The Curse of Lebron: The case for making the Cavs championship the worst thing to ever happen to us.

By: Will Stevenson

Yes, I said it. When the Cavaliers won Game 7 over the Warriors in June, the fan base was elated: Finally, we are winners! Well, that may be true, but God hates you otherwise. The way Cleveland has represented themselves over the past months has proven that Karma is a Nancy Grace, and it will reign down vengeful rage upon you if you do not contain yourself and you pride. Once LeBron endorsed Hilary, it seemed to all go downhill for the Indians and America. there’s nothing more joyful than watching a fan base be able to call themselves winners after being losers for so long. As a Red Sox fan, I know what it’s like to be a loser, every single year. When the Cavs won, they did it in such dramatic fashion that the fan base couldn’t help but become monster fanatics.

During training camp, I decided to follow the Browns throughout the season for blogging purposes. I really wanted to keep up the blog with the Browns, but you know what? They suck. The Browns aren’t the kind of bad that is makes them unwatchable because they don’t give any effort, because they do. It’s just LeBron won the championship and now things are back too normal as punishment by the Gods.

During training camp, Robert Griffin III was looking pretty good as he was throwing bombs to Terrell Pryor and hooking up with rookie Corey Coleman. RGIII got hurt, Corey Coleman got hurt and Josh Gordon checked into rehab. The Browns have used six quarterbacks this season, which is something the Gods have bestowed upon Cleveland fans since they came back to Cleveland. Cody Kessler, Josh McCown, Charlie Whitehurst, Kevin Hogan and Terrelle Pryor have all been behind center this year. You may want to notice that Charlie Whitehurst, “clipboard Jesus” was signed to start a game this season.

May I also add that the Cleveland Indians lost a 3-1 lead to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

May I also add that Donald Trump won Ohio, which no president wins the election without winning Ohio.

So thanks LeBron, because of you the world is in suffering. Because of you the Indians fans will continue to suffer after they choked away a series to a pitcher that may or may not have choked his significant other. That was probably too much.

So, Cleveland, you have your championship to ride high on, but somewhere along the line you rose up too quickly, because now you have become the center of all of our pains. Relish in the fact you have LeBron, but also know that we all must now suffer, because you have LeBron.

*The Cavs visit the White House the same day Donald Trump does: I can’t make this stuff up*

I blame you Cleveland, I blame you.

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