Written by Melvin Jackson III

The packers just lost in a bad way to a team that is not very good. They were outplayed in every aspect of the game and it was embarrassing.
Aaron Rodgers had two interceptions and two touchdowns but was under pressure the entire game and was never comfortable.

The receivers were dropping balls and the offense could not execute on 3rd down and they looked flat.

The running game was none existent and Montgomery needs to never play running back ever again.

The Titians were led by Mariota and Murray.

The run game was amazing and gashed the Packers defense with ease. The cheese heads were slicked like monetary jack cheese and they looked very soft like velvetta.

Mariota was looking like Tom Brady on the field and having his way throwing four touchdown passes. Murray even had a touchdown pass to walker to add insult to injury.

This coming week the packers have the redskins who are playing at a high level and they will not beat the skins this week. they will continue on the road to fighting for last place with Vikings and bears.

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