, 2016; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford ... Both teams are coming off of statement wins and are looking to clench a playoff berth this Sunday with W. The Lions did what they have done all season long last week against Chicago with a 4th Q come from behind win that Stafford capped off with a 15 yard TD run and scramble to put the Lions up for good. Landon-Collins

Eli and the Giants offense have yet to put together 4 quarters of solid play instead relying on the defense and timely big plays from Odell Beckham Jr. The Lions are looking to take the NFC North with a win and the Giants are looking to keep a hold on the 5th seed in the playoffs and secure their spot. The Giants offense has no choice but to wake up (better late than never) and it needs to start this week because the last 3 games they face teams who can score. A loss on Sunday doesn’t knock either team out of the playoffs but it definitely will make things more difficult the last two weeks of the season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys Sunday 8:30pm

Jameis Winston headed to Pro Bowl About 4-5 weeks ago this match-up would’ve looked like a small bump in the road for Dallas to easily get over on their way to the #1 seed and best team in the NFC, fast forward to now and you see two teams trending in opposite directions but not where you’d thought they would be. The Bucs have put themselves in the driver seat for the second wildcard spot in the NFC. Their defense has woken up and Winston just keeps getting better at the QB position. They’re hot right now coming off a win against Seattle and a Gritty win against Phillip Rivers and the Chargers.

Dak Prescott

Dallas on the other hand have shown signs of being stoppable. It started in week 13 against Minnesota where they struggled offensively to get anything going. A timely forced fumble by their special teams was the break they needed to escape that game. We thought it was a fluke but then they go into Metlife and their offense just goes dormant – thanks in large part to the Giants defensive performance – and now they limp back home to face a red hot surging Bucs team looking to punch their own ticket to the playoffs. Will Dallas bounce back and show people they’re still the team to beat in the NFC or will they continue to falter allowing other teams in the NFC to build momentum?

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears Sunday 1:00pm

Aaron Rodgers is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time - The Sports ...  This game only has playoff implications for one team and that’s the Green Bay Packers. The Pack are currently on the outside looking in at 7 wins thanks to an uncharacteristic slow start for the first half of the season. They can’t clinch anything here today but a win would keep them in the race and give them some hope, they need a lot of help to make it but we know Aaron Rodgers will do his part to dig them out and hope everything else falls in place. Believe it or not winning in Chicago will not be an easy task, their defense is pretty solid and they will not just roll over. Matt Barkley surprisingly looks comfortable out there under center for Chicago and Green Bay’s secondary has been abysmal all season. This a a division game and the Chicago Bears, I’m sure, would love nothing more to ruin any hopes of the Packers making the playoffs.


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