Revamped Bulls

Tay Holloway

During the off season the Bulls were at a point where they didn’t know which way they were going to turn. The front office had mad it very clear that they were going to rally around the new coach and try to give him players that could stay healthy and also clean house of players who have basically gotten older and ran their course on this team.  They made a few moves that Bulls fans around the globe did not like but maybe it was time for a fresh start.

The Bulls traded their former number 1 draft choice, former league MVP and hometown player in Derrick Rose. It sent a shock wave throughout the city, the league and the team. Most people did not see it coming but I did. I figured the team was done with trying to wait for him to comeback from some unfortunate knee injuries. They were patient with him because he was the face of Chicago and loved by all people. How can you not pray and hope that he could comeback to form. He gave the city life again that had been dead since Jordan and Pippen left. They got a taste of maybe the glory days coming back and maybe ring number seven was right around the corner.


The team also didn’t try to resign another former first round draft choice Joakim Noah. This guy was the heart and soul of the team. He was a former defensive player of the year but he was plagued by injuries for the last few seasons. He was not the same force on the inside anymore and it was time to move on and let the younger guys develop and see what we actually have. The drafted Bobby Portis and also have Cristiano Felicio in the back court to groom and they have stayed healthy to this point. They also decided to keep Taj Gibson who has been very injury prone as well but I believe his contract was a little too high for teams to absorb for a player of his caliber. He stayed put and is not the starting power forward on the team.


The bulls decided to sign Dwayne Wade from the Heat also they decided not to trade Jimmy Butler in the off season as well. It was rumors of him not getting along with the coach and being a locker room issue but i guess that was not true. The team parted ways with Pau Gasol but they also decided to draft a young guy name Denzel Valentine. The best signing I believe and nobody actually like it was to bring in Rajon Rondo. I don’t care what anyone says, this guy might be a hard head but he can play the point and create opportunities for other players on the offense. That is something that the team was missing for so long because nobody could create their own shot. Finally the bulls have a “creating” point guard, a TRUE point guard. He is not the best in the game but he is serviceable and he also plays good defense.

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls

So far this season the team is playing way better then I expected. I predicted about 40 to 49 wins for this team this season and also a playoff berth at a lower seed. Right now they are showing team play by actually using a basic motion offense. I still need to see more from the bench and see how things go as the season goes on. I am liking what I see so far but it’s still the start of a fresh NBA Season.


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