Ties in London

By Melvin Jackson

In London, the final regular season game was played this past Sunday and it was a contest between the Redskins and the Bengals. I didn’t like this game because we had some issues coming into it, like fumbling issues from Matt Jones, but he was sidelined with an injury this week and Robert Kelly was blessed with the start. Things seemed to looking up for the Skins but was it really?

This game was full of missed calls and missed chances by both teams. This was the worst game Josh Norman has had this season. He was flagged 5 times for hands to the face which set us back and he was constantly torched by AJ Green the whole game. The only thing that saved us from allowing Green to have even more yards was that Dalton was over throwing the ball most of the game. Breeland did not have a good game and the whole defense really was playing flat.

The offense looked OK but Kirk has to hit the open man. It was times when the defense did not account for one of our receivers and he still did not pass the guy the ball who was open. The refs missed a huge face mask on Crowder that could have took his head off but since he scored the touchdown I guess they believe they should keep the flag. Kirk needs to stop trying to force it to Reed and just take what the defense gives him. When you force the ball you are tap dancing with the chance of turning the ball over and that is an issue that Kirk has with his interceptions. I know Reed is the best tightend in the game but still you have the spread the ball around.

In overtime we had our chance to win the game but Hopkins missed the chip shot field goal and so did Mike Nugent for the Bengals. The game ended in a tie and I was not pleased with it. How can I be OK with just a tie? it is the same as a loss to me,  I am not OK with it and I wish we had won the game or just took a loss. The way things happened for my Skins I know this game will comeback to mess with us some type of way in the end. However I really hope it doesn’t, we don’t have good luck and I believe the league does not want to see us win because of our mascot name.

We have the bye week coming up and we need to get healthy and refocus on the task at hand. We are in last place right now and I’m tired of seeing my team in last place. We need to take a long look in the mirror and get ready for the second half of our season and finish strong. We need to stay out of the headlines and stay away from going at it in the media with Stephen A Smith. Just play football and play to win.


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