Anybody seen Russell Wilson

Tay Holloway

Russell Wilson was the golden boy of the NFL. He came in and gave breath to the Seahawks, something they had not had since Shawn Alexander. he was a 4th around choice and nobody really had him doing the things that he had did. He was running the ball and make the correct choices on the field. He had an amazing defense to help him and they could score points as well which made his job easier. Then things un rattled and I might have a clue where.

Seattle has had two Superbowl runs with Wilson under center. They won 43-8 vs the high powered offense of Denver and they lost to the Patriots on a Wilson interception on the one-yard line. That is not bad for a guy who was drafted in 2012. It depends on who you ask they will say he just managed the game and they rode the defense to the playoffs. I do believe in 2013 they did ride the defense to the playoffs but Wilson did play pretty decent. He completed approximately 63 percent of his passes with over 3000 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. That is not a bad stat line and he also only threw 9 interceptions. You can also tack on that he ran for over 500 yards. This is when he really started making a name for himself.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

The next season he went out and had a decent year and dealt with a few injuries with his star running back Lynch. He still went out and proved that he was the real deal at his position. Rumors started to swirl that he wanted a big money deal and by this point you had to pay the guy because he leads his team to a championship ring. The front office had other things in mind as well, like keeping the defense together so they can be a dominate unit for years to come. I agree with that because defense wins championships and the way they stopped the Broncos in the Superbowl and limited them to only 8 points was amazing. That was the lowest that team had scored all season after almost beating teams by three scores a game.

NFL: Super Bowl XLVIII-Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

Last season something was just not right about Wilson. It seemed like he was a bit off and did not know who to pass to his open receivers. He has a new toy with Jimmy Graham who was an all pro with the saints. He didn’t get him involved into the offense and he was mostly used to block all the time. Lynch was hurt most of the time and Rawls came into the starting role and was running the ball very well. They were losing more games than usual and they didn’t even make it back to the Superbowl. Did Russell start to hit that progression wall or was the team overall not playing well along with bad play calling from the coaching staff? That could be the case but he did not look like himself.

This season you have not heard anything about Wilson except he got married and his expect a new child in the future. This season he has been hurt and he can’t really move around in the pocket like he is used to. He is basically limited to being a picket passer and it is showing every game. He is not a true picket passer and without being able to use his legs, he is taking more hits and sacks then he is use too and can’t extend plays when the pass blocking gets broken. This season he has a tie and they are barley over .500. The NFC West looks like what the NFC East looked like last season. Nobody wants to win that division and Wilson does not either. I guess maybe the scouts was right, if you take his legs away he is powerless.


If the team don’t get it together soon they will find their self-looking outside of the playoffs for the first time since Wilson has been drafted. That’s a big fall from grace and maybe that’s thing he needs to get him back in gear to see how easy it is to be on the outside looking in. His stats this season is five touchdowns, two interceptions and 3 fumbles. That is very low this year and we are already going into week 9. He has only rushed for 44 yards which he is on pace for a career low and showing that his secret weapon has been taken away from. They have the patriots coming up soon and a very good Eagles’ defense coming up so they could be looking at a below .500 record before it’s all said and done.

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