Goldberg Defeats Lesnar Sets His Sights On Title:

By Billy Clemmons

Rumblings of a Goldberg victory grew louder in the hours leading up the match after his odds to win reduced, but few expected the dominant fashion of the victory.

After pushing Lesnar down to the ground at the beginning of the bout, Goldberg speared the former WWE and UFC Champion twice, before finishing him with the Jackhammer.

The entire match was bizarre, with the usually destructive Lesnar obliterated by a 49-year-old Goldberg who announced prior to Survivor Series that this would be the only match of his comeback.

While Lesnar has lost several times in WWE since his own return in 2012, those defeats have usually come after brutal slugfests or via mischievous interference. Here is my theory as to why this took place.

A Quick Win Was Booked to Hide Goldberg’s Ring Rust

This is the theory I feel is the most plausible. Goldberg looked shaky in his only two examples of physicality within the ring since his comeback. He stumbled in a confrontation with Rusev and looked really out of shape when he and Lesnar met face-to-face on last week’s episode of Raw.

I had my doubts about his ability to put on a good match. Lesnar is one of the most overrated in-ring workers in the promotion. He has four or five moves at this stage of his career, and there was a strong chance the match would have been a botchfest.

In a worst-case scenario, someone may have gotten injured. Lesnar and Goldberg’s first meeting in the WWE is widely viewed as a disaster. When they met 12 yesrs ago, everyone knew both Superstars were leaving the company and that dynamic created an uninspired match.

It’s possible the WWE didn’t want to risk the two men creating another stinker. Many will find fault in the way the Survivor Series match was booked, but I’d take the unpredictable 45-second match over an elongated and poorly-worked 15-minute affair.

Less than 24 hours after obliterating Brock Lesnar in 84 seconds as the two squared off in the main event of Survivor Series, Goldberg appeared on Monday Night Raw and declared that his run with WWE is not over — it’s just getting started.

Though most believed that Goldberg would make a one-off appearance in WWE to promote the WWE 2K17 video game and fight Lesnar before leaving for good, that apparently is no longer the case.

Instead, the 49-year-old Goldberg will continue his run with WWE at the 2017 Royal Rumble as he declared Monday night that he will be the first entrant in the 30-man, over-the-top-rope battle royal.

It was actually that reported late Sunday that Goldberg would remain with the company through its next tentpole pay-per-view.

Whether Goldberg continues beyond that remains to be seen, though he did declare in the ring Monday that his goal is not simply to participate in the Royal Rumble for the second time in his career but actually make a run at a heavyweight championship belt.

“You bet your ass I have one more title run left in me,” he screamed. “… At the Royal Rumble match, everyone is next.”


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