9725550-patrick-peterson-desean-jackson-nfl-washington-redskins-arizona-cardinalsThe game against the Cardinals was terrible. This team has a lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball with an excellent quarterback leading the way. We have a shutdown corner on defense but it’s still things missing on this team and that is HEART! 

The offense starts to click and score touchdowns instead of field goals and the defense goes right back on the field and let the other team score all the way down the field. it doesn’t matter who it was they made Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady and David Johnson look like Emmitt Smith. The lack of heart and determination on defense is going to make me scream.

This defense has no pass rush and only has one corner who can cover. we need to start over on defense and maybe go to the draft or make a big splash in free agency to help. we need it because we can’t go to the playoffs like this or we will be one and done.

This week we play the eagles who look like they have given up on their season and are just playing the games because they have too. I do think they might come alive to keep the skins out of the last playoff spot which is typical because we did that to them back in 2014. we were the spoiler of their season and Dallas went on to win the division and a playoff game. I think the skins lose this week by a point and the grumbling of Jay Gruden being fired starts.

Written by Melvin Jackson III


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a husband and father who love sports

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