By Tay Holloway

The NFC East has never been a division not to play hard, but each team in this division does not like each other and they want to kill each other on the field for the win. These teams are all rivals and they all want to keep each other’s playoff hopes from happening. That’s why winning games against a division opponent is so important for a team who wants to make a playoff run. This season the Eagles find themselves in a big hole as they fall to 4-4 overall and 0-3 against NFC East teams.


The Eagles have lost two straight games now and both are to division teams. They are playing well on the defensive side of the ball but the offense is whats holding this team back. The play calling has been a bit suspect and I have no idea why they keep going for it on 4th down. Wentz is looking like a rookie and is struggling to go through his proper reads. He is not using his legs like I thought he would and he is staying in the pocket and holding the ball way to long. His receivers have to help him out too, because they are dropping way to many balls that should be routine catches. The running game would be dead if not for Darren Sproles because Ryan Matthews is riding the bench due to his fumbling issues.


Right now the eagles need to really take a look in the mirror and see where they are headed. It is not a good road and they need to make sure that they don’t keep drowning. They do have three more division games left and they need to hope they win the other games against NFC and AFC opponents to try to keep up in the winning column. They also need some help from the division teams to lose so they can stay alive. If they keep losing during this second half of the season they will find themselves once again on the outside looking in. I do think they will win the next two games if they play at a high level but if they are morally deflated after these last two games then I guess they will just take a nose dive.


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