Once again, Cowboys Roll

By Tay Holloway

Another week and another win by the Cowboys. This team was a high favorite to win against the Browns. This was also a homecoming for Jason Garrett and Ezekiel Elliott who are all from the state of Ohio. The motivation going into this game was not to look past this team because of their record but to trust the preparation and execute the game plan. This week the Cowboys did just that plus more.

Elliott did not have over 100 yards rushing this game due to the fact he sat out most of the 4th quarter due to such a big lead. He was averaging 5.5 yards per carry and scored a two touchdowns. He had a great day for a front seven defense he was facing that was not too good but they did add a pro bowl linebacker, Jamie Collins, to the mix but it was his first game with his new team. Dez Bryant was held in check most of the game by Joe Haden who played excellent defense one on one with Bryant. Dez did have a dropped pass in the end zone which was right in his hands and a perfect thrown ball from Prescott. That was all on Dez and that is a ball you are supposed to catch.


Jason Witten came up huge for the team this week with over 100 yards receiving which was his first since the 2013 season and he had two touchdown catches. The defense was playing a zone around him and being the savvy veteran that Witten is, he just ran his route to the open spot in the zone and waited for the pass. He was open majority of the game and that was poor play calling on the browns defense. He might be up in age but you cant leave a future hall of famer open for passes. Witten also passed Shannon Sharpe on the all time receptions list for a tightend which seals the deal even more that when Witten retires he will be getting a gold jacket.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns

The Cowboys defense held the browns to only 10 points which is good but I won’t brag about beating the browns. They are desperate for their first win of the season but let’s be real they are a bad team across the board who can’t finish games. They are a long ways away from being a decent team. Next week the Cowboys play the rival Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. The last time these two teams played was in 2012 in Dallas and it went down to the wire but the Cowboys pulled out the win. Big Ben played his first game this week against the Ravens after being out with a knee injury. He was rusty but I guess he needed to get back into the game with his team. I am looking forward to this game and a statement win on the road but it won’t be easy.




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