Another Packers L

By Melvin Jackson III

This week the Packers played the Atlanta Falcons on the road for their last game ever in the Georgia Dome. The Falcons are moving into their new stadium next season which is said to be the state of the art and possibly better then the daddy of stadiums where the Cowboys play.

This game was a very well played game by both teams. Freeman ran all over the Packers run defense which has been very suspect against running backs since Elliot from the Cowboys carved them up for over 120 yards. By not stopping the run it made things harder on the secondary because they couldn’t keep coming into the box to help because when it was time to pass they weren’t ready because they were playing the run.

I have to admit that Aaron Rodgers looked pretty good this game and he seemed like he was having fun again. The throwing motions and the plays with his legs were there this game but he came up short because his offense became one dimensional. The Packers don’t have a rushing attack and they need it bad. Everyone knows they are going to pass the ball so it makes it easier to defend. They still were in the game at the end even though the Falcons should have blown them out but they got into their own way.

The Packers lost on a game winning touchdown pass to Mohammed Sanu in the last few seconds. This sends the Packers back home with a loss and falling down the standings in the NFC North. The only thing that is saving them is the Vikings have lost two straight and are not taking that commanding lead in the division.

This week the Packers will play the Colts. The Colts are dumpster fire and I expect the Packers to get back to winning against this team and they will win big. They better keep praying that the Vikings keep losing so they can try and take the division.



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