#NbaRankReaction Part 2: #135-111

By: Will Stevenson

135. Courtney Lee (2017 Salary: $11,242,000) 4 years remaining
New York Knicks | SG
Last year’s rank: 148

Lee has found himself on another team and finally getting paid for it. He plays perimeter defense and shoots the three consistently well. The Knicks were quite the gamble, but these rosters don’t feel themselves.

134. Joe Johnson (2017 Salary: $11,000,000) 2 years remaining
Utah Jazz | SG
Last year’s rank: 102

I used to be Hawks fan. I have nothing for Ski-mask Joe. When the playoffs come around, he and George Hill will be taking the clutch shots.

133. Mason Plumlee (2017 Salary: $2,328,530) 1 year remaining
Portland Trail Blazers | PF
Last year’s rank: 128

He hustles, passes, dunks, rebounds, and doesn’t need the ball to affect the game. He’ll get paid in the long run. The Blazers have 83 big men on their roster, so somebody will trade for him if he falls out of favor in Portland.

132. Brandon Jennings (2017 Salary: $5,000,000) 1 year remaining
New York Knicks | PG
Last year’s rank: 121

I wonder if Jennings will show enough to get paid again. He’s coming back from the Achilles Tear, so he’s working himself back into the NBA. He has much to prove if he wants to start again in the league.

131. Amir Johnson (2017 Salary: $12,000,000) 1 year remaining
Boston Celtics | C
Last year’s rank: 115

Johnson is one of the last that came straight from high school. He can shoot the mid-range, rebound, post defense and hustle. He’s older, but he’ll either sign big with a bad team, or solidify a front-court on a contender. He’ll definitely have his choices this off-season.

130. Maurice Harkless (2017 Salary: $8,988,765) 4 years remaining
Portland Trail Blazers | SF
Last year’s rank: 269

Another player that benefited from a good playoff run. He can’t shoot consistently yet, but adds hustle, defense, and drives to the rim and shoots well from the free throw line.

129. Shaun Livingston (2017 Salary: $5,782,450) 1 year remaining
Golden State Warriors | PG
Last year’s rank: 117

Shaun has resurrected himself over the past few years, and in his last year of his contract will have suitors this off-season. With the addition of Durant and the depletion of the bench, the Warriors will lean on Shaun more in the playoffs.

128. Allen Crabbe (2017 Salary: $18,500,000) 4 years remaining
Portland Trail Blazers | SG
Last year’s rank: 326

Another playoff run/contract year phenomenon. Crabbe shoots the open three, hustles in the open court and finds himself in the right position and system with the Blazers. He’s not that good on his own, but he compliments.

127. Marvin Williams (2017 Salary: $12,250,000) 4 years remaining
Charlotte Hornets | PF
Last year’s rank: 224

As a Hawks fan, we chose him over Chris Paul. I never would have thought he would have a long term contract and become a three point shooter in this league.

126. Nerlens Noel
Philadelphia 76ers | PF
Last year’s rank: 76

Another forgotten/injured Sixer on the list. Noel will be traded soon, and will get paid afterwards. He plays the post well, and is the perfect prototype for the New NBA.

125. Deron Williams (2017 salary: 9 million) 1 year remaining
Dallas Mavericks | PG
Last year’s rank: 114

He’s still in the league. The Mavericks are still paying the guys nobody else wants anymore. He’s averaging 16 ppg, 6 apg and shooting a good percentage from the field.

124. Rudy Gay (2017 Salary: $13,333,333) 2 years remaining
Sacramento Kings | SF
Last year’s rank: 70

Dave Joeger’s offense is really looking good for the prominent Kings players. Former “self-check” is averaging 23 ppg and shooting 48% FG and shooting well from the three point line. Crazy as it seems, Rudy will get another longterm contract.

123. Tobias Harris (2017 Salary: $17,200,000) 
Detroit Pistons | SF
Last year’s rank: 89

With a newer, faster, postion-less NBA, players like Tobias Harris can be tweeners and flourish in the league. He’s big enough to be a 4, enough quickness to play on the perimeter, and shoots well enough to get paid. He doesn’t rebound well, but he scores enough for the Pistons and is shooting a high percentage early to start the season. Van Gundy’s offense bodes well for Harris a lot better than Scott Skiles.

122. Luol Deng (2017 salary: $18,000,000) 4 years remaining
Los Angeles Lakers | SF
Last year’s rank: 92

Another team, another year, another contract for Loul Deng. We all thought Deng was done once he was in Cleveland, but like Noah, he’s been able to do enough to get paid. Deng still guards, still hits the three, and cuts to the basket. He’s struggling so far with the Lakers, but that happens when the future is currently running the show.

121. Patrick Patterson (2017 Salary: $6,050,000)
Toronto Raptors | PF
Last year’s rank: 157

The one thing a fringe vet doesn’t want to do is struggle in a contract year. Patterson is a slow stretch four that learned to shoot after he was big. He’s shooting abysmally from the field and the Raptors can’t wait around for him while Sullinger is injured. He’s got to pick it up or he’ll be signed the vet minimum in the offseason.

120. Ben Simmons
Philadelphia 76ers | PF
Last year’s rank: NR

He’s exactly what the Sixers need, but he’s injured. Their pace of play will fit well with Simmons’ skills as he navigates the Point Guard position when he returns.

119. Will Barton (2017 Salary: $3,533,333) 2 years remaining
Denver Nuggets | SF
Last year’s rank: 298

50/50/90. That’s pretty impressive for a guy who was on the end of the Portland bench just a few years ago. With his low salary and scoring presence, he’ll be a trade chip for another team looking for someone who can be a 3rd or 4th option.

118. Emmanuel Mudiay
Denver Nuggets | PG
Last year’s rank: 123

Mudiay still can’t shoot, but he penetrates and rebounds well for a point guard. He’s athletic and has room to grow, but as long as the pace is fast, he will flourish.

117. Kyle Korver (2017 Salary: $5,239,437) 1 year remaining
Atlanta Hawks | SG
Last year’s rank: 53

He’s still shooting in the league. He’s not as productive as he was when the Hawks were in the Eastern Conference Finals two years ago, but he can still shoot. His production will always be in and out at this stage of his career, but seeing that he only plays offense, it should be more.

116. Otto Porter Jr. (2017 Salary: $5,893,981) 1 year remaining
Washington Wizards | SF
Last year’s rank: 111

He was a high pick, but Porter is a glue guy, just what the Wizards need. Yes, it would be nice if he could shoot from three, but he does everything else well and defends/rebounds his position. He’ll be paid mightily one the season is over.

115. Patty Mills (2017 Salary: $3,578,948) 1 year remaining
San Antonio Spurs | PG
Last year’s rank: 162

Patty Mills is auditioning for NBA Suitors this year. He’s a veteran, efficient, a great shooter and scores well on threes and pick and roll. He can make money elsewhere, or stay withe the Spurs. He’s Eddie House on steroids. He’s what I thought Salim Stoudamire would’ve been.

114. Marcus Smart (2017 Salary: $3,578,880) 2  years remaining
Boston Celtics | PG
Last year’s rank: 85

I saw this play guard Paul Millsap in last year’s playoffs. He’s not going to shoot well or score often, but he will defend up to three positions, and the Celtics have enough passers on the team for Smart to excel in who he is.

113. Tony Parker (2017 Salary: $14,445,313) 3 years remaining
San Antonio Spurs | PG
Last year’s rank: 54

He’s old, often injured, and sluggish at times, but Parker is efficient and will run that pick and roll till he retires. The Spurs don’t depend on him to be the player of old, and in this system he doesn’t need to be the Finals MVP he once was.

112. Gorgui Dieng (2017 Salary: $2,348,783) 4 year 64 million dollar extension
Minnesota Timberwolves | C
Last year’s rank: 154

He rebounds, protects the rim and has a few moves in the post. With KAT with him, he’ll be able to guard the paint for Thibs and the Timberwolves.

111. Bismack Biyombo (2017 Salary: $17,000,000) 4 years remaining
Orlando Magic | C
Last year’s rank: 257

Another former high Charlotte Hornet pick that made it big somewhere else. Also another pay for playoff performer. When Jonas went down, Bismack thrived. Putbacks, rebounds, cuts, blocks and defense. With the Magic, he’s in a log jam, but he’ll either be traded, or Vujevic will. He has no offensive game nor shoots free throws well, so the off the bench will be perfect for him.


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