NFL Week 10- The Most Exciting Week, so far.

By Kim Dunning

Week 10 in the NFL was the most exciting week fans have seen so far this year.  There were a lot of close games and nail biters until the very end.

Except the Thursday Night game.  Once again, this was a one-sided very boring game between Baltimore and Cleveland.  They may be divisional rivals, but they did not give the typical divisional game.  The Browns made it close in the first-half, then decided to call off the rest of the game.  The Ravens were victors maintaining their first place spot in the AFC North.

The game between the Chiefs and Panthers had the Panthers out in front first and then Kansas City made a 17-point comeback to hand the current NFC Champs a loss.

The Broncos and Saints game was down to the very last second.  New Orleans had scored and was an extra point away from winning, until the kick was blocked and ran back by Denver for two-points.  Denver won the game 25-23.

The Jets and Rams played baseball with a low-scoring defensive battle.  The Rams pulled out a win by three, the final score was 9-6.

The Packers were handed their third straight loss by the Titans.  You read that right, the Tennessee Titans.  Green Bay is falling apart at the seams, and no one is bothered by this except Packer fans.  The Titans not only beat them; they blew them out.

The Eagles are undefeated at home after the win against the “hot” Atlanta team.  Philadelphia had a convincing eight-point win.

The Vikings and Redskins had an exciting game.  The score went back and forth there for a while but Washington was able to hold off Minnesota and handed them their fourth straight loss.

The Texans and Jags had a close divisional game.  This was a true divisional rivalry.  The Texans outlasted the Jags sending the Jags to their fourth straight loss.

The Bucs and Bears game was no contest.  Tampa Bay had their foot on the gas the entire game and cruised to an easy win over Chicago.

In another no contest game, Miami easily rattled Philip Rivers for a few picks and easily won the game.

The Cardinals and Niners game was close by the Cards won by 3.

The Cowboys and Steelers had a good old school 70’s match-up.  The game went back and forth even after the Steelers fast start.  The Cowboys made a comeback and gave Pittsburgh 9 seconds to try to win the game.  The Steelers failed to make a comeback and Dallas rolled to their eighth straight win.

Seattle and New England had another good game.  The irony is the Patriots blew the game with the same play Seattle pulled in their Super Bowl.  It also failed for the Patriots.  The Seahawks handed New England their second loss of the season.

The Monday Night game between the Bengals and the Giants was another close back and forth game. The Giants ended up beating the Bengals with a run game and defense.  The Bengals continued their downward spiral. 

The games in Week 10 were the best fans have seen so far this year.  Every game was fairly close and it had more excitement and close games than any other week.  The ratings even went.  As the NFL gets closer to playoff time, the games will get more interesting, except those already eliminated from playoff contention.

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