NFL Weak 10 Powder Rankings: Hey Cleveland, You’re #1 in my eyes.

By: Will Stevenson


We are almost at Week 10. Football has given us some horrific play this season which has allowed a few teams to capitalize on the old football rules: Defense, running game, special teams, and the play action pass. The Cowboys, Raiders and Falcons have shown themselves to be regular season contenders by getting out to fast starts while the rest of the league wallows around .500. Underneath those average teams are the suckage. Let’s look at the suckage.

*I’m leaving off some teams that are .500 or right around it. Let them have their hope while they can. Don’t worry, it’ll be all over soon.

1 Browns (0-9) *The Curse of LeBron is now in full effect with the Indians loss in the WS*

They lost again, this time to the Cowboys. The Cowboys are good, so this isn’t too much of a surprise. The Browns are looking toward the offseason, so Cody Kessler is getting his shot to see if he’ll be on the bench behind whomever the Browns take 1st in next year’s draft. First the Indians, now this.

  1. 49ers (1-9)

Colin Kaepernick looked half decent against the Saints defense, but that doesn’t say much at all. He missed on some regular throws as always, but he looks better than Gabbert. The 49ers turned the ball over on the goaline against the Saints, and couldn’t stop Mark Ingram and Brees. I wonder how many calls Chip Kelly’s agent is fielding?

  1. Jets (3-6)

I feel like the Jets are the Browns, but in New York. Ryan Fitzpatrick is so bad. I just don’t understand why he is still here? Why do the Jets continue to do this at quarterback, year after year after year?

  1. Bears (2-6)

Jay Cutler’s return gave the Bears a boost last week, but I don’t see the Bears doing much the rest of the season. It’s audition time. Maybe we’ve seen John Fox chew his last piece of gum in Chicago.

  1. Rams (3-5)

Weren’t the Rams 3-0? They peaked. Or maybe they have Jeff Fisher and Case Keenum. Todd Gurley is having an unproductive season, but their offensive line is beat up and they have Case Keenum! Putting in Goff doesn’t seem to be a better option if the season is going down the drain, but they’ve got to do something fast. I wonder what outing clauses were in that extension for Fisher?

  1. Buccaneers (3-5)

No healthy running backs, inconsistent quarterback, and a defense that gives up the big play. They’ve been consistent with that game plan for years.

  1. Packers (4-4)

Aaron Rodgers is going to have a new coach next season. They need a tight end, explosiveness on the outside, a running back and some way to get a cloak of invisibility from injuries. Aaron Rodgers is more like Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers than I imagined. I mean, Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to turn into Matt Schaub in front of our eyes? Is he?

  1. Jaguars (2-6)

They have been a disappointment all week. Bad defense, bad offense. Bortles and the receiving core aren’t enough to make it in the AFC that has Brock Osweiler. That’s tough.

  1. Titans (4-5)

I don’t want to bang on the Titans too much because they play hard, but they lost to the Chargers.

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