NFL Weak 14 Powder Rankings

nfl-week-picks-bettingBy: Will Stevenson

After a week off to decompress, we are back with the weekly Powder Rankings. As the regular season comes to an end, teams are doing whatever possible to achieve season bonuses with yards, touchdowns, percentages of snaps along with many other achievements. As the selfishness consumes the game (as it should) depth charts get shorter as players are being put on IR and practice squad players being used to fill the roster. No more time for reasoning, let’s look at this past week’s worst teams.

1.Browns (0-13)
Every week it gets worst. The Browns are looking to perfect imperfection. Terrelle Pryor is getting shutdown on a weekly basis, but look at his quarterbacks, it’s not something he can help very much. Robert Griffin III came back Sunday, and it was  the same old Browns. The Curse of LeBron continues.

2. Jets (4-9)
The Jets are bad. Their defense is bad. Their quarterbacking is even worse than you think. The Jets won, in overtime, verses the 49ers.

3. Jaguars (2-11)
The Jaguars have lost eight games in a row. All signs point towards another regime change and maybe, possibly a quarterback change during the off-season. Their last three games are all against the division, and with the whole AFC North still in it, the Jaguars can only play spoilers.

4. 49ers (1-12)
The 49ers are keeping the game close as possible to the very end, the problem is they continue to blow 4th quarter leads. At this point losing isn’t so bad because it gets them closer to a top pick in the draft. I guess Chip stays.

5. Bears (3-10)
The Bears resemble the 49ers: They are in most games till the end, they just can’t keep a lead or win it in the end with their offense. Matt Barkley has played alright, although having the same results, but maybe he’ll earn some starting consideration next season. That’s enough Bears talk.

6. Rams (4-9)
I guess the Rams won’t be able to reach .500 this season, so that was the tipping point to Jeff Fisher being fired. The Rams are scrambling, but I hope they don’t fuse a winning streak that would keep them from hiring the coach they need to guide this offense. When they score touchdowns, they lose. That’s terrible.

7. Eagles (5-8)
There are many puns to be made with the Eagles and Carson Wentz, but truth be told they have a rookie quarterback with no breakout receivers and a defense that is not bad, but thin. This is how the the season was supposed to be for the Eagles, but that 3-0 start got everybody’s hopes up, which over-hyped preseason expectations.


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