The Hunt for the Redzone October

red-zoneBy: Will Stevenson

They always say it’s best to never meet your idols in person. They say it’s better to admire them from afar, while they are in their element. If you happen to meet them out on the street, their cloak of deity could evaporate with a slight, or a refusal to acknowledge you. The same ca be said for childhood crushes. Speaking from experience, I remember being head over heels for this girl in my class. I studied her every mannerism, eavesdropped on her conversations, asked her friends what she liked, and admired whatever she wore; I loved that girl. A few years passed, and through Myspace we reconnected. We talked on the phone and reminisced on the old school days. I asked her out on a date, in which she said yes. So that day came, I met her at a bar (I was too young at the time to realize what a “bar date” meant) and had a few drinks. Actually, she had a lot to drink. I paid, thinking that was the gentleman thing to do. About an hour in, I went to the bathroom to re-assess my life, I came back and she was talking to some other guy. I approached, they both laughed: It was her boyfriend. Turns out they were just using me to get drunk for free.

This is exactly how the gameplay for the NFL has been. These games lure us in with things of the past, get drunk off of us, give themselves to another, and wait for next week when we return to them again. We only seem to remember the good things about watching football: Drinks, food, family, friends, Hail Mary, basically the things they show in commercials. What we don’t realize is these games take almost four hours to watch, commercials on end, and so much time in-between plays that you have time to zone out to something else. We have deceived ourselves as the technology and NFL have progressed. We don’t watch the game the same way we use to back in the day. The amount of options available at our disposable has made watching football, disposable.

The Redzone has now become a blessing and a curse. When I think about the Cleveland Browns, I only think of them in a confusing light. When I look at their record, they are winless, but I only seem to recall watching them score. How can that be? Oh yes, the Rezone only shows me when they have the opportunity to score, therefore you have no idea how they got to the 4o yard line or that there 13 play drive was; 4 screen passes, 3 runs for loss, 3 more check downs, 2 penalties, and a beautiful touchdown pass on 3rd down. That’s the thing; You never see those plays! You know when you see those long, exhausting drives? The stand-alone games: Thursday, Sunday, and Monday Night Football.

How many games to do you watch from start to finish on Sunday? How can you with all of the options. You would literally just have to have basic cable or go to a restaurant in which you only can catch one or two games. We know Brock Osweiler is bad because we’ve had to witness the Texans on Primetime four times at the least. He’s bad. We get it. Think about it, the Seahawks vs Cardinals ended up 6-6 OT in the Sunday Night game. That game, if at 1pm or 4:15pm would be on the Redzone Channel maybe four to five times, and that would only be for the field goals attempted.

We don’t care though. The NFL is giving us booty-juice every single week, but we still come back for more. We keep thinking it’s going to get better, but it doesn’t. Just like I still messaged that girl after the “bar date”. Sometimes, winning isn’t everything… Scoring is.

Jags vs Titans Thursday Night. Enjoy!

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